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Goat Milk Uses: 23 Genius Ideas to Utilize Goat Milk on Your Everyday Live


What can you do with milk goats?

I know some might be very familiar with goat’s milk and put it to use right away. But for some, it is rather intimidating.

So today I wanted to share with you over 20 uses for goat’s milk. I understand your skepticism if all you’ve ever known has been store bought cow’s milk. I grew up that way. But once you cross over into homesteading and start raising your goats, you will find it to be a pleasant surprise of all of its uses.

So here we go.

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1. Drink It Up

Drinking goat’s milk might seem like a no brainer. But for some, maybe not. Just so you know goat’s milk is not only edible but it is also better for you than cow’s milk.

Yes, that is right! It actually is supposed to be easier for our stomachs to digest. So the next time you milk your goats, make sure to put some in the fridge for drinking purposes. You might be glad you did.


2. Pour It Out

Pour it out over your cereal that is. Goat’s milk can literally be used to sub out cow’s milk. It goes great with cereal or granola.

So the next time you’re out of your regular store bought milk, don’t jump and run to the grocery store. Avoid it. Instead, go get the milk straight from your goats, and you can still have a great breakfast of delicious homemade cereal.

3. Make It Thicker

Yes, I’m referring to making yogurt out of your goat’s milk. If you’ve never made homemade yogurt before then you might want to consider using this yogurt maker.  It helps make the process a little easier.

But if you’d rather use your crockpot you can do that too. Regardless of the method you choose, just know that you can make both yogurt and kefir from goat’s milk. That is a very handy item to be able to make from scratch right out of your backyard.

4. Get Cheesy

If you are like me, you love cheese. All kinds of cheese. Well, then you are in luck because goat’s milk makes some really delicious goat’s milk cheese.

So as if you needed better news, but it can actually be transformed into 10 different types of cheeses. This cheese can be used in most any recipe that calls for cheese but here is a tasty recipe to get you started.

5. Oh, Fudge!!


No, I’m not trying to keep from saying something ugly. You can actually use your goat milk surplus and turn it into some fudge. Seriously, does it get better than that?

So if you are a fan of fudge then you’ll love this recipe for some easy chocolate fudge. But goat milk fudge can be turned into a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate to peanut butter. That sounds amazing, and my appreciation for my goats is growing as I progress with this article.

6. Cajeta

Cajeta is a Mexican caramel sauce. So if you have lots of goat’s milk then put it to good use. Create this delicious caramel sauce and pour it over a delicious homemade dessert.

7. Candy, Candy, Candy

Who knew goat’s milk could turn into so many delicious sweet treats? I honestly wasn’t aware of its so many sweet uses.

But goat’s milk can actually be turned not only into caramel but caramel candies. Doesn’t that sound amazing to make your own caramel candies right there in your own kitchen? I thought so too. Here is how you make them.

Goat milk candy

8. We All Scream For Ice Cream

Ice cream is loved by most. So when you discover that it can be made from the products of your smallest dairy animal on your farm or in your backyard, your day just got a whole lot better.

So if you are curious how to make your own goat’s milk ice cream, look no further. We have that recipe for you right here. Your goats not only love sweets, but their milk provides a lot of great desserts for you as well.

9. The Proof Is In The Pudding

In this particular case, this phrase is literal. Yes, you can even make pudding with goat’s milk. This is honestly something I had never really even considered.

So whether you are making pudding from scratch or from a box, you can make them both with goat’s milk. I am honestly an instant pudding junky. My husband and I love the sugar-free kind. So knowing that our goats can help us make it just makes me love them even more.

10. Your Milkshake Can Bring All The Goats To The Yard

Oh yes. Even better than pudding, ice cream, caramel sauce, or even caramel candies. You can actually use your goat’s milk to make some delicious and creamy milkshakes.

So if you are curious how to make an interesting goat milk milkshake, you can find one here. If you love sweet milkshakes then go to your goat and say, “Thank you!” and milk them so you can go have one ASAP.


11. Get In The Kitchen

You cook with regular cow’s milk sometimes. Whether it be baking, making sauces, etc. Milk certainly has its place in any standard cooking kitchen.

So why should goat’s milk be any different? Basically, most anything you can use cow’s milk with, you can substitute goat’s milk. If you are running low on ideas of how to cook with milk then check out this article. There are lots of great tips and recipes that will have you cooking in no time.

12. Replace Mom

bottle goat

This sounds bad, but I promise it isn’t. How many times have you been out on your farm and found that a tragic event has happened. Often times, mothers pass during childbirth.

But also, some people sell their baby goats. Bottle fed goats are usually friendlier and go for more money which increases the chance that some will actually bottle feed them. However, it works out just know that goat’s milk can be used as a substitute to help feed babies that need it.

13. Use It For Hygiene

This is a more common use for goat’s milk. But in case you didn’t know, goat’s milk makes some of the best homemade soap.

So if you like the idea of making your own soap products then you’ll be thrilled to know that your goats can certainly help you make a creamier soap. Aren’t sure how to make soap? Don’t worry. Click here for a complete tutorial.


14. Buttermilk

Honestly, I couldn’t think of a ‘trendy’ way to encourage you to make buttermilk with your goat’s milk. But really, you should!

So in the event that you don’t use buttermilk regularly, let me tell you that you should. Buttermilk makes great biscuits, pancakes, and even ranch dressing. You can even make a buttermilk pie that I’ve heard is amazing. This is how you can change your goat’s milk into buttermilk so you can put these recipes to use.

15. Homemade Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is amazing. I have fallen in love with it tremendously lately. Why? Because I love cheesecake, and I love cheesecake cookies. And my list could go on and on.

But did you know that you could make cream cheese from your goat’s milk? Yep, I didn’t either. So here is how to make cream cheese with goat's milk. Need a little more motivation to try it out? Well, make this awesome goat milk cheesecake.

Goat-Cheese-Cheesecake-Grain-Free-Gluten-Free-948x1024 copy

You might also want to read our recommendation for the best grain mill for home use.

16. Butter

I love fresh made butter. There is no comparison between that and store bought. I had always been under the impression that you couldn’t make butter from goat’s milk because the fat content was too low.

But now I know the truth. Here is a great recipe to make goat’s milk butter from scratch. All you need now is the biscuits to go with and you will be in business.

17. Face Wash


I have honestly never tried to wash my face with goat’s milk before. But after feeling how great the soap feels, I can only imagine how great the face wash would be too.

So if you are interested in making your own face wash then you might want to start here. Put your goat’s milk to work in a little different way and see what kind of impact it has on your skin.

18. Luscious Lotion

Along the same line, you can also make creamy lotion out of your goat’s milk as well. I don’t know about you, but I love lotion. Cold weather is hard on your skin, but my skin dries out when I work outside during the summer as well.

So having a homemade recipe I can turn to which includes homegrown products is exactly what I want. Here is a great recipe for homemade lotion from your goat’s milk. Your skin will most likely thank you for it.

19. Lip Balm

If you haven’t noticed I’m on a hygiene trend here. So far we’ve worked on body soap, lotion, and now we are on to your lips. Our lips can become so dry from exposure to the sun and wind during colder months.


But we don’t have to stand by and let the elements leave us dry. And we don’t have to depend on store bought products either. Instead, you can pull out your trusty goat’s milk and make this recipe.

20. Flan


Enough with the hygiene products. They are wonderful, but I like food better. I’m just being honest. Now, how about the idea of making flan with your goat’s milk. Doesn’t that sound great?

So if you are unfamiliar with flan it is basically a sponge cake filled with some delicious filling. Well, you can make flan with your goat’s milk and here is how you get started.

21. Mexican Candy

I’ll be truthful, I have never tried this candy, but I’m really hopeful and excited that I’ll get to very soon. It is a caramel based candy that does incorporate goat’s milk in it as well.

So if you enjoy caramel based candies or even trying a new sweet treat then hopefully you’ll give this recipe a try. I’m hoping it is as good as it appears in the pictures.

22. Goat Cheese Soufflé

I am not a very ‘fancy’ eater. We cook basic southern cooking around our home. So when words like soufflé start flying around, I usually become a little intimidated. It isn’t that they don’t look wonderful. I’m just unfamiliar with making them.

So when I give you this goat cheese soufflé recipe, I want you to do what I plan on doing, and just go for it. Pull out your goat’s milk and make the best soufflé you can. Hopefully, it will turn out well and this will be one more common way you can use the milk your little goats work so hard to provide.

23. Cottage Cheese

I am a cottage cheese nut. I love it with tomatoes, I love it with pineapple or peaches, and I like it by itself. Basically, I can eat cottage cheese anytime.


So when I learned that you could make cottage cheese out of goat’s milk, I got really excited. If you are a cottage cheese nut, like myself, then you’ll be very interested in this as well. Here is the recipe to get you started.

Well, there you have it for today. I’ve offered up 23 ways to put your goat milk to good use. I hope you enjoy them and maybe even find a new favorite recipe in there somewhere.

So now that I’ve shared these ways to use your goat milk, what about you? Do you have any favorite recipes that put your goat milk to good use? Do you have a method that wasn’t shared here?

We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.



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