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34 Quick Toy Storage Ideas & Organization Hacks for Your Kids’ Room


If you have kids then you know how easily it is for their ‘stuff’ like toys to take over the whole house. So unless you live in a home with unlimited amount of space, you need to have creative ways to store their ‘stuff.’

But what do you do with it all? And how do you store it in a way that won’t cost a fortune and will still look nice?

Well, that is what I’m going to cover in this post. We will discuss all of the famous ways the internet has birthed new ideas for child ‘stuff’ organization.

Here are some creative ideas to store your kids’ toys and other stuff:

1. Cheap Bath Toys Organizer

Let’s start in the bathroom because we all know this is the birthing place of all kinds of messes. If you find yourself struggling to clean the tub because of all of the toys that are falling all over your head in the process (can you tell I’ve been there?!?), then you need to check out this cheap organizer.

So you need a shower curtain rod, some berry plastic crates, and a zip ties. Then you just connect them to the side of the tub and store all of the stuff that tries to give you a concussion every time you clean the bathtub.

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2. The Cheeseball Nerf Bullet Organizer

I love this idea. The real reason is because my kids are all about Nerf Guns. The downside to that is that they go bananas shooting the thing and then I find Nerf bullets everywhere.

So when I saw this idea, I immediately got happy because it is a simple way to store all of those bullets. The easier the more likely the kids are to actually use it.

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3. 40+ Lego Storage Ideas

This article is an amazing piece of art. She shares over 40 different ideas from across the web on how to store Legos.

Now, if you have children that are all about Lego’s you know how tedious they are to keep up with. So you’ll be glad you came across the storage resource.

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4. The DIY Matchbox Car Garage

This car garage is another ingenious way of organizing small toys. Matchbox cars are something that most little boys absolutely adore, but you run out of room to store all of the little trinkets that boys have a tendency to collect.

Thankfully, this little garage was created. It is DIY so it should be less expensive than some other storage options too.

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5. Chalkboard Dresser

This dresser is really neat. It is a great way to keep your child’s clothing organized and allowing them to help around the house some too.

So there shouldn’t be an issue about where clothes go if the dresser is labeled so beautifully.

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6. Stuffed Animal Toy Storage

This is a really neat idea for the child that loves stuffed animals and for the parent that loves to garden. If you have extra hanging flower baskets, don’t just leave them in storage.

Instead, paint them and hang them from your child’s ceiling. That way it can hold all of their stuffed animals and be easy to utilize and access when it is time to play.

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7. Garden Hanging Baskets for Stuffed Animals

So you have a lot of window type flower boxes, but you aren’t really sure how you will ever use them all?

Well, don’t fear. Instead, bring them indoors and hang them on your child’s wall. It will make a great holder for stuffed animals and other medium sized toys.

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8. The Stuffed Animal Zoo

Can you see the trend here? I live in a household with way too many stuffed animals and no where to store them.

So naturally, I turn to Pinterest where I’ve found cute ideas like this to utilize for stuffed animal storage. Maybe you’ll like this idea as much as I did.

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9. The Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

Most every child would love to have a bean bag, but if you are like me, I can’t allow my kids to have them because they are so rough that they bust them wide open.

Well, that was until I found this idea.  You fill the bean bag with stuffed animals instead of those little foam beads. Then the stuffed animals are stored out of sight while also helping to stuff a bean bag.

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10. The Shoe Organizer Display

I actually use both of these ideas in my children’s rooms. I love the idea of putting stuffed animals in shoe organizers because they are easy to grab and easy to put away.

But I also use the clothes hampers hanging on the wall because they are easy to utilize and easy for clean up as well.

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11. The Magnetic Toy Rack

Do you have a child that loves little matchbox cars? I know my boys do. They have a ton of them and are always playing with them.

But where do you store them when they are done? With a magnetic knife rack you can simply mount them to the wall.

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12. In Wall Toy Drawers

These drawers are actually built into the wall. This solution may not work for everyone, but if you have some bare wall space you could probably replicate it.

So this might require a few carpentry skills, but if you have them (or know someone that does) you could have this masterpiece in your own home.

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13. The Nerf Gun Wall

If you have kids that love Nerf guns, then you’ll love this wall. It is a peg board that has been transformed into a great space to hold Nerf guns and all that comes with them.

So if you need an inexpensive way to store your Nerf guns this could very well be it.

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14. Rain Gutter Book Shelves

I love this idea! This is another kids’ organization hack that I recreated in my own home with my children’s rooms.

So if your kids love books why not make them an inexpensive reading corner? It is simple and pretty inexpensive too.

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15. The Rolling Toy Storage

This storage option is great  because it can fit under a bed or couch. It is a box that is one wheels that would be great to hold small toy cars or trucks.

Plus, it is easy clean up because then you just push it back under the furniture you were originally storing it under.

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16. Barbie Organizer

When I was a little girl, I was queen of the Barbies. I loved them and had most of them. We actually stored them in large storage tubs.

But thanks to this great idea, your child’s Barbie collection can take up even less space. You just place them in a shoe organizer and hang them on a door.

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17. The Covered Kiddie Parking Garage

If you don’t have a garage, then you may not have a great place to store all of your children’s outdoor toys.

Well, look no further than this idea of a DIY garage meant for your child’s outdoor toys. Now your yard can be a little more organized.

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18. Under the Bed Train Table

If your kids love any kind of track play set-up, then you will probably want to check out this neat storage idea.

Basically, it is a rolling surface that has a storage space for cars or trains and then a surface for the tracks.

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19. Indoor Game Organization

This idea was created by a teacher, and she uses it in her classroom for indoor recess. What you do is place card games in plastic containers.

Then you place the label on the top of the container and glue the instructions on the inside of the container. That way none of the boxes or cards get damaged while being stored.

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20. Dress Up Headquarters

If you have kids that love to play dress up, then you might want to give this idea a quick glance.

Basically, you give them a great place to store all of their dress up gear and supplies that they use with the costumes. No more dress up taking over their closet space!

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21. Look What I Made Artwork Showcase

This is a link to where you can buy this rustic design, but you could also make this yourself.

Actually, I hung up different clipboards along the wall of my son’s room so he could easily clip his artwork up and take it down as he wished.

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22. Hanging Bed Organizer

Kids like to take things to bed with them. Sometimes they’ll take books, small toys, and lots of other toys as well.

But when they go to sleep those toys end up in the bed with them, on the floor, or under the bed. Stop the mess by giving them a hanging bed organizer so nothing gets lost at bed time again.

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23. The Clothing Choice Shelves

This is a great way to keep your kids organized throughout the school year. You buy the inexpensive stackable shelves and label them with the days of the week.

Then you pick out their clothes for the week and place them in the drawers for the day they are to be worn. That way kids can just go pull out their clothes for the day.

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24. Game Board Storage Art

Game boards are some of the hardest things to store neatly because they take up so much space. Now you can toss the boxes and frame the boards.

Then you’ll attach the pieces in a baggy to the back of the board. Finally, hang the boards on the wall like a piece of art.

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25. Puzzle Storage

Puzzles are another issue when it comes to keeping your child’s room organized. All of those pieces, and they end up everywhere.

Well, now you can toss them into little plastic containers. Then cut out the picture of what the puzzle is supposed to look like and glue it to the front of the container.

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26. Wire Baskets for Books

If you have a child that loves to read, then you might find it difficult to store them. You can buy some inexpensive wire baskets.

Then hang them on the wall and use them to store the books. That way they aren’t taking up unnecessary floor space.

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27. Shoe Organizer for Board Games

If you have a lot of board games and need an inexpensive storage option, then this could be a great fit for you.

Basically, you just hang the shoe organizer in the closet and out of sight. That way when you want a board game, you just go and pull one out.

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28. The Personalized Mailbox

This mailbox is a great way to help kid's organized and feeling special simultaneously. When kids receive mail or have papers that need to be put away, just drop them in their mailbox.

Also, it is a great way to leave little encouraging notes for them. Plus they have a place to hang their coat and book bag so they can easily grab it on their way out the door.

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29. Magazine Holder for Coloring Books

We have lots of coloring books around my house. I'm kind of an ‘old school' parent so when we go out in public, I give my kids coloring books to entertain themselves instead of electronics.

But that means I need easy storage for these coloring books. Well, thanks to this ingenious idea, coloring books can now be labeled and hung on the wall all with an inexpensive magazine rack.

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30. Hanging Book Display

If you have a reader that is so awesome, but you know that books often cause a lot of clutter. Yet, we hate to discourage our little ones from dragging their favorite books out at bedtime.

Well, thanks to this hanging display, you don't have to worry about the book mess again. This is a great tutorial that shows you how to easily create this hanging display that fits right on the wall next to your child's bed.

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31. The Galvanized Toy Bucket

So you need hidden toy space? I totally get it. You only have so much storage and so much wall space to create excess storage.

Well, now you can create this toy bucket/ seat. There is no tutorial that goes with it, but once you see it, I'm sure you can figure out how to create your own with your own style.

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32. Shoe Organizer as a Craft Organizer

My kids love crafts and as a homeschool family we do lots of them, but I always run into issues with my craft supplies being cluttered. Or it has a way of walking away.

But thanks to this great idea, I hopefully won't have that problem anymore. You just hang up a clear shoe organizer and use the slots for storing your craft supplies. Pretty simple, huh?

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33. Picture Framed Art Work

I really like this look. You hang up a piece of string on the inside of the picture frames. Then use clothes pins to hang up artwork within the picture frame. That way your child can change out their artwork as desired.

I actually liked this over my clipboard idea and might incorporate it in our future home. But it is definitely a neat way to showcase your child's artwork.

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34. The Name Bookshelf

This bookshelf is a great way to add extra storage to your child's room. It would be great for holding books or toys.

However, I love that you could make a bookshelf that would incorporate your child's name. There is no actual tutorial for this, but hopefully you could figure out a game plan from the picture.

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Well, now you have quite a few ideas that will hopefully make organizing your child’s room and toys a little easier.

But I’d love to hear what you think. Which hack is your favorite? Do you have an organization hack that you’d like to share with us? Any other secrets to keeping a child’s room organized?

We love to hear your thoughts. Just leave us your comments in the space provided below.


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