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Raising Chickens: The Ultimate Guide

So, you want to learn how to raise chickens? I mean, obviously...

​Well, you've come to the right place!

I've gathered more than 50 of the best guides on raising chickens, written by the experts. You can find pretty much anything you need and want to know from this page.

​The best thing about these guides is that while they're just as good as most books about chicken (if not better), they're all free to read and save.

When you finished reading all the chapter from 1-9, you'll be ready to get your own chicken.

Why Chicken is Best When it Comes to Livestock

As you may know already, there are some other excellent choices for livestock such as ducks, rabbits, and goats.

Along with chickens, those three are very popular. Especially for beginners.

But, there's a reason why chicken is the most popular livestock: they have the highest production-to-effort ratio. That means raising chickens are relatively easy compared to the value you can get.

Raising chickens doesn't require high start-up cost. A hen can produce more than 300 eggs per year and you can butcher them for meat once they stopped laying eggs. Your garden can also benefit from them because they eat pests and produce poop as fertilizer.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that ducks, rabbits, and goats are not good. In some respects, they're actually better than chickens.

Rabbits are great for meats, goats are great for milk, and ducks have better personalities than chickens.

The Ultimate List of the

​Web's Best Raising Chicken Guides

From choosing breeds to hatching chicks, this guide has you covered


Chapter 1

What You Need to Know Before Raising Chickens

Raising chicken is not for everyone. You may not like it or the regulation may not allow you to keep one. If you're still not sure if you can or want to raise chicken, these guides will be helpful. This chapter is all about knowing what it takes to raise chickens.

Chapter 2

Choosing the Right Breeds

Did you know that there are more than 90 breeds of domesticated chicken? Each breed has different personalities, they produce quite a different amount of eggs and meats. Even the egg sizes and colors vary from one breed to another. Read this chapter to learn which breeds are the right one for you.

Chapter 3

Planning and Building a Chicken Coop

Just like humans, chickens need a house to live. In the most simple form, you need an indoor coop and outdoor run for your chickens to keep them healthy and protected from predators. Here are some articles to learn the requirements for your coop and run, and some ideas so you can build them by yourself.

Chapter 4

Feeding Your Chicken the Right Way

In the past, people used to let their chickens loose to find foods on their own. At night, they will come back home with their belly stuffed. Today's chicken owners can't do this, mainly because there's just not enough food on the land anymore and there are predators everywhere (including humans). If you want your chickens to survive while bringing you eggs all year, you need to feed them the right food.

Chapter 5

Keeping Your Flock Happy and Healthy

Healthy chickens are happy chickens, and a happy chicken will give you eggs every day. As a chicken owner, there are things you have to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep your chickens healthy. If not, they'll get sick, stress, and eventually die.

Chapter 6

The Reason You're Raising Chickens: Eggs and Meats

Some people raise chickens strictly as pets, but most do it for eggs and meats. By raising chickens as a food source, you can save hundreds up to thousands of dollars per month. They're, indeed, an excellent food source. This chapter covers everything about chickens as a food source, from how to make them lay eggs, what to do with the eggs, and how to get the meats.

Chapter 7

Breeding Your Chickens and Raising a New Life

If you have a rooster and a hen in your backyard, they will eventually mate on their own. However, you can make it so that the process is much faster. In this chapter, we will learn about the mating process of chickens, how to incubate and hatch the egg, and how to raise the baby chicks properly.

Chapter 8

Chicken 911: In Case Something Goes Wrong

Something WILL go wrong, there's no doubt to that. Even an experienced chicken owners can't possibly make their chickens 100% healthy from the first day until the day they die. The question is, can you handle the problem? Here are things that often go wrong, how to prevent them, and how to treat your chicken when it does happen. 

Chapter 9

Even More Interesting Articles to Read

I'll admit it, I can't fit these articles below into any of the previous chapters...but they're just so good that I can't not include them in this guide. While it's not required, I still recommend you to read it just to know more about raising chickens (and more...)

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