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20 Smart Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds at Your Home and Garden


Drinking coffee is healthy. Coffee can boost your metabolism up to 3-11%. It is also one of the top detox drinks for most Western citizens because of its ability to rid our bodies of free radicals.

Coffee is also known to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

That's a good news if you drink one cup of coffee per day.

But what should you do with all of your used coffee grounds? It's a lot of waste.

Well, don’t fret over it too much because today I have numerous ways for how you can reuse coffee grounds while also getting the health benefits of your morning cup of Joe.

1. Grow Your Garden

coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are great to add to your garden. They make a wonderful fertilizer that adds nitrogen to your plants and enriches your soil.

So if you want to add an organic element to your soil that will help aerate your soil, retain moisture in your soil, and attract earthworms then look no further than your morning coffee.

Read this article to learn more about using coffee grounds on plants.

2. Tell Pests To Hit The Road

Pests are gardeners' biggest enemy. So if you are looking to get rid of ants, slugs, or snails from your property then leaving some used coffee grounds around should do the trick.


It's easy, natural, and cheap.

All you have to do is to spread used coffee grounds around areas where you want to repel ants and other pests. They hate the smell. Make sure to replace it every day.

3. Compost It

As I mentioned, if you are a gardener then you should learn to love your used coffee grounds. Even if you don’t want to apply them directly to your soil, you can at least add them to your compost bin.

Yes, earthworms love coffee and will turn it into a rich organic compost that will give your plants a great place to grow.

Download this PDF file to learn more about composting coffee grounds.

4. Feed The Worms

Worms LOVE coffee grounds, it's one of their favorite foods.

So when it comes to your used coffee grounds, if you raise your own worms or just want to give the worms in your garden a friendly snack to keep them around, coffee grounds are great for that.

Here's a nice video showing how to feed the worms with coffee grounds:

5. Stop The Odor

My biggest pet peeve around my house is our kitchen trash. If the trash is overflowing or if it stinks, apparently I am the only one that can see or smell it.

Well, to help with the odor issue, I’ve learned that you can sprinkle some used coffee grounds in the bottom of the can it will help to keep your trash can odor free.

6. Homemade Drain-O

Do you ever get clogged drains? It is a common household malfunction. Well, don’t worry about purchasing expensive products from your local store. Or even worse, having to pay for someone to come unclog your drains.

Oh no, instead just put your old coffee grounds to work. When you run them down your drain because they can be a little abrasive they will actually scrub your drain pipes for you.

7. Fix A Dent

Coffee grounds won’t actually fix a dent, but they will fix a scratch in dark wood. If you have a piece of furniture that is a darker wood and has a nasty scratch in it, don’t toss it.

Instead, rub some used coffee grounds into the scratch. It should help hide that nasty scratch and help your furniture’s appearance.

8. Put Baking Soda Out Of A Job

You might remember when you could buy those cute little polar bears that were hugging that were meant to hold your baking soda inside the fridge. Either way, the whole purpose was to allow baking soda to sit discretely in your fridge and help kill the odors that often develop behind those doors.

Well, I know baking soda isn’t very expensive but you can’t always make it to the store. And truthfully, if I don’t have to buy something I usually don’t. In this case, you can actually use old coffee grounds to replace baking soda when it comes to keeping odors down in the fridge.

9. Add That ‘Pow’ To Your Food

Some recipes call for coffee grounds. You might not have ever really thought of it, but they are actually quite common in desserts or used as a rub for meats.

Well, if you ever decide to try some of these recipes realize that used coffee grounds will work just as well as fresh coffee grounds. Here is a recipe to get you started.


10. Make It Your Maid

Okay, well don’t get too excited. The coffee grounds won’t magically get up and start cleaning house for you. Sorry! (I wish!)

But you can make a handy household cleaner with it that is not only frugal but also leaves a great scent behind too. All you do is place coffee grounds on a rag and scrub. The abrasiveness of the grounds will help give you a deeper clean.

11. Let Your Morning Coffee Scrub In

Scrub into your face and body that is. Yep, you guess it. Not only can coffee grounds help your plants, help to keep your home cleaner, and also deodorize your home. But it can also be used as a nice body scrubs.

So all you will do is mix the coffee grounds in a touch of warm water or some body oil and start scrubbing that dead skin off. Just use caution if you have sensitive skin as to not irritate it.

12. Make It Your Beautician

Oh yes, as much as coffee can help your skin and face, it can also help your hair. You won’t be exfoliating it so much though.

Instead, when you are in the shower getting ready to wash your hair, rub a hand full of old coffee grounds into your hair first. Then shampoo your hair. It helps to break down any residue or build-up you might have in your hair.

13. Get Rid Of The Onion Smell

I had this problem just last night. I was fixing pintos with chopped onions. (It was so good!) But no matter how much I washed my hands, I still had the onion smell on them. Much to my dismay, I had to go to bed still smelling like onions.


However, had I just thought of my old trusty coffee grounds I wouldn’t have had to smell onion all night long. All you have to do to get rid of that pesky onion smell is rub old coffee grounds around on your hands. The coffee smell will eat up the onion smell. It is that simple.

14. Make It Your Homemade Foot Odor Eater

My sister will probably want to disown me for telling you this but for years she would not let her feet breathe. She slept in socks, wore shoes all of the time, and her feet developed a strong odor. She bought all kinds of store bought products but finally learned that she simply had to let her feet breathe!

However, if you are in the same shape, don’t spend a fortune on odor-reducing products. Try slipping some old coffee grounds inside your shoes while you aren’t wearing them. It should take care of the problem. But also, do give your poor feet a chance to breathe some fresh air.

15. Change Your Clothes

Have you ever spilled coffee on some of your clothes? Especially white clothing? Have you paid much attention to the golden color it turns to?

Well, that is a great color if you do it on purpose. So the next time you need to dye your clothes that color, don’t buy dye. No, instead dye them with old coffee grounds.

16. Boost Your Root Harvest

Did you know that your root vegetables love caffeine? I know, who would’ve guessed? But they do! Especially carrots.


So the next time you go to grow and harvest root vegetables keep that in mind. By simply sewing old coffee grounds into the ground around them, you should find that your harvest will prosper because of the nutrients absorbed from the coffee grounds. Some actually suggest mixing coffee grounds in with your seeds before planting.

17. Put The Cat Out

I am a huge fan of cats. I actually have two indoors. But my husband is not a fine in the least of stray cats around our property, especially in the garden. Read this article if you are unfamiliar with the risks of cat’s waste and your garden.

So a great way to keep cats out of your garden without harming them is by putting your coffee grounds to work. You’ll need to mix orange peels and coffee grounds together.

Then toss them out all over your garden.

18. Make Something

Used coffee grounds are great for making lots of different items. They can be used for craft projects as a realistic dirt.


But you can also use your old coffee grounds to make great smelling soaps and candles. If you love the smell of coffee then why not keep it around as frequently as possible.

19. This One Is For The Ladies

Okay ladies, let’s be real. It doesn’t matter your walk in life, at some point, most of us will end up with cellulite. It makes us self-conscious and distracts us from loving our bodies.

So how great is it, that I have a simple and inexpensive idea that could possibly fix your bout with cellulite? You take some old coffee grounds and mix them with warm water. Then rub them on the area impacted by cellulite for about 10 minutes, a few times a week.

Read this article to learn more about using coffee grounds for cellulite.

20. Winter Safety

Cleaning out your fireplace and woodstove is so important in order to be safe while burning wood during the winter. There are a ton of different ways to clean out your fireplace but one you probably haven’t thought of includes using your old coffee grounds.

The idea is to throw your old coffee grounds directly into the fireplace on top of the ashes. This should weight the ashes down and make them much easier to clean out the space.

Well, now that I’ve given you a few ways to use your used coffee grounds I want to hear your thoughts. So how do you all reuse your old coffee grounds? We’d love to hear from you all! Please leave your comments below.



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