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45 Free DIY Potting Bench Plans & Ideas That Will Make Planting Easier


Do you plant lots of different things around your house?

If you spend quite a long time every year planting different pots of flowers, herbs, and potted vegetables to fill your back and front porch, there's one thing that will make your job easier:

Having a potting bench.

With potting bench, potting plants will not be a messy experience and back breaking work anymore.

So if you are in need of a planter, look no further. Today, we are going to bring you a variety of potting bench plans and ideas that will add a touch of charm to your yard and save your back!

1. RyobiNation Potting Bench

RyobiNation Potting Bench

This potting bench has all of the organization you will need when potting your plants. It is a great height too.

Another great bonus, the plans to build this bench are totally free. And it appears simple enough to build, too! What more could you possibly need in a potting bench?

2. DIY Potting Bench


This potting bench is amazing. It has extended counter space which gives you more room to spread out your supplies.

And the bench also has overhead storage. That is a great feature because when you are done you have extra places to store your pots and other planting nick-knacks.

3. The Little Red Potting Bench


I love this little bench. It isn’t very complex so it should be an easy potting bench to build.

Also, I love how they painted it such a bright red color. It would certainly stand out in your outdoor area and add a little character to any space. It isn’t a large potting bench so if you prefer a lot of space then you might have to expand this one.

4. The Wood Post Potting Bench


This is a unique looking potting bench. They made the back of it with lattice which is a nice touch to make your potting bench appear a little different at first glance.

Also, it has ample amount of storage. There are small spots at the top to hold some clay pots. But there is also ample amount of room at the bottom to holding potting soil and other potting necessities.

5. Potting Bench Perfection


This potting bench area definitely adds a lot of character to this space. But the bench itself is still very functional.

It has ample amount of potting space plus great storage too. The open shelving is very handy, but I also like the cabinet door because you hide some of the less attractive necessities without taking away from the space.

6. The Simple DIY Potting Bench

This bench is a great size for anyone that pots plenty of plants in a season. To be honest, I think the size of this one is the best size we’ve covered so far.

I also love how they used mesh wire for the back. It is a great way to store tools and keep things from falling off. But it also is very affordable.

7. The Homey Potting Bench


This is the potting bench I imagine when I think of someone’s garden space. I love the colors and the classic design of this bench.

The open shelving provides easy access to any supplies you might need. But I also love how they used the top shelf for trinkets.

8. The Solid Wood Potting Bench


This one isn’t very fancy but it sure is functional. If you don’t care so much about the ‘glam factor’ then this is probably a good choice for you to consider.

The potting bench has multiple surfaces for storage and planting space. It even has little cubbies at the top of the potting bench meant to hold all of your pots. Having this potting bench would sure help keep you organized.

9. The Little Blue Potting Bench

This potting bench is very basic but it fulfills what most people would need. It has ample amount of work space to do basic potting.

And this potting bench has a neat pull out drawer feature. When you are planting the dirt can actually fall through into the drawer so it is easy to reuse it and cut down on waste.

10. The Outdoor Planting Table


This planting table looks very simple to build yourself. It has a great stainless steel surface that is easy to clean after each planting.

It also has a great open shelf at the bottom that is great for storage of basic necessities. This doesn’t have the hanging space for gloves and tools but you could add hooks to the side for those if you truly desire them.

11. The Smaller Potting Table

This potting table is a smaller version of the one above. It doesn’t have the stainless steel planting area either.

However, it has an open space for potting things and a skinny shelf at the bottom meant to hold smaller pots. So if you don’t need a large potting bench, give this table some consideration.

12. The Picket Potting Bench


This potting bench has an added touch of character. They used an old picket fence as the back of the bench.

Because it obviously goes in a garden space that added touch makes this piece. But it is also fully functional with ample amount of potting room and storage too.

13. The Green Chicken Wire Potting Bench

This potting bench will not go unnoticed if you stick with the same color trend. It is very bright and would certainly bring conversation to your gardening space.

But beyond that, this potting bench has ample amount of potting and storage space. I also love how they put some left over chicken wire to use as the back of the potting bench.

14. Free Wood Working Potting Bench


The plans for this potting bench are said to be totally free too. How many of us know that free makes something that much better, usually?

So if you are in the market for a simple potting bench and need something not very difficult to build then this potting bench could very well be it.

15. The Potting Bench/Bar

So let’s say you have limited patio space. You need a potting bench, but you’d also like to have a place to entertain.

Well, no worries, this potting bench can solve both of those problems as this potting bench can double as a potting bench and a bar. Problem solved!

16. The Compact Potting Bench

This potting bench has all you need in one little package. It has a flat cabinet space that closes. You can hang gloves and other potting tools in it and hide them away when finished.

But this potting station also has an open shelf at the bottom to store larger items and also gives you ample amount of planting space. So if you are short on space, this little bench could be your solution.

17. Potting Table On Wheels

Are you a little indecisive? No worries, I can be too at times. So who wants some big potting station that is difficult to move around if you change your mind about where you want it located?

Well, this potting table fixes that problem. It is a potting table on wheels. So if you need or want to move it, you simply roll it to its new space.

18. The Potting Bench With Sink


This is a cool way to upcycle an old sink. They created a potting bench but instead of leaving it as a flat surface, they put an old sink in the middle.

So if you have an old sink lying around and aren’t quite sure how to use it, don’t toss it. Just create yourself your own unique potting bench.

19. The Potting Bench With Tub


These black tubs are actually what we use to grow our fodder in. They are very inexpensive and very durable.

So if you like the idea of having a sunken in place on your potting table to let the dirt fall in one area then this potting bench just might be what you’ve been looking for.

20. Open Up Potting Bench


Don’t want a big piece of clunky furniture taking up your limited outdoor space? Well, that’s okay. You can still have a potting bench.

How? By creating this potting bench out of pallets. It hangs on the side of your home or building. When you open it up, it is a ready to go potting bench.

21. The Organized Potting Table


This little potting table is super organized and looks very simple to create. It has wire mesh as its back which keeps your larger items from falling off of the back.

But it also has a great space to organize your tools and other items. Plus, you get lots of room for planting.

22. The Super Simple Potting Table


Okay, so you aren’t much of a carpenter. But you still want a small space for potting your plants.

Well, this table is it. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. So by the looks of it, it should be super simple to put together. You’ll have your own potting space in no time.

23. Pallet Potting Bench


This cute little potting bench was originally just an old pallet. You know I love pallets. They are super sturdy and super cheap building material that can be transformed into almost anything you need.

Well, this potting bench is no exception. And it is adorable to look at, to boot. So if you are on a tight budget, don’t fret. This potting bench is a great option for any budget.

24. Pallet Potting Bench #2


This potting bench is a little more rustic. So if you don’t care so much for things to be pretty but just functional then this potting bench could be what you need.

It still does the job and has ample amount of space for storage and planting. But it is simply an old unpainted pallet that has been put together to form a potting bench.

25. Potting Bench With Storage


This potting bench is very simple and unique to boot. It simply a table with a full length shelf underneath.

But it doesn’t stop there. There is actually an area under the table that isn’t visible when using the table that is great for hidden storage. You could utilize that space easily with potting tools and gloves, and they don’t have to hang out in the open that way either.

26. The Free Potting Bench


This potting bench is another that is totally awesome because they advertise the plans as being completely free. Again, doesn’t free make something much better, usually?

So if you are looking for a basic potting bench then this might be what you’ve been searching for. It is very ‘no frills’ but it will certainly do the job.

27. The Potting Cart


I love the idea of a potting cart. You can easily pot your plants on the cart and roll the cart to each space that you want your plant. That way you aren’t constantly walking back and forth.

It is also great how portable it is because if you have limited outdoor space, you can roll the cart out of the picture when it’s not in use.

28. Cedar Work Bench


This garden work bench is beautiful as it is constructed out of cedar wood. It has ample of work and storage space.

I love how this bench has a place to hang your potting tools on the back of the bench. Organization makes potting your plants so much easier. So having it all in one place will definitely help things along.

29. The Classic Potting Bench

This potting bench is absolutely beautiful. The people that created the plans also laid it all out to make the build as simple as possible. There is a detailed materials list and cutting schedule.

If you are looking for a potting bench that will make the job easier and keep you organized. Plus, if you are someone new to building then this might be a good place to start as the plans could meet all of these needs.

30. The $15 Potting Bench


This potting bench is a very cute addition to your outdoor area. The best part about it is it should only cost you around $15 in lumber. Granted, this is only an estimate depending upon which area you live in.

However, if you are in need of a potting bench or even just a cute outdoor table, this potting bench is certainly budget friendly and eye friendly too.

31. The Big, Rustic Potting Bench

This potting bench is for those that are serious about their planting. It is gorgeous too!

So if you are someone that plants a ton of flowers or plants each year (and have plenty of outdoor space) you might definitely want to consider this potting station. I love how they used old windows for see-through cabinet doors. Such a beautiful and rustic touch.

32. A Simple DIY Potting Table


This potting table looks super simple. So even if you are a carpentry beginner, this shouldn’t be much a problem to put together.

It appears that they just grabbed an old table and then put a shelf and a skirt at the bottom for hidden storage. I don’t think you could much more simple than that.

33. The Organized Potting Bench


I love this potting bench. It looks rather simple to build (which is always a good thing in my book.) But it also has nice little organizational touches that makes the job of potting easier.

This potting bench has great open shelving and plenty of work space. But it also has a sink area where the dirt falls through into a bucket waiting beneath. This cuts down on dirt waste. I love that.

34. 3-Tier Potting Bench


This potting bench is a 3-tier one. To be honest, it doesn’t look like it would be that comfortable to use when potting multiple plants.

However, if you just wanted a small space to display your plants and wanted to pot them in the same area, then it would work pretty well for that. Either way, it’s unique and has the ability to add grow space to your yard.

35. The Potting Cart


This is another potting cart. I really do like these. I love how versatile they are and how mobile they are too.

The versatility is so great because you can use them for obvious potting purposes. But it would also be great to display your potted plants on too. And if you are short on space, you can always roll the cart into a building so it doesn’t take up valuable outdoor space.

36. Monterey Potting Center

This potting center is basically a work table with two open shelves beneath. It is a great plan because of how basic it is. Simple works well in these situations and helps keep you organized too.

Nothing is worse than going to plant flowers, and you can’t find your gloves or tools. Well, you don’t have to worry about that too much if you have this potting bench as there is ample room for storage and planting.

37. The European Garden Table


The European garden table is basically a table with the tub in the center. This is a great design because it helps stop dirt waste.

Whether you buy dirt or harvest it yourself, it is not cheap or without labor. So the more of it you can save the less you have to worry about coming up with later. That is what makes this plan so desirable.

38. Two-Shelf Potting Bench


This potting bench design is very classic but it works well. It has an open shelf at the bottom of the bench. You also get ample amount of counter space for potting your plants.

But there are also two open shelves above the counter space. This is desirable because it creates storage for your pots and tools.

39. The Covered Potting Bench


I like this covered work bench. It is great because there is ample amount of storage for your pots and plants.

Also, this potting bench has room to hang pots. But it also has a roof that covers the actual work space. That is great because it provides necessary shade for hot days.

40. The Greenhouse Potting Bench


This is a really cool potting bench because it looks similar to a cold frame greenhouse. There is a door that can be open and closed when the work bench is in use and when it is not.

So that is a neat feature because if you have your potting bench in an area that is not covered it keeps your supplies from getting wet or damaged in the elements.

41. The Wooden Potting Cart


This is another potting cart. It is built from solid wood and appears to be an easier build. This such a unique way to pot your flowers.

As you can see, it would be a desirable option because of its mobility and ease of use. Not to mention, it is cute to look at. So it would be great as a decorative piece as well.

42. The Easy DIY Potting Bench

This potting bench is broken down into a very simple form. I love the directions because it makes building this piece easy even for those less experienced.

Though it is a simple potting table, it would certainly do the trick for most gardeners. You have ample amount of potting and storage space available with these plans.

43. A Basic Potting Bench


This is a basic potting bench. There is no shelving except for the open shelf beneath the counter space that is supposed to be used for potting your plants.

Though it may not be fancy, it appears easy enough to build and would be a great addition to any backyard.

44. An Organized Potting Station


This is a great potting station. It has a sink available for easy clean-up and also as a place to help save dirt.

There is also lots of options for storage as there are pegs available to hang your work gloves and tools from. But there is also drawers and open shelving to store larger items as well.

45. A Mobile Potting Table


This potting table is great because it has a good amount of work space. But it also has open shelving above and below the open work space that makes great use for storage of planting necessities.

But another great feature to this potting bench is that it is mobile. This makes it easy to maneuver to different areas whether it be for limited amount of outdoor space or just for ease of placing plants.



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