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47 Ways You Can Make Extra Money While Homesteading


You have taken the plunge and started a homestead, but now you are working yourself to death to run it and pay the bills with your day job.

What do you do?

The bills keep coming, but your heart just isn’t with your 9-5 responsibility anymore.

No fear!

It may not be common for people to leave the workplace behind to homestead but it can be done.

That is the great thing about being a modern homesteader. There are many options to make income without ever leaving home.

Here are a lot of the ways you can make money while homesteading:

**Be sure to check with your state to verify laws that may prohibit some of the mentioned business ventures to protect yourself in the long run.**

1. Sell Last Year’s Seeds

It gets even better if you have heirlooms.

This may not sound enticing to some but in reality, tell people you are selling heirloom seeds, and they will flock to you.

They are the real deal and untouched. My granddaddy was a farmer, and if it wasn’t heirloom, he wouldn’t grow it.

All you have to do is harvest seeds every year at the end of the growing season and dry them out. Then place them in bags and sell them.

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Go to this site to learn how to save your seeds.

2. When You Start Your Own Seeds, Start A Few More

You start your seeds every year. This year, start a few extras.

When it is time to plant your own plants, pull out the extras and sell them.

You can take them to your local Farmer’s Market to sell, place them online, or place a sign up in front of your homestead.

Read this article to learn how to start your seeds indoor.

9 Indoor Seed Starting Tips

3. DIY Compost

This is something I am anxious to try myself.

You can make and sell your own compost. It takes about 3 steps to make and there again, people love to know where their items come from.

Make it and post it on an internet site to sell or place a sign out. If you let the public know you have it, they’ll want it.

DIY Compost

4. Save Your Bunny Poo

I follow many different forums online to give and get advice.

One forum I follow is all about raising rabbits because we raise rabbits. I was astonished when I heard someone say that they sold their rabbits’ excrement.

I was even more astonished to find that all they had to do was catch it in containers under the hutches and then throw it in a garbage bag.

People were paying $4-$6 a bag!

Rabbit poop

It's because rabbits' poop can be used for many things.

That is so simple and yet can make you quite a bit of extra money.

5. Plant Extra

If you have space in your garden, plant a little extra.

Selling your raw produce does not usually have any kind of law around it. This makes it very easy to make a profit because there are very few hoops to jump through.

Harvest the extra you plant in your garden and take it to the local Farmer’s Market or set up a roadside stand.

The cool thing about this option is that you can set up a stand at the end of your property and set a can out to collect the money.

Place a price sign out front and just go by and collect the money so many times a day.

Yes, you will face dishonest people but most people are still honest so even if you lose a few items to the dishonest, you’ll still make a profit.

6. Plant A Few Extra Herbs Too

It is a great thing to plant a large herb garden. Herbs have many uses around the homestead.

One of those uses is to sell the excess.

People love fresh herbs.

They use them as medicine, put them in their drinks, and even dry them to make their own seasonings.

So plant a few extras, market them, and you have another way to make a little income.

7. Dry Your Herbs

As I just mentioned, many people love to buy your fresh herbs so they can make their own seasonings.

Well, take one step out of the equation for them.

You dry them and then sell the dried herbs to the community.

People will love it and pay a little extra because they won’t have to do as much work.

You can buy a herb drying rack from Amazon, then read how to dry them here.

Drying herbs

8. Raise Bees And Sell What They Give You

Bees are very giving creatures.

All they ask is that you leave them enough to survive the winter.

If you are good to them by giving them lots of flowers to choose from, they will produce.

In turn, you will get lots of honey and beeswax to sell to those around you.


People will pay a premium price for these natural items.

Here is a honey extractor that will make the job a little easier.

9. Raise Bees And Sell Them

Bees not only give you items to sell, but you can actually sell them.

We actually raise bees, and this is a venture we are going to start this next year.

Beehives must be split at least once a year. This means you can either have two full hives or four smaller nucs from each hive you raise.

This equates to a lot of money, as most people pay over $100 for one nuc or $200 for a full hive.

Here is all you will need to get started as a beekeeper.


10. Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

In this case, we don’t particularly care. We are just grateful to have our pretty little birds in the backyard.

Because we have these beautiful little birds, you might as well put them to good use.

Sell their eggs.

Everyone has a season in raising chickens when they get more eggs than they can use. You can take that excess and sell them.

Just be sure to sell them for what they are worth.

I’ve tried the route of selling eggs cheaply, and you put too much work into raising healthy animals to sell off their products cheaply.

Raise high-quality food, give it a price that matches.

11. Raise Fat Birds

Also known as meat birds.

They are the chickens that are just unusually large. No harm is meant to them by calling them fat, but they are very large and great for meat.

We raise Jersey Giants for this purpose.

They are very large birds, and you can get a decent amount of meat from them.

So when raising your meat birds for the year, raise a few extra. Then sell them for profit.

Go to this page to learn how to raise chickens:

Raising Chickens Guide FB

12. As Soon As They Hatch, Sell Them

If you have some eggs that are fertilized, incubate them (here's a good incubator you can use). Unless you have a broody hen, if so, then be thankful and let her set them.

After the eggs hatch, they can be sold at a day old.

You have literally invested nothing in them and can make a little money from them. Depending upon breed, they go from $2-$4 a bird.

Not a bad deal for an animal you invested no money in what so ever. (Beyond the initial cost of the incubator.)

You can buy a brooder box here.

13. Invest A Little More Time And Get A Pullet

If you hold some of the chicks back and raise them to pullet size, you’ll get about $10 more a bird.

Chickens cost very little to feed and don’t require much extra energy as you have to go out and feed your own birds daily anyway.

This is a great way to turn a profit with very little added work or expense.

14. Raise Your Own Lamb

People love to eat lamb. However, if you go to the grocery store you are going to pay a premium price for an animal you are not sure where it came from or what it has been through.

A lot of people prefer to pay the same price or higher for meat that they know where it has been.

This is where you come in. Raise sheep.

You can sell them off as babies for the meat, or as adults for meat as well.

Both way, you give a sheep a good quality of life and in return, they help feed your family in more ways than one.


15. Raise Sheep For Their Wool

Those same little lambs you raise for meat will eventually grow up.

If you decide to hang on to them or just abhor the idea of butchering an innocent little lamb, you can always raise them for their wool.

After you shear them, you sell their wool.

People use their fibers to make many eloquent items. Then a few years later you can still butcher them and sell them for their meat, mutton.

If you want to learn how to raise sheep, read this guide.

16. Cash In On Thanksgiving

Almost everyone eats a turkey at Thanksgiving. Since you homestead, you no longer have to go to the stores and pay that astronomical price for a turkey.

You can raise your own.

While you are raising your birds for the year, raise a few more to sell.

This will, at least, give you your birds for free.

17. Raise The Other White Meat

Yes, those cute little fuzzy creatures we love around Easter.

I am talking about bunnies.

Rabbit is actually some of the healthiest meat you can consume. They require very little space to raise and don’t pack a heavy feed bill.

Baby rabbits

If you raise meat rabbits, you’ll get around 400 pounds of meat in a year. If you raise multiple rabbits that will quickly be more meat than you can consume.

So save some of the babies and sell breeding pairs. They go for around $30 a set in my area.

That can add up pretty quickly and will more than cover their feed cost.

18. Cash In On Bath Time

No, this is not some weird option.

I’m referring to soap.

Making homemade soap can be done in multiple ways. Once you get it made, why not sell it?


People love buying products that they know what is in it and who made it.

You could sell it online, set up a local stand, sell it at local boutiques in your area, or take it to the Farmer’s Market.

19. Make Your Own Lotions

Making your own lotions is a little easier of a task than soap. You can make all kinds of lotions.

Once again, people love quality, homemade products.

You can sell them in a lot of different ways and make a profit from it.

20. Make Your Own Candles

Candles are another easy product to make.

You can make them smell with natural products and sell them in a lot of the same ways you can with lotions and soap.

Why not make all three and make three times the profit?


21. Share What You Know

Have you learned anything on your homestead adventures?

Maybe you are an expert at raising chickens. Maybe you have learned a ton about gardening. Maybe you are an excellent cook or baker. Maybe you are a killer soap/lotion/candle maker.

Don’t take those skill for granted.

People would love to know how to do those things.

You just might be the person to teach them for a price.

Start a class and share what you know. Then collect a paycheck for sharing that knowledge.

22. Raise A Porky Pig

Pigs are cute. Not quite as cute as Porky Pig, but they are still cute little things.

They are just as tasty as they are cute. So why not raise them for meat.

Again, we live in a time where fresh, know what you are getting food is not something you see every day.

People will pay you a little (or a lot) extra just so they can know what they are getting.

So why not raise a few pigs and sell them off for their meat.

Read this article if you're interested in raising pigs.

10 Things about Raising Pigs

23. Raise A Bessy

Maybe you didn’t (or wouldn’t) name your cow Bessy. But when I was growing up, Bessy was quite the common name for a cow.

Whatever you name it, you can raise a cow for meat.

People love their beef and just as they pay a premium price for a pig, they’ll do the same for a cow.

So raise your own grass fed cows and turn a profit.

Bessie the cow

24. Sell Your Yummy Jams And Jellies

Do you have a great recipe for a jam or jelly?

Maybe something unusual.

If not, go to your local general store and make a note of all of the unique jams or jellies they sell.

Go home and put your internet to use.

Market and sell your product.

25. Sell Your Excess Dairy

This one is a little tricky. Some states will not let you sell cow or goat milk for human consumption.

However, if you are fortunate enough to live in a state that does, cash in.

People love raw dairy.

It is natural and again, they know where it came from.

They know what you fed your animal.

They will pay a higher price to have those luxuries that are denied to many nowadays.

Dog drinking raw milk

26. Cowshare Or Goatshare

This is new to me.

I had to research it thoroughly to figure out what it was exactly.

It is actually a really cool idea and a neat way to get around the laws of the state that will not allow you to purchase raw milk for human consumption.

You actually purchase shares of a cow or goat. Then because you own a share of that animal you get so much of their milk.

It is technically legal because you aren’t purchasing the milk; you are purchasing a share of the animal.

27. Become A Breeder

I’ve mentioned a few forms of this already. Any animal you raise, you can allow them to do what they do naturally—breed and make new babies.

Then sell the babies.

New homesteaders have to get their animals from somewhere. It might as well be from you.

Just be a responsible breeder.

Giving animals a good quality of life is the main concern when breeding them for profit.

28. Channel Your Inner Martha Stewart

So I’ve already mentioned you could make things like soap, candles, and lotion. Then sell them for profit.

There are lots of other things you can make and sell as well.

If you have the skill of quilting, cross stitching, crocheting, or making homemade decors like wreaths or flower arrangements. These are all items people love and will buy from you.

You can sell them online, at the Farmer’s Market, or take them to local county fairs.


29. Put Your Orchard To Work

If you have an orchard or berry patch, put it to good use.

Yes, the fruit is tasty to make great things for your family but if you have extra, sell it.

You can advertise online, sell at the Farmer’s Market, or set up a little roadside stand.

Because the produce is raw there shouldn’t be any local rule against it. However, be sure to check as each state/ county is different.

30. Become An Author

If you are like me and love to write, why not write a book?

This is something you can do from home, self-publish, and market all by yourself.

It is an investment of time upfront with no immediate return but if you have that dream to write a book, why not go for it?

31. Raise Your Own Bait

People love to fish. They have to buy worms.

Gardeners love compost and worms for their garden.

Are you seeing the pattern?

Raise your own worms.

They are great for both fishing and composting. They require very little upkeep.

Again, why not give it a try?

32. Raise Chicken Treats

If you go to a chain farm storm, you’ll see bags of treats for hens.

Why not raise your own?

You can raise mealworms with very little investment.

We actually raise our own. They take very little room to raise and our chickens love them.

So will other people who raise chickens.

Not everyone is adventurous enough to raise their own worms. When people find out we do they look at us like we are little crazy.

But people buy those little hen treats at the store.

Market them and you might be surprised to find that people will buy worms from you.

Learn how to raise mealworms here.


33. Bring The Local Bakery To Your Home.

So you have a great talent for baking. Why not make a living from it?

There are rules and regulations in each state about baking out of your home.

If you can comply with those, then start your own.

You can sell your treats through online markets like etsy.com or sell them at the local Farmer’s Market.

34. Sell Your Flowers

No, don’t go dig up your tulips from your flower beds.

But if you are like me, you have multiple flower beds.

I raise a lot of wild flowers for our bees to feed on. Why not cut those fresh flowers and sell them along with your other items?

You can sell them at a roadside produce stand. You can sell them at your local Farmer’s Market. You could advertise them on social media.

Either way, if they are pretty and people know about them, you’ll be surprised who might be interested in them.

Here are some great ideas for adding above ground beds to your garden just for growing extra flowers to sell.

35. Sell Handmade Furniture

If you are gifted with carpentry skills, share them!

My husband is a man that I can tell him I like something, and he can take nothing and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece.

He is too modest to admit it, but I’ll tell the world. The man makes beautiful items.

If you are fortunate enough to have this talent, share it.

People love unique items.

So go ahead, showcase those items!

36. Sell Fresh Fish

Did you know that you can raise fish in your backyard?

I’m serious!

So if you are fortunate enough to live by the beach, then you could catch and sell your fresh fish.

If you are like the rest of us, you raise fresh tilapia in a pool or an aquaponics system in your backyard.

This is something I hope to try one day but have not done so yet.

However, I have read a lot of other people are having great success with it.

Again, it is food for your family and the excess has the potential of bringing a profit.

Learn how to raise fish in your backyard here.


37. Make The Mushroom Lovers Around You Very Happy

I like mushrooms, but my family loves them!

Growing your own mushrooms is not super difficult.

Yet, they are a premium item.

If you take them to your local Farmer’s Market, you will be surprised at what price you can sell them and how quickly people will buy them.

I was visiting my parents last summer and visited the local Farmer’s Market. They live near a larger city than I do so I was amazed at this great market.

However, I looked over and there was this little table with a young couple selling mushrooms. At the time, I didn’t know much about mushroom farming, and I thought, “That’s odd. All they are selling is mushrooms.”

Then my jaw dropped when I saw the price.

They were like $8 and $10 a pound!

I was even more surprised to see how many people were lined up to buy these mushrooms.

I’ve done my research since then and many people are having great success with selling these little jewels.

38. Train Milking Animals

I’ve mentioned raising goats and cows for milk. Some people don’t want to have to buy milk.

They want an animal they can milk themselves and cut out the middle man.

You still have the opportunity to turn a profit in these situations.

Raise those goats and cows and train them for milking.

Animals are not born accustomed to being milked.

Have you tried milking a goat lately?

I have and let me tell you they do not like having their udders pulled on.

So if you are able to train these animals for milking, then you still have a skill that will help you make money.

39. Watch Someone’s Beloved Pet While They Are Away

If you have the room, use it.

Set up a kennel to board dogs while people are away, or you could become a pet sitter.

I use these services when we go out of town.

People will pay a decent price to ensure that their pets are well cared for when they can’t be around.

This is a great option to make extra income on the homestead, and since you clearly already love animals (or you wouldn’t be homesteading) why not utilize that passion to support yourself and the homestead?

40. Help People Make It Through The Winter

Do you have a lot of lands that needs to be cleared?

Then utilize it.

People need firewood.

If you have the land that you want to be cleared anyway, then cut up the wood and sell it off.


41. Is Your Homestead Picturesque?

homestead perfect

If you have a particularly gorgeous spot on your homestead, then you should use it.

People are always looking for beautiful places to get married, have family gatherings, or take photos.

Rent your spot out for a fee.

This requires you to carry the proper insurance and to maintain the area.

For the most, this could be very passive income.

42. Help Out Other Farmers

Some farmers don’t have a lot of lands so they are always looking for grazing spots.

If you have excess land, then help these farmers out.

You can rent out your pastures for their animals to graze.

Again, this is a rather passive income and helps out other homesteaders in the process.

43. Turn Your House Into A Hotel

Well, not exactly a hotel but a bed and breakfast would be nice.

People are very curious about a homesteader’s life.

So if you have the space, open your doors for a fee and let people get a true taste of what life on the homestead is like.

You can use AirBnB to list your house.

44. Not Retail But Resell

If you have some retail experience outside of the homestead, then put it to use on the homestead.

Buy items on eBay, at Goodwill, or any other thrift shop. You should buy these items dirt cheap and then resell them for profit.

I actually use to do this with books.

You’d be surprised how many places on the internet are always on the look out for used books.

You find them at yard sales and all you have to do is plug in the USB number on the back into the different apps for these used book sites.

If you see you can make a profit, then buy the book. Then take it home and ship it (for free usually) to the company.

You’ll get a check within a few days, usually.

45. Freelance Is The Life For Me

Do you have experience in editing, web design, or some other ‘techy’ trade?

You can utilize those skills from the comfort of your own home and make a decent living while doing it.

This takes a little searching on the internet but there are legitimate work from home jobs out there.

If you can answer a phone, then you can work from home these days.

You don’t usually get benefits and are considered self-employed but it is a great way to support yourself while homesteading.

46. Start A Blog

A lot of people see this and scoff.

However, it is true. If you put in a lot of work, you can make money blogging.

It is usually based off of advertising and traffic to your site but if you will write compelling pieces, then you might be surprised who all you can attract to your site.

More importantly than that, you are able to share the knowledge you’ve attained from your experiences to help other people.

That is the most rewarding part of starting a blog.

If you're not sure if blogging really is profitable, read how these 23 bloggers made thousands of dollars per month.

47. Dive Into Writing

This goes right along with blogging.

If you enjoy writing, then do it for a living.

It takes a lot of hard work but if you will search you will find lots of writing opportunities.

I have personal experience in this area because this is what I do in order to make extra money while homesteading.

You can write for private clients, you can write for content mills, or you can write for open submissions and other blogs.

I love it because I love to write, and I am able to learn something new every day while sharing my experiences simultaneously.

A quote I once read and it has stuck with me by Michael Fogler:

“If you do what you’ve always done then don’t be surprised when you get what you’ve always gotten.”

Let that resonate with you.

Then put your fears behind you and embrace this different lifestyle. There is all kinds of freedom out there waiting for you to find it.

So now that I’ve shared a few ways to make money while homesteading, it is your turn.

Tell me, what do you do to support yourself while homesteading?

We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.


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