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74 Delightful Homemade Soap Recipes That Are Natural & Healthier


Have you ever noticed how the most basic household items can bust your budget wide open? And they always seem to all need to be purchased at once? Well, you no longer have to worry about soap being a budget buster. Soap can easily be made at home for a fraction of the cost.

Especially, if you grow or raise certain items that go into making different types of soaps. Not to mention, homemade soap also makes great gifts too.

So without further introduction, here are the best soap recipes that are sure to help you create your own soap masterpieces and save you money too.

1. Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

We go through a ton of hand soap in my house. When you operate a small farm your hands obviously touch some interesting things.

So practicing good hygiene is very important. This recipe helps you create a great foaming hand soap. Plus, it also shares a great tutorial on making a mason jar soap dispenser.

Make this soap.

2. Goat’s Milk Body Wash

Body wash certainly counts as soap. It is another item we go through a lot in our home. I love body wash because it doesn’t leave soap scum on your shower walls.

But I also love this recipe because it is all natural, and you know what you are rubbing over your body’s largest organ. So if you need a creamy body wash that you can make at home, then consider this recipe.

Make this soap.

3. Megan’s Liquid Gel Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwasher packets and liquid is becoming more and more expensive. However, I love my dishwasher as it saves me a lot of time.

So if you find yourself in this same boat, then give this recipe a try. Hopefully it will do a satisfactory job in your opinion and save you a little cash in the process.

Make this soap.

4. Oatmeal Soap

I almost always have oatmeal on hand. The fact that I can take this pantry staple and turn it into a great homemade soap makes me love this recipe all the more.

So if you have lots of oatmeal on hand, or even if you are looking for an inexpensive soap ingredient then you’ll probably want to try your hand at this oatmeal soap.

Make this soap.

5. No-Lye Liquid Castile Soap

Castile soap is a great soap to have around. It can be used on hair or skin. Plus, if you have sensitive skin it might be a good alternative because there are so few ingredients.

Actually, I use castile soap to make DIY dog shampoo. So if any of this sounds appealing to you, then you’ll probably want to give this recipe a try.

Make this soap.

6. 10 Minute DIY Milk and Honey Soap

This soap is one that I love everything about. I love that I raise most of the ingredients right here on my own land.

Also, I love the design of this soap as well. Not to mention, it takes so little time to make. So if you need a nice soap that won’t take a long time to make then give this recipe a try.

Make this soap.

7. Homemade Dish Soap

The price on dish soap has climbed in recent years. Plus, I’m not sure what is in store bought dish soap. That concerns me as it is rubbing all over my hands on a regular basis.

So if you share some of the same concerns, then you might want to consider this basic dish soap recipe. The great thing is you can make some of the ingredients she recommends to purchase. I’ve actually already listed recipes in this post.

Make this soap.

8. Lye Free Soap

A lot of people don’t fool with making soap because of the lye step. Dealing with lye can be very scary if you don’t use extreme precautions.

However, this soap takes that fear out of the equation. You have to purchase previously made soap in order to safely include lye. But the danger of handling lye has been eliminated for you in this recipe.

Make this soap.  

9. Homemade Liquid Hand/Body Soap

I am so thrilled with this recipe. It requires only a few dollars in materials, and you can make gallons of soap.

So if you have an old milk jug, a bar of soap, a few dollars to purchase a bottle of glycerin, and some water then you are ready to make your own liquid hand or body soap.

Make this soap.

10. Mother’s Day Soap

Are you looking for a great gift for mom, whether it be Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day? Well, if so, then take a glance at this soap making recipe.

You can make it with a variety of designs and make it your own with different scents if you wish. It is a great, inexpensive personalized gift.

Make this soap.

11. Shampoo Bar

I am more of a liquid shampoo type of girl. However, my husband and boys prefer a solid shampoo bar. So if this is your preference, then you might want to check out this recipe so you can make your own.

Make this soap.

12. 1-Step Homemade Shaving Cream

Shaving cream counts as a type of soap, right? It is used in your morning routine so we are going to count it for this post.

So if you need an easy, inexpensive shaving cream that can double as a great moisturizer, then you’ll want to check out this recipe.

Make this soap.

13. Cream Soap

This stuff just looks delicious. It reminds me of homemade whipped cream. If you can only imagine how great soap of that texture would feel on your skin.

Well, if that sounds absolutely wonderful to you, then you’ll want to try this soap. It is only 4 basic ingredients and will hopefully make your new favorite soap.

Make this soap.

14. Homemade Body Wash

Homemade body wash just appears so creamy and almost entices you to hurry and take a shower. Your skin just desires that creamy moisture to soothe any roughness or dryness.

Well, this homemade body wash is no different. There is any easy to follow recipe and tutorial to help you along with making this soap.

Make this soap.

15. Crockpot Lotion Bars

Lotion bars go hand in hand with homemade soap as they help add moisture to your skin after showering.

So if you’d like to have your own lotion bars (especially those that can be easily made in the crockpot) then you need to check out this recipe.

Make this soap.

16. Homemade Goats Milk Soap

I love goat’s milk. I raise goats and besides the fact that they are adorable and entertaining, I love their milk.

So when I discovered I could make soap with their goats’ milk, it absolutely tickled me. If you love goat’s milk soap, then you’ll want to give this recipe a quick glance.

Make this soap.

17. Homemade Lotion

This post is all about skin care, frugality, and making what we need. Lotion is no exception to any of these rules.

So after you finish using your homemade body soap, you’ll probably need some lotion to continue to care for your skin. Don’t buy it if you can make it. Thanks to this recipe, you can make your own lotion with only 3 ingredients.

Make this lotion.

18. Homemade Lotion Bars

These are traditional lotion bars that require only a few simple ingredients to make. They make great gifts as well as items to use for yourself daily.

So whether you are looking to be more self-reliant or just frugal, you’ll want to give this lotion recipe a glance.

Make this lotion.

19. Homemade Milk Bath

Do you like taking relaxing baths? Well, if so, then you’ll want to consider making this milk bath for yourself.

So this milk bath is great for treating dry skin, irritated skin, or even just to add for a little extra relaxation.

Make this soap.

20. Neapolitan Soap Pops

This soap pops look delicious. They would make great gifts that would be cute while functional too.

Also, they would be great to make for your own home décor. Just be sure to warn your guest not to eat the soap.

Make this soap.

21. Homemade Chap Stick

Chap stick is another staple that we use regularly around our home. Though it isn’t technically soap, it is still something that can be used for moisture.

So if you love chap stick, then you might want to give this recipe a chance. If it works for you, then you no longer have to pay high prices for a store bought lip moisturizer.

Make this chap stick.

22. 10 Minute Peppermint Soap

It’s Christmas time, and you have no idea what to buy for some people. Maybe it is your neighbors that you smile and wave to daily, but don’t really know on a personal level.

Or it could be the family member that has everything! Well, don’t fret. Instead make them this peppermint soap that takes only around 10 minutes to throw together.

Make this soap.

23. DIY Goldfish Soap for Kids

Do you have a child that hates to take a bath? Well, give them some fun soap and see if that changes things.

So you can make them this awesome soap that looks like a goldfish in a bag. With this tutorial, you should be able to figure out how to turn bath time into fun time.

Make this soap.

24. Sea Mud Soap

This soap doesn’t sound very enticing, but give it a chance. Sea mud also known as French green clay has a lot of awesome benefits for you skin.

So if you like a soap that is going to help add nutrients to your body while you bathe, then you might want to give this soap recipe a chance.

Make this soap.

25. Tea Tree Oil Soap

I love tea tree oil. It treats so many different things. This soap claims to naturally treat acne  and other break outs.

So if you would like to attack your acne problem from a natural place, then give this recipe a try.

Make this soap.

26. Fish in a Bag Soap

This is another cute fish in a bag tutorial. This one adds a few different colors. Again, this might be a great way to turn bath time into a fun time for kiddos that hate baths.

So if you are tired of that daily struggle to get your kids to bathe and do so properly, then try this fun soap recipe that might actually make them want to bathe.

Make this soap.

27. Cranberry Sauce Soap

If you know me, you know how much I love all things cranberry. I love cranberry juice, cranberry relish, and cranberry sauce.

So why would cranberry soap be any different? If you love cranberries too, then you might want to try this awesome recipe.

Make this soap.

28. Avocado Cucumber and Oats Soap

This soap looks amazing. This will be another one that you’ll have to remind those you give it to for use to not eat.

But the tutorial seems to be really thorough. So even if you are new to soap making, you could most likely have a successful batch of this soap in no time.

Make this soap.

29. Shea Butter Coconut Milk Soap

I love shea butter and coconut milk too. They are great natural moisturizers. If you suffer from dry skin (especially in the winter months), then you might want to check this soap out.

Not to mention, the tutorial seems really thorough which should make the soap making process go smoother.

Make this soap.

30. Bourbon Whiskey Vanilla Bean Soap

This sounds like an interesting concoction for soap, but if you like giving unique gifts or using unique products then this might be a good soap option for you.

But what really sold me on this recipe is the safety precautions they take. They provide links for those that are new to soap making so they do so safely.

Make this soap.

31. Bath Time Play Dough

This is another way to make bath time fun for the kids. So whether you make this for your own children, want to include it as a stocking stuffer, or a gift for a child in your life they will most likely love it.

So if you love this idea, then follow the recipe and hopefully you will have found your new ‘kid friendly’ soap.

Make this soap.

32. Rosemary and Lemon Kitchen Soap

Do you chop a lot of onions or garlic in your kitchen? If so, then you know how hard it is to remove that odor from your hands.

Well, with this soap you don’t have to worry about that. The lemon is a natural way to kill the odors and therefore would be great in most kitchens.

Make this soap.

33. Mojito Soap

This soap would make a fun gift to share with friends and family members. If you have friends that really love the minty smell of a mojito, then you’ll know that they’ll love this soap.

So if you would like a minty recipe that smells similar to how a mojito tastes, then follow this recipe and see what you think.

Make this soap.

34. Thyme and Witch Hazel Facial Soap

Do you use expensive facial products? Would you like to save some money? If so, then you should check out this facial bar recipe.

So this soap sounds wonderful just by looking at the recipe. There are so many different oils used in it that naturally moisturize your face.

Make this soap.

35. Easy, Beginner, Liquid DIY Castile Soap

The words ‘easy’ and ‘beginner’ should be encouraging to any new soap maker when it comes to this recipe.

So if you’d like to make your own castile soap but aren’t really sure where to start, then look no further than this recipe. Give it a try.

Make this soap.

36. Homemade Poppy Seed Soap

This recipe is another one that uses melt and pour soap. For people that aren’t comfortable using regular lye, then this might be  good option.

Plus, this soap can be made in around 30 minutes. This is a great way to make your natural and fresh soap using up very little time.

Make this soap.

37. DIY Liquid Hand Soap with Essential Oils

This recipe calls for only a few minor ingredients. The great news about them is that a lot of those ingredients can be homemade as well which should save you more money in the process.

However, whether you buy the ingredients or not, this recipe claims to be super simple to make. So why not go for natural, especially if it is inexpensive and easy?

Make this soap.

38. Lime Cilantro Soap

As soon as I saw this soap, I immediately thought of my husband. We grow a ton of cilantro and cook with it too because my husband is a huge fan of cilantro.

So if you love lime or cilantro that well too, then you might want to give this recipe a chance.

Make this soap.

39. Milk Chocolate Mint Soap

This recipe makes me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you are a fan of that type of ice cream (to the point you would bathe in it) then this recipe could potentially be for you.

But even if you don’t love mint and chocolate quite that much, you still might want to give this soap recipe a try.

Make this soap.

40. Wood Grain Soap Design

Let’s say you have the perfect soap recipe. You’ve tried it a million times and absolutely adore it. Yet, you’d like to make the design a little different.

Perhaps, you have a man in your life that you’d like to gift homemade soap to it, but make it appear a little manlier of a gift. Well, then give this wood gran design tip a try.

Make this soap design.

41. Traditional Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk soap is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fats that are great for your skin. Plus, it also has a pH that is very similar to that of human skin.

So this is a great option for those with sensitive skin. If you are looking for a basic recipe for traditional goat milk soap, then you should take this recipe into consideration.

Make this soap.

42. Coconut Oil Soap

This soap sounds like a great investment. It has very few ingredients but all soap making requires an investment of time.

Well, with this soap you get to break a few rules and kill two birds with one stone. So this soap is not only great for cleansing your skin but also great for using laundry as well.

Make this soap.

43. Pumpkin Pie Melt and Pour Soap

When I found this recipe it immediately struck a chord for me. The reason is because of my oldest son. I know, pumpkin pie soap may not sound like a good gift for a boy.

But for me, it is! The reason is because my oldest loves all things pumpkin. So if you have a pumpkin pie lover in your life, then consider this soap as a gift idea.

Make this soap.

44. Detox Acne Soap Recipe

This recipe seems to be a great way to detox your skin. I am actually a huge believer in detoxing your body so no wonder this recipe stuck out to me.

However, the recipe does call for a few different ingredients. But she does include links to where you can purchase or make them.

Make this soap.

45. Crisp Cotton Swirl Cold Process Soap

Would you like to make a fancier soap for gift purposes? Maybe you’d like a fancier soap for decorative purposes?

Whatever the reason, here is a tutorial to help you create a beautiful crisp cotton swirl soap. Hopefully you will find it to be something that you’d like to make again and again.

Make this soap.

46. Lavender Vanilla Soap

This soap would be great for personal use or a gift. It would also be an awesome recipe for those that are experienced in soap making or for a beginner soap maker.

So what makes this soap so great beyond the scent, is the fact that it has a burst of swirls and colors that make it beautiful, yet it does it all on its own.

Make this soap.

47. Creamy Soap

Every time I see a creamy soap tutorial it makes me hungry. I think it is because of all of the yummy natural ingredients that go into it.

So after I tell my stomach that it can’t eat it, then I feel my skin longing for that great moisturizing. Which is probably why I absolutely love creamy soaps.

Make this soap.

48. Watermelon Cold Process Soap

This soap looks like a great gift to give during the summer. It is shaped like a watermelon and has that same citrus scent.

So if you have gatherings during the summer (like a barbeque) and would like to give your guests a nice gift this might be a good option.

Make this soap.

49. Coconut Lemon Soap

Coconut and lemon are both familiar scents that most people enjoy for one reason or another. Coconut usually represents moisture in skin care products.

While the lemon usually represents cleanliness in any setting. So if you like those two scents together then you might want to give this soap making recipe a try.

Make this soap.

50. 5-Minute Spiced Apple Goats Milk Soap

I love everything about this recipe. The first thing I love is the spiced apple. I am a huge fan of all things apple.

Then I love the goats milk because of the creaminess it usually represents. Finally, I love anything that I can make in 5 minutes. Sounds like a winner to me.

Make this soap.

51. Simple DIY Citrus Soap

Wow! This soap really is super simple to make. It requires only a few simple ingredients and a little mixing.

Then you pop it into the fridge for it to set and it’s done. Plus, this soap doesn’t require handling lye which makes it safe for beginners.

Make this soap.

52. Grapefruit Eucalyptus Soap Bars

This soap is another one that sounds as though it smells wonderful. It does require a little more patience than some though.

So after you get the first layer to set-up then you have to pour the second layer. The layered look is what gives this soap a distinct look and its unique smell.

Make this soap.

53. Winter Solstice Soap

This soap is a play on the winter solstice. Since that is the day with the shortest amount of daylight, the soap is colored a darker color.

So if you’d like to use a darker colored soap that still has the cleaning power of regular soap, then give this one a try.

Make this soap.

54. 10-Minute Apple Pie Soap

Are you looking for an easy gift to give to guests? A great way to celebrate fall? Or even a simple and quick gift for your child’s teacher?

Well, if so, then you will love this 10-minute apple pie soap. It requires very few ingredients and doesn’t take long to throw together.

Make this soap.

55. Beer Soap

This may not sound like a traditional style soap but this site actually includes several recipes for you to use beer to make many different soaps.

So if you have some beer on hand, all you need to do is make it go flat so you can use it to make all of these soap varieties.

Make this soap.

56.  Anti-Acne Soap

Do you struggle with acne? Many of us do, but we don’t have to thanks to homemade products like this soap.

So if you are willing to try one more way to battle your ace, then pull up this recipe and give it a try.

Make this soap.

57. Orange Creamsicle Soap

My family are huge fans of orange creamsicles. My kids love the actual ice cream and lately I have been trying orange creamsicle smoothies.

So, naturally, my interest was peaked with this soap recipe. If you love orange creamsicle as much as we do, then give this recipe a try.

Make this soap.

58. Sea Salt Soap

I’ve already mentioned that I am a huge fan of detoxing your body. I do every chance I get between detox baths and the foods I eat.

So use this soap if you are interested in detoxing your body. It also nourished your skin and is said to reduce inflammation as well.

Make this soap.

59. DIY Melt and Pour Loofah Soap


This soap is very unique and something that I think is a really neat idea. I love loofah sponges because they are great exfoliators.

However, they are also really awesome because you can grow them in your backyard. So if you want a unique gift to give, then consider this loofah soap.

Make this soap.

60. Homemade Goat Milk Peppermint Soap

Let’s say you are a fan of both peppermint and goat’s milk soap. Well, you no longer have to choose which type of soap to use.

Instead, you just follow this recipe and you can have the best of both worlds in one bar of soap. So if you’d like a minty and smooth soap, then give this one a try.

Make this soap.

61. Brown Sugar and Vanilla Homemade Soap

Does this soap not just sound delicious? Imagine how awesome it must smell! If you are looking for a soap that you can use around your own home or give away as a gift, then you might want to consider this recipe.

To be honest, it reminds me of a delicious smelling bakery. Who wouldn’t like smelling like that?

Make this soap.

62. Mountain Man Detox Soap

If your husband or sons are anything like my guys, then they could probably care less about their skin. That is until it becomes dry and irritated.

Then they immediately want me to find a solution. Well, this soap might be a good gift for the men in your life that need good skin care but just don’t realize it yet.

Make this soap.

63. Coffee Scrub Soap

Are you a huge coffee fan? Oh, I am! Don’t talk to me in the morning until I’ve had my coffee.

Well, when I ran across this soap recipe that incorporated coffee, my wheels started turning because now I can literally bathe in coffee if I want to.

Make this soap.

64. 10-Minute Honey Lavender Soap

Honey is relaxing. Lavender is obviously relaxing. Then the idea that you can make this wonderful smelling soap in only 10 minutes is a super relaxing thought.

So if you have too much going to even consider making your own soap, don’t let those stress levels rise any further. Instead, make a batch of this stuff.

Make this soap.

65. Aloe Vera Soap

I have very sensitive skin. So when I came across this recipe for soothing aloe vera soap I got super excited.

So you will have to be comfortable handling lye when making this soap. However, the soothing impact of all the ingredients in this soap will certainly make your skin happy.

Make this soap.

66. Rose and Vanilla Soap

Does this soap not just sound absolutely wonderful? It combines my two favorite things: vanilla and roses. I love baking because of the smell of vanilla that fills my kitchen.

Plus, roses are just beautiful, silky, and smell divine. So if you love these scents too, then give this soap recipe a try.

Make this soap.

67. Jelly Soaps

When I saw this idea I couldn’t help but think how cute of a gift idea it is. You just make the soaps and pack them into a little jelly jar.

Plus, the tutorial is very thorough, and she includes a video to help you in making these soaps.

Make this soap.

68. DIY Tie Dye Soap

If you have any girls in your life (whether young, teenage, or even young adult) they’d probably love getting a gift that is as cool as this one.

They would make a fun way to add a little spunk to a new apartment or dorm room. Little girls would definitely have fun showing it off to their friends too.

Make this soap.

69. DIY Beautiful Cake Soap

This would be a great gift to make for a neighbor or to take to a gift exchange at work. It might take a little extra work than making a few bars of soap.

However, it is extremely adorable and something most everyone would enjoy receiving. If nothing else, they’d find it fascinating.

Make this soap.

70. DIY Donut Scented Soap

This soap almost looks good enough to eat. If it smells as good as it looks, then you might be in trouble.

Because people might mistake you for a walking Krispy Kreme donut. Either way, this would be a great home décor item in your bathroom or even a good gift.

Make this soap.

71. DIY Dino Egg Soap

This soap is really cool. It is a gift that most any child would enjoy receiving. The reason is because as you use the soap, a dino hatches out of it.

So this could be another soap that  could put an end to the dreaded bath time arguments.

Make this soap.

72. Peaches-n-Cream Soap

I love peaches and cream. It is one of my favorite scents, it is my favorite oatmeal, and could potentially be my new favorite bar of soap.

So if you love peaches and cream too, then you might want to try this great soap recipe.

Make this soap.

73. Honey Oatmeal Soap

I tend to draw to soap recipes that include ingredients that I always have on hand at my house. We raise bees so a soap recipe with honey is pretty much a no-brainer for me.

But I love the combo of honey and oatmeal because of the benefits the ingredients provide to our skin.

Make this soap.

74. DIY Squishy Soap

This recipe is great because it is one that kids can actually make. I love anything that I can do that allows me to include my kids.

So if you want your kids to be able to create a really fun soap while learning a new task, then you might want to give this soap recipe a try.

Make this soap.

Well, there are many DIY soap recipes that can get you started on making your own household items, hygienic items, or even your own simple gifts that are great for friends, family members, and neighbors.
But now it’s your turn. What soap recipes do you create? What other hygiene items do you make yourself? Would you care to share your recipes with us?


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