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50 Free DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans & Ideas to Get You Started Keeping Rabbits


Raising rabbits is a great decision because rabbit is a very sustainable meat source. Even though they're not as popular as chickens, but the meat production is comparable.

In fact, one pair of rabbits can produce more than 300 pounds of meat per year!

That is pretty amazing considering they take very little to feed and don’t require a lot of space, it makes them a viable meat source for really anyone. You could live in the suburbs and still raise meat rabbits.

To start raising rabbits, first, you need a hutch.

If you prefer to build a rabbit hutch or cage by yourself, you've come to the right place. We have collected 50 DIY rabbit hutch plans from all over the internet.

...but before we begin:

If this is the first time you're keeping rabbits, there are several things you need to learn in order to raise ​a happy and healthy herd of rabbits. That's why I highly recommend you these books:

Hands down, this is the most complete guide on raising rabbits for meat, show, fur, or even as pets. Every rabbit owner should read this book at least once.

If you're also thinking of raising animals other than rabbits such as chickens or goats, but you don't want to buy one book for each, then this is for you.

16,000 Woodworking Plans

If you love building things by yourself, or want to give it a try, you should check this one out. This is a collection of 16,000 woodworking plans (no, that's not a typo) for any kind of building or furniture.

You don't have to waste your time finding the right plans every time you want to build anything like rabbit hutch, cabin, greenhouse, goat house, shed, barn, bench, desk, or any other woodworking project.

Now, let's begin to the first free rabbit hutch plans:

1. Basic DIY Hutch


This rabbit hutch is a very basic, DIY hutch. It is basically a box on legs. This keeps the rabbits off of the ground to deter predators or at least make it more difficult for them to get to the rabbits.

It has wire sides that allow you to see in and the rabbit to see out. There are also places for the feeder and waterer to sit nicely. There is also a rabbit hole on the inside to give the rabbit a place to have babies and feel secure.

So if you are handy with the hammer and nails then this hutch would be a good fit if you are looking for functional over fancy.

2. The Multi-Cage Hutch


My husband and I are actually in the process of building a hutch similar to this one. Let me tell you why.

Having multiple single hutches when you have quite a few rabbits begins to take up a lot of space. It also makes feeding and watering more of a chore because you have to walk around to all of the different cages.

These cages that keep all of your bunnies together makes feeding and cleaning the hutches much more efficient. You just have to pay closer attention to illness because they are closer together. And it is possible for rabbits to breed through the wire.

Want to purchase a ready-made hutch instead? Here's our top recommendation from Amazon.com:

3. The Multi-Cage Hutch Tutorial Video

This is a very detailed video of how to build a rabbit duplex. It gives you obvious visuals during the tutorial as it is a video verses a blog post.

If you are someone that isn’t strong in the area of carpentry then this video might help you gain confidence to build your own hutch.

This hutch is another one that can hold multiple rabbits in separate areas yet as one attached hutch. For the purpose of keeping things condensed and efficient, this is a great hutch option.

4. The Multi-Rabbit Hutch


This is another beautifully built wooden hutch that is meant to house up to three separate rabbits. I cannot stress enough how much easier this makes it on the rabbit keeper having all of your rabbits together.

However, I also want to touch on the beautiful wood work going on with this hutch. Just because you are raising animals doesn’t mean that you still don’t want your property to look good. This hutch would certainly add to the beauty factor of your property and not harm it.

5. The All Wire Rabbit Cage

This is a great video that shows in a lot of detail how to build a rabbit cage that is made from solid wire.

Now, this might not be as beautiful of a hutch as you would want. But if you are someone who cares more about functionality then this cage is exactly that.

The benefit of an all wire cage is that it is much easier to keep clean and is also very good at keeping your rabbits safe. Predators have a hard time chewing through wire. Your rabbit’s safety is always a top priority as they have many predators.

6. Pallet Rabbit Hutch


If you are like me, you love pallets. They are so versatile and can be used for almost anything. Including building a rabbit hutch.

So if you are short on funds or maybe just want to upcycle something into a rabbit hutch then this is a viable option for you.

Another upside to using pallets is their strength. Pallets are very durable so a hutch made from them should be predator proof.

7. PVC Hutch


This hutch appears to be very budget friendly. It is also great that you can have all of your wire cages in one location.

The only downsides to this hutch is I’m wondering how secure it actually is. And since there doesn’t appear to be any rabbit holes, it will be important to place your bunnies in the shade.

Rabbits get very hot very quickly so they’ll need to either be placed in a cooler location or have an area they can hang out in when the sun becomes too much for them.

8. DIY Rabbit Hutch


This is another hutch that can be built by you. It is a beautiful option. I personally really love it as a single hutch plan.

It has a beautiful wooden finish and a tin roof that protects the rabbit from sunlight and rain. The hutch has a country flare to it that makes it look very homey for your furry additions.

9. The A-Frame Hutch


I’ll be honest, I had never seen hutches like this before. But now that I have, I like them. I still think I would prefer a multi-housing option, but if you have only a few rabbits or want to keep your rabbits separate this design is very unique.

I love how it is still on legs as to protect the rabbits. It has a wire a-frame structure. And then has a rabbit hole as well.

What I love the most is the big openings which make it easy to get to your rabbit when needed. This hutch also looks very easy to clean and maintain.

10. The Indoor Rabbit Cage


So let’s say you are someone that doesn’t want to eat your furry friends. Instead, you want to raise them as a pet. Rabbits are a great pet, and I love ours dearly though they aren’t quite at ‘pet status.’

But if this is your intentions then you would definitely like this indoor hutch. It is beautiful and wooden. I love how it opens to make removing the rabbit and cleaning the hutch much easier.

It is not an eye sore which is great for anything that is going to be in your home. It is also built to hold multiple rabbits. Don’t want multiple indoor rabbits? That’s okay, use it for bunny supply storage.

11. The 2-Story Bunny Hutch

This is another hutch intended for a pet rabbit. But let me just say, if your bunny has one of these hutches then they are living the life!

They have their living quarters and food upstairs, while their potty and sleeping quarters are downstairs. And it has a great ramp that allows them to come out into the home when open but keeps them in when it is closed back into the hutch.

12. The PVC Single Hutch


I think the usage of materials in this project are very creative and functional. They basically use wood to build the legs, frame, and bunny hole for this hutch.

But they use PVC pipe to finish out the frame on top. Then fill in the open spaces with wire. This hutch has everything an outdoor rabbit would need. And it should be budget friendly because of the materials used.

13. The Indoor/Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


This is an awesome idea for a rabbit hutch. If you a building or garage that you’d like to keep your bunnies in then definitely consider this hutch.

Basically, what they did was cut a hole in the side of the garage and built a wire cage that connects on the inside and outside. It is also divided so they can house multiple rabbits.

Then the rabbits have roofing over the outside of the cage to protect them from the elements. This gives them breeze when needed and protection from frigid temperatures when needed too.

14. The Dresser Hutch

So you want to raise rabbits inside for whatever purpose you have in mind. You don’t have a lot of money to invest in this venture, but you do have an old dresser.

Well, you are headed in the right direction with this hutch. She takes the doors off and converts this dresser into a multi-housing hutch that will house up to 4 rabbits.

It also has drawers in the bottom to store the necessary rabbit supplies needed.

15. The Bunny Condo


The person that created this hutch did so in order for it to match with their IKEA décor. So if you are an IKEA person then this hutch might have you sold on it from hello.

Basically they bought a piece of furniture they call an Expedit. It reminds me of a large book shelf. They say you can save the shelving and then turn it into a multi-housing hutch if you have two rabbits you have to separate.

They then convert it into a hutch that will give their rabbit all of the comforts necessary for a happy house bunny. All the while, the hutch blends into their décor.

16. Super Rabbit Condo


This is another IKEA hack meant to house a house bunny and give the optimal amount of space. So they began by purchasing a large shelving system.

They then converted it into a large hutch filled with ramps so the bunny can run on multiple levels and stretch her legs as much as she desired.

17. The Bunny Do Hutch


This hutch was once again transformed from a piece of IKEA furniture. The owners wanted it to blend in with their present décor.

I love the look of this hutch because it is actually 2 levels. But the hutch can be completely opened by pulling the drawers downward. That makes for much easier cleaning and handling of the bunny.

18. A Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


This rabbit hutch is actually quite large. It has been lifted for safety purposes for the rabbit. My favorite part is the large doors.

Having large doors in your rabbit hutches is so important because it makes catching your bunny much easier. It also makes cleaning the hutch much easier and that is so important for proper bunny health.

19. Hanging Wire Cages

This is a unique approach to a rabbit hutch. If you have a pergola around that has nothing under it then put it to use.

All you have to do is build a small roof under the pergola and then hang the wire rabbit cages from that sturdy roof.

This is great because the rabbits are protected from the elements because of the roof. They are protected from predators because they are off of the ground. And they are protected from the sun because of the large pergola.

20. The Kid Friendly Rabbit Hotel


Do you have children that you’d like to get involved in the raising of rabbits? Well, that is awesome!

These hutches are built with small children in mind. The reason is a lot of commercially bought rabbit hutches have large lids that have to be lifted if you are going to do anything with the rabbits.

This becomes a hazard as they can slam down onto your children’s hands. So if this is a concern for you then take a look at this beautiful hutch that looks great and makes it much easier for your children to participate in raising rabbits.

21. The Small Rabbit Hutch


This rabbit hutch is very no frills but is still very functional. It is basically wood put together to build a box. The box is then divided.

One side of the box is finished and used as the rabbit hole. The other side has wire walls so the rabbit can see out and to make for easy clean up. The rabbit hutch will have to be placed somewhere off of the ground for safety purposes.

However, this rabbit hutch should be very inexpensive to build and make for easy care of your rabbit friend.

22. The Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


This rabbit hutch is another basic plan. It has a rabbit hole and large living section for your rabbit.

There is a door that gives you direct access to the rabbit hole which is a nice feature to have since that is where rabbits usually have their babies.

You will need easy access to them in their earliest days to keep a close eye on them and make sure things are progressing as they should.

23. The Mobile Rabbit Hutch


This is a very unique hutch to have. It is on wheels which makes it very easy to move around whether it be indoors or outdoors.

I love that it has two compartments. One is for the rabbit hole while the other is for regular living quarters.

There are two doors so you can access the rabbit in which ever compartment it is in at the moment.

24. The Rabbit Tractor


This design reminds me very much of a small chicken coop. It can also be treated as a tractor because it is very easy to move around.

So the rabbits can hang around in the bottom and enjoy munching on the grass beneath their feet. Or they can use the ramp and head upstairs where they can play, rest, or eat even.

If you need a smaller hutch option then this one might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

25. The 2-Story Outdoor Hutch


This hutch is another outdoor hutch with two stories. It allows the rabbits to hop around in the bottom and enjoy eating whatever greenery is around them.

Then they can use the ramp to hop up to the top which allows them to enjoy the view. They can access their food or just have a more secure location if needed.

26. Basic Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


This is another plan for an outdoor rabbit hutch. It has a wired section where the rabbit can enjoy a simple breeze or have a place to stretch out.

But there is also a covered area where the door is located so that the rabbit can have some privacy. This allows them to get out of sight to sleep or give birth.

27. Single Or Double Decker Hutch

For those that are confident in their carpentry skills, this is a great project for you. The plans are very detailed which could make this project easier for those that don’t have quite as much building experience.

It shows you how to build a multi-housing single deck rabbit hutch. Which is very efficient for the rabbit keeper.

But if you want to take it up a notch and add a few more rabbits then you can always have a double deck which would make keeping that amount of rabbits that much more efficient.

28. The A-Frame Rabbit Tractor


This is a movable rabbit tractor. It has an a-frame shape which gives the rabbits ample amount of room to hop around in the open.

But it also gives them a closed space to run to if they desire a break from the heat or are in fear. This is also a great option because you don’t really have to feed them much if you are able to move them around on the ground.

My only warning is to beware of predators. Lots of things like to eat rabbits and this hutch would be no problem for a dog to turn over.

29. 5 Rabbit Housing Plans

This site has 5 very different plans to choose from involving housing your rabbit. If you are interested in raising your rabbits for meat then they have plans for a great set-up to help you get off to the right start.

If you don’t like that set-up or have no desire to eat your rabbits there are also other plans that would help you keep your rabbits safe and comfortable.

30. PVC Portable Rabbit Hutch


These plans show a PVC frame that supports up to 6 wire rabbit cages. If you are breeding rabbits for show or simply to sell this might be a viable option for you.

Because this set-up is on wheels it would be very easy to keep indoors and move around as needed. It also appears to be budget friendly because of the materials used.

31. The 3-Tier Rabbit Cage


This idea is very creative and comfortable for the indoor rabbit. They place their litterbox in the bottom but then give the rabbit 2 sleeping areas which double as landing pads.

Rabbits remind me a lot of cats so they are very curious creatures and like to see what is going on. But they are also a little timid. This set-up would help them embrace their curious and creative side. And I’m sure provide lots of entertainment for you.

32. The PVC Frame

This frame is built from PVC pipe. It is meant to hold an indoor rabbit’s cage. The whole purpose behind this idea is to make cleaning easier for you.

A lot of indoor cages have slide out trays which can be a hassle because they often drop bedding everywhere as you try to dump them.

This frame allows you to remove the whole cage for easy cleaning so you don’t have to drag mess all the way through your home.

33. The 3-Tier Wire Cage


This is an absolutely adorable idea (and the rabbits are adorable too!) They have combined three wire cages and added ramps so the rabbits can get to each level as they are teeny tiny little guys living in it.

This way they have their food and potty area on the bottom. Then they have two levels for sleeping and playing.

34. The Upcycled Rabbit Hutch

So if you are having to build only from what you have on hand then this hutch might work for you. They were able to build it all from a pallet crate and center blocks.

However, I have to offer a few suggestions to these plans so maybe you can consider them and work around them if you build this hutch.

There needs to be more spacing. The rabbit on top is literally using the bathroom all over the one on the bottom. And I believe I would make it a little bit bigger as New Zealands are big bunnies.

35. The A-frame Rabbit Tractor


This rabbit tractor is a little smaller than the one mentioned before. However, it is still a great idea as you wouldn’t have to feed your rabbit much because it would constantly eat the greenery beneath its feet.

As I said before though, you must use great caution when using rabbit tractors because they are easy to knock over and dogs show no mercy when it comes to rabbits.

36. The Double Door Rabbit Hutch


I like this rabbit hutch. The rabbit has a nesting box, plenty of living space, and even a window to look out while eating. What more could a bunny ask for, right?

However, what I love the most is the ease of using this hutch. The double doors make it very easy for you to access your bunny anywhere she might be. You can also easily check in on her nesting box if kits are in the equation.

Cleaning would be much easier as well since both doors open. It just looks like a user-friendly hutch.

37. The Bunny Hole Tractor


This is another tractor idea. But this one is a rectangle shape instead of an A-frame shape.

So what I like the most about this tractor is that it has a large rabbit hole. That rabbit hole is the only real protection from sun and predators that rabbit has. The fact that this one is so large and easy to access, I really like.

38. The Double Door Rabbit Hutch #2


This rabbit hutch is on legs which makes it that much more predator proof. But it too has double doors.

This makes for a large living space for the bunny and makes for easier access and cleaning for the owner.

The design is quite simple so it appears as though it would be easier to build which is always an added bonus.

39. The Bunny Hutch On Wheels


This bunny hutch is unique and adorable. It looks like a little push cart as it has a handle and everything.

I love the different shaped windows for you to see in and the bunny to see out. I also love that this hutch has a rabbit hole and a ramp so the rabbit can easily get out of the hutch if you desire for it to.

40. The Extra Ventilation Rabbit Hutch


This design is very easy to follow. I love how easy the instructions are and are laid in plain language so you can easily understand what they are talking about.

I also love how this hutch is a traditional design with a little twist. The side boards don’t have to be screwed down. Instead they can be placed on hinges in order to give your rabbit extra ventilation on days you deem it necessary.

41. The Urban Rabbit Tractor


This is an intentional compact design that would be great for urban rabbit keepers. The tractor design allows your rabbits to have a fresh salad bar daily but is also easy to move so they don’t damage your lawn.

However, it also a rabbit house that is up off of the ground. This is done so the rabbits can seek shelter under the house on super sunny days or on rainy days.

42. The 3-Tier Rabbit Race Course

This is a wire cage design that is put together to give your rabbit 3 levels of racing fun. Your rabbit can use the ramps to race up and down each level.

So this is an amazing form of exercise for your indoor bunny. It has enough space that you could actually keep quite a few indoor bunnies inside this hutch idea.

43. Double And Single Decker Multi-Housing Plans

These are literal plans. They appear to be easy enough to read but it isn’t laid out like a blog post which makes diy projects a little easier for those less experienced.

But I digress, again if you are wanting to keep a multitude of rabbits this is a great way to do that.

44. Rabbit House Plans

These are more literal plans. Again, this is not laid out like a blog post which might make it a little more difficult to follow for those that are not as experienced in carpentry.

However, if you are up for the challenge or an experienced builder then this should be an interesting project. The idea of a rabbit house is great for protecting your rabbits and makes caring for them much easier.

45. Basic Rabbit Hutch Plans

These are more plans. Again, they are pretty simple to read. These plans are for your basic single rabbit bunny hutch.

It should provide ample amount of space for your rabbit and also provide lots of protection from predators and the elements which is a high priority for an outdoor rabbit.

46. 2 Bay Rabbit Hutch Design

These plans are very extensive. To say you would be building a large rabbit keeping operation with this hutch, would be totally accurate.

This hutch is designed to hold quite a few rabbits and make caring for them and maintaining their hutches as easy as possible.

47. The ‘Everything You Need’ Hutch

If you are wanting to raise a large bunch of meat production rabbits then this hutch has everything you need. These plans are very detailed and give all kinds of ideas for things that would be quite handy.

To begin, you can have a large amount of double decker cages. It also includes a large roof meant to protect your bunnies from all kind of elements.

But one of the best features is the fact that a storage area is included. That way you can keep all feed, bedding, and any other need on hand and it is easily accessible.

48. The Rabbit Tractor


These plans give ideas on how to build a rabbit tractor. You can make it in a traditional style, meaning that the tractor will be rectangular.

Or you can also build the tractor in a non-traditional style, meaning that it will be rounded. It is ultimately up to you. But rabbit tractors are a great option because of the amount of space and constant fresh food on hand.

49. A Traditional Hutch


This hutch is another that is a very traditional style. This means that it is raised off of the ground for protection. It is also rectangular in shape with a slanted roof that will protect the rabbits from the elements.

So if you are looking for just a simple hutch that will do the trick for one bunny, this hutch would most likely fulfill that wish list.

50. The Indoor Hutch Transformation


This hutch was once a basic piece of furniture. They took the front doors off and left the inside shelf.

Then they added mesh wire and frame up a new door so the bunny could see out. It was then a fully functional rabbit hutch.

As you can see rabbit hutches don’t have to be extravagant nor complex. They are very simple animals that are happy with a breezy spot, nesting box, food, and water.

All rabbits really require beyond that are opportunities to stretch their legs and a clean hutch. So if you are considering rabbits whether it be for meat or as a pet, they are great animals that provide hours of cute moments and entertainment.

So now that I’ve shared 50 rabbit hutch options with you, I’d like to hear from you. Which was your favorite hutch? Do you have other plans you’ve picked out that weren’t shared here? If so, we’d love to see them.


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