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31 Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans & Ideas that Will Save a Lot of Bedroom Space

31 Free DIY Bunk Bed Plans for Kids and Adults

Three months ago my mother in law had become ill, and she could no longer live by herself. So I needed to combine my two younger children into one bedroom so she could have her own space in my house.

That is when I needed to find the perfect bunk beds.

However, they are not cheap to buy and not all created equally either. So if you are in need of the perfect bunk beds I didn’t want you to have to go through the same hassles I did. That is why today I am bringing you a great selection of free DIY bunk bed plans.

So without further ado—

1. The Modern Bunk Beds


This bed would be a great option if you needed to put more than two children in one room. The design is really awesome.

And I could actually visualize my children treating this some what like their own ninja course. But the design is beautiful and really fun.

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2. The Alaskan Bunk Beds


I am personally a huge fan of these bunk beds. They remind me of what you’d find in an old Alaskan cabin.

And the wood working is absolutely gorgeous. But they also appear sturdy and possibly a good fit for adults or larger children too.

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3. The Invisible Ladder Bunk Bed


One of the issues you often run into with bunk beds is that the ladder takes up unnecessary space. And often bunk beds go into small rooms.

So if you have a very small room and need every ounce of space you can get, then this might be a good fit for you. The reason is the ladder is really just the outside slats of the bed.

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4. The Open Bunk Beds


These bunk beds look really beautiful, but I’m not sure how functional they’d be for small children. The reason is that there are no sides.

And truthfully as an adult I’d be a little afraid to sleep that high off of the ground with no railing. But if you are a braver sleeper than I am and are desiring a modern look then this bed could be just what you’ve been looking for.

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5. 4 Beds In One


So let’s say you either have a lot of kids or you have limited guest space in your home. And need a solution that will be creative and fun. But still functional, too.

Well, then don’t look over this option. It is all of those things in one unique package. And I love how colorful they designed it to be as well.

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6. Floating Bunk Beds


This is a really neat idea. Especially if you are someone that loves the nautical theme in your home or cabin.

And the way they are held up with ropes is practically ingenious. It is a unique feature that would certainly add a ton of character to your home as well.

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7. Solid Wood Bunk Beds


This is a more traditional style of a bunk bed. If you don’t want anything too complicated to build. And yet, you still need a functional option then this bunk bed could be what you’ve been looking for.

Not to mention, the ladder is still placed snuggly on the side of the bed so it would also work well in a smaller space.

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8. Modern Smaller Bunk Beds


You can tell that these bunk beds are meant for smaller children. But I love the modern look with the slats.

And I also can appreciate that even though the ladder is off of the bed some that it still isn’t take up massive amounts of room.

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9. The Gorgeous Bunk Beds


Okay, if you have daughters then they would definitely feel like princesses sleeping in this bed. They are absolutely stunning.

And I love how they stack yet still have a snug fitting ladder. Each feature truly sets this design apart.

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10. The Loft Bunk


Not everyone wants the traditional style bunk beds. And if not, then you might want to consider this option. It is modern yet still has a rustic feel to it as well.

And it appears to be much easier to build since they are separate pieces. So if you’d like something a little different in your child’s room and space isn’t a hindrance then this could be a good option.

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11. Basic Bunk Beds


This is another basic design for a bunk bed. It is very traditional as they are stacked beds. And the ladder comes off of the side.

But it still has the side slat design so it could feel a little modern as well. So if you are desiring a traditional design with a little extra something to make it fit your modern home then consider this design.

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12. A Simple Wooden Design


These beds are clearly made for smaller children as well. But they also look very easy to build as the design is not a complicated one.

And they also have a more rustic approach to them as well. So if you’d like to keep your rustic design even slightly in your kids’ rooms then this might be a good match for that.

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13. The Doll House Bunk Beds


This is a great design for any little girl. They’d literally feel like they had their own oasis every time they went to bed.

But it is a much more complex design too. So if you are a pro carpenter then your daughter would probably thank you for building her such an awesome bed.

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14. The Full And The Twin Bed


If you have children that have some age difference between them then this could be a great option for that situation.

And the reason is the older could have a larger bed on the bottom. While the younger child has a smaller bed on top. It allows you to have extra space but still in a condensed form.

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15. The Trundle Bed


This would be a good option for guest space if you live in a smaller home or apartment. But I’m not sure how well it would work on a long term basis simply because you sleep so low to the ground.

However, if your back can withstand it then give it a try. That way when you are not using the second bed you simply slide it back under the first.

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16. Super Simple Bunk Beds


This design appears to be very easy to build. You basically just build two rectangles and some supports between them to keep them separated.

However, I will say it might be a little scary to sleep on a bunk bed with no rails. Some may be braver than I am. But I could see me easily rolling off of that in the middle of the night.

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17. The Hidden Oasis


This is another bed that would make you feel like you have your own personal oasis every time you step foot in your bedroom.

And the reason is that the bottom bunk can be hidden with a curtain. So if you desire a little extra privacy then this would be a good option for you.

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18. Camp Style Bunk Beds


These bunk beds remind me of the beds that you see at summer camp. There is room for two children as it is basically two twin beds stacked.

And the ladder is on the foot of the bed. They are very simple but would certainly do the trick for extra sleeping space or if you needed to combine two people to one bedroom.

Build this bunk bed ›

19. The Awesome Bunk Beds


These bunk beds can be described with no less of a word than awesome! They are just really intriguing to look at.

Basically, the top bunk it connected to the wall while the bottom is a separate piece. But the railings remind me of pool noodles. So it is just very fun and modern. Most kids would adore this style.

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20. The Built In Bunk Beds


These bunk beds are really neat for kids as well. If you have a larger closet then you could actually build these smaller bunk beds within the closet.

And this is really cool idea because then your kids would have the whole room left for play space and storage. That would be amazing for most kids.

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21. Triple Bunk Bed


This is another version of a bed mentioned earlier in this post. It would be a great fit for a guest bedroom or for a bedroom with multiple children.

So if you have a need for something like this, it could be a unique way to create a multi-person living space.

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22. Twin Bunks


This is another traditional version of bunk beds. It has the ladder that comes off of the side so it makes climbing easier and safer at times.

And the beds have solid sides with railing which gives comfort to parents of small children. So if you’ve been looking for a traditional style bunk bed then consider this one.

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23. The Full/ Twin Combo


This is another version of a full-sized bed on the bottom of the bunk. And then a twin bed over top of that.

So if you have older kids that would need more space then this could be a good design for that situation as well.

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24. The Castle Bunk Beds


This is another bunk bed that would make most any girl’s day. It is a bed that looks just like a little castle.

And it still sleeps two children which is great for saving space. But most little girls would love bedtime in this bed.

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25. The Jungle Bed


This bed is amazing. It is made to look like you are sleeping in the trees. It would take up a good portion of your child’s room.

But in reality, they’d probably want to play in their bed because who wouldn’t love having an indoor treehouse?

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26. The Three Stacked Bed


So you have three kids that need to share a room. But you don’t really like the idea of one of the beds being off to the side.

And I get that because I could totally see my kids using it as a ninja course or one jumping on top of the other while they sleep. So if you have the same thoughts running through your head then this stackable bunk bed is what you’ve been looking for.

Build this bunk bed ›

27. Another Basic Bunk


These bunk bed plans remind me of the summer camp style of bunk beds. They are just two twin beds stacked on top of each other.

But they do have a ladder that is attached to the bed so as not to take up unnecessary space. So this could be a good solution for a small space.

Build this bunk bed ›

28. Stackable Beds


This is a great option that can change with your children as they grow. You can begin with two toddler beds. Then they can either be transformed into day beds or bunk beds.

And this is nice because your children can get years and years of use out of them. So if you need a bed that will grow with your family then this could be it.

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29. The A-Frame Bunk Bed


This bunk bed is cute as can be. It is two twin beds. But the frame looks as though they are nestled inside of a traditional style house.

So if you’d like a little modern twist on a traditional bunk bed then this could very well be it.

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30. The Stair Step Bunk Beds


I love these bunk beds. And the reason is because there is no ladder. I am a mother, and I constantly worry about my kids falling off of something and getting hurt.

And when your children have bunk beds that doesn’t always mean they’ll slow down to be safe while climbing. Well, with this bed they’ll have a stairwell which will take some worry out of your children sleeping off of the ground.

Build this bunk bed ›

31. Boat Style Bunk Beds


These bunk beds remind me of what you’d see on a boat. They are gorgeously designed.

But what makes them unique is that they have curtains which give each sleeper a little privacy. And if they are being used in a guest bedroom that would be much desired.

Build this bunk bed ›

Well, there you have it for today, guys. I hope if you are on a desperate hunt for the perfect bunk beds that these plans will be of some help to you.

But I want to hear your thoughts. What is your favorite style? And if you have created a different style of bunk bed we’d love to see them.


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