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35 Free DIY Adirondack Chair Plans & Ideas for Relaxing in Your Backyard


Have you ever thought about which type of chair is the best for relaxing? I mean, you work hard all day and when you finally make it to a place to sit down, which type of chair would you most like to sit in?

Well, if you were sitting inside, you'd head for their Lazy Boy.

But outdoors might be a toss-up. I once thought rocking chairs were the best for front porch sitting.

However, I’ve realized now that there is another chair that rivals it for its relaxing tendencies. And it can easily be moved anywhere.

That is the Adirondack chair.

Today, I’m going to give you adirondack chair plans so you can actually build your own. So let’s recap, not only is it comfortable but you can also build it at minimal cost. Does it get any better?

Without further ado, here are the plans for your next relaxation investment.

1. The Lowes Challenge Chair


The author of this blog was actually challenged by Lowe’s to make a beautiful investment in her backyard. She didn’t choose flowers or a gazebo. Instead, she chose to make her very Adirondack chairs.

So if you are wanting to create a nice little space to relax in, this is a good place to start. The plans are free and in an easily printable format. Just imagine, you can watch the sun go down in your backyard in your new homemade, comfortable chair.

Build this chair ›

2. The Wood Worker Chair


I really like this post about building an Adirondack chair. They make it as easy to figure out as possible. Not only do they offer great pictures but a video as well.

So I will be the first to acknowledge that if you are a beginner at carpentry then this project might seem a bit overwhelming. But after looking at these resources you might just get up the gumption to take it on.

Build this chair ›

3. Ana’s Adirondack Chair


Ana’s design for an Adirondack chair is a great one. The reason is because she puts her own spin on the classic design. These look sleek and modern.

And because of this sleeker design, it makes for an easier build. Honestly, if you are a new builder then this would be a great option to start with. Once again, Ana makes something complicated in reach for all of us!

Build this chair ›

4. The $10 Adirondack Chair


This project is getting easier as we go on. This site has broken down building an Adirondack chair into 8 simple steps. Don’t you love that? It seems when things get broken down they just become more bearable.

So if you are on a budget and a new builder then look no further than this option. It appears to meet the need of both of those criteria. Not to mention, it has a more modern design to it as well which is an added bonus for some.

Build this chair ›

5. Traditional Adirondack Chairs


If you are like me then you love the traditional curved look of Adirondack chairs. They just say, “Hello, I am comfortable.” And any area that they are sitting just immediately looks like a great place to plop down with a book and cup of coffee.

So if you desire to have your own personal relaxing oasis in your yard then these plans have just what you’ve been looking for. These chairs could be your next outdoor reading nook.

Build this chair ›

6. The Pallet Wood Chair


Let’s say you are working on a budget of practically $0. And let’s also say you just don’t wish to invest any money into a project for your personal relaxation. I get it. I don’t like having to go buy and invest in projects that I really need around my property. Why buy it when you can make it?

So if you fall into that category then this chair is for you. You build it out of pallets which can be easily found and upcycled at most locally owned businesses. Once you build it that will make this chair that much better to you. Knowing that you have a relaxing oasis for zero cost.

Build this chair ›

7. DIY Beach Chair


This chair looks amazing whether you are at the beach or not. Now, let me start off by saying if you live at the beach full time we are all incredibly jealous of you. Now that we have that settled, if you aren’t fortunate enough to live at the beach year-round, believe me, I feel your pain.

But we can still build this awesome beach chair and pretend like we do. When you sit in it and it has that nifty little drink holder you’ll forget that the bird sounds you are hearing are really chickens and not seagulls. And that you have to make your own ‘wave crashing’ sounds with a water hose.

Build this chair ›

8. Black And Decker Adirondack Chair


Adirondack chair is another traditional style and man is it beautiful. There is something about the sleek curved design of a traditional style Adirondack that makes them gorgeous. And even though they are lower to the ground, they are still somewhere you can fall right into and curve with your body.

So after that leisurely description I hope you won’t settle for another straight back chair. There is no curve hugging going on there. Don’t settle for anything less than relaxing furniture. You work hard so you need to relax hard too. This style of chair and these free plans can help you do that.

Build this chair ›

9. MinWax Adirondack Chair


This chair by Minwax is another in the form of a traditional style Adirondack. It would look great sitting on your patio, porch, or deck. Better yet, toss them out in your yard with a little table in between under a tree and have a perfect shaded spot to enjoy the view of your property.

And even though this design is considered advanced, with a little help, beginners might be able to accomplish this project from these plans as well. So take a chance and try it. You might just end up with a great place to sit at the end of a hard day.

Build this chair ›

10. The Perfect Garden Chair

Adirondack Chair Plans

Do you like to sit out in your garden and just watch it? You can watch how beautiful your plants and flowers grow. You can also watch the butterflies and the cute creatures that scurry through it. It is very relaxing. (If you can’t tell, I do that too.)

But having a great chair to sit in while you enjoy taking in the view of a garden you’ve sweat over profusely is an important part of this process. Well, this chair would be a great option for you to relax in while you bask in the beauty of something you’ve worked so hard on.

Build this chair ›

11. The Cozy Chairs


When you first view the picture of these chairs you automatically have this cozy feeling come over you. I’m able to picture myself sitting around that fire pit in these chairs with blankets sipping on coffee. If you can’t envision that then you are missing out.

But the best part about these chairs is that the vision I have in my head can become a reality with these plans. They are simple to build and can be added as a great touch to any relaxing area with a rustic theme.

Build this chair ›

12. Summer Chairs


Every summer seems to get jammed packed for of plans. Whether it be enjoying multiple vacations or build as many outdoor projects as you can.

So why not add one more set of plans to your summer to-do list? This time, build something for you. A place that will help you relax after working so hard on all of those other tedious chores you have to do.

Build this chair ›

13. 2x4 Adirondack Chairs


Ana has done it again guys! Not only are these chairs easy to build and very inexpensive. They are cute to boot.

So since they are all built from 2x4’s you can imagine how inexpensive of a project this is going to be. But what sells them is how great they can honestly look. And they are inviting too.

Build this chair ›

14. Classic Adirondack Plans

Adirondack chair classic

This chair looks amazing. It appears to be super simple to build yet the style is so inviting. Yet, it has one special feature that just sends it over the top.

So if you are looking for something relaxing, what else would mesh well with this chair? You guessed it, a place to kick up your feet. These plans offer this amazing chair and a killer footstool too.

Build this chair ›

15. Scrap Adirondack Chair


Are you an upcycler? (I think I just made up a word.) But none the less, if you are someone that hates waste well here is one more way to avoid it. This awesome Adirondack chair.

And what better way to use scraps than toward a relaxing place for yourself. Let’s be real, we all deserve a great place to unwind. And this chair just might be the place to do it.

Build this chair ›

16. Easy DIY Adirondack Chairs


These chairs are a little different from the traditional style Adirondack chairs. But don’t let that scare you off. They look great.

But what I love even more is that the plans appear super simple to follow. So if you are looking for a unique twist to Adirondack chairs in your relaxing space (and you need it to be on the simple side to build) then look no further.

Build this chair ›

17. Summertime Relaxing Adirondack Chairs

Summertime relaxing adirondack chair

I love this tutorial. Why? Because he doesn’t just write it. He gives you a video too. And then he doesn’t just give you a video. He gives you a written explanation too. He covered all of the bases.

So if you are a visual person then these plans should be right for you. If you are someone that would rather skip the video and just read it yourself then these plans should suit you too. Either way, you’ll be relaxing in your new Adirondack chair this summer.

Build this chair ›

18. Double Adirondack


I haven’t announced it, but my husband built be an amazing front porch this summer. I’ve got some plastic Adirondack style chairs on it right now because I love the style. In time, I’m hoping to replace them with some wooden ones.

So if you were wondering what I’d like to replace them with exactly, this style of chair would certainly do it. I think the look is classic and amazing. While simultaneously looking extremely inviting and comfortable.

Build this chair ›

19. Pallet Adirondack


You know what I love about building with pallets? Not only are the sturdy and usually free. But they also can be transformed into some really awesome projects (including an Adirondack chair.) The greatest thing is when they are done, they only look rustic and cool. They never come out looking like an old pallet.

Build this chair ›

20. Adirondack Beach Chair


Let me begin this by saying if you have a luxurious in ground (or even above ground) pool, I’m insanely jealous. These southern summers are no joke. And how I would love to have a cold place to escape the heat. And even better if my pool area looked like a hidden oasis.

But if you fall in that category, amp up your private oasis with these beach chairs. They are very appealing to the eye. And seem to fit in any rustic or modern design.

Build this chair ›

21. Redwood Adirondack Chair

Redwood Adirondack

Adirondack chairs are one of those decorative items that can be put just about anywhere. You can place them in your yard, under a tree, on a porch, around a pool deck. Pretty much anywhere. And though they add style they are also very purposeful too.

Well, these chairs are no different. And I love these plans because they are very descriptive and include detailed pictures which makes building them that much easier of a process.

Build this chair ›

22. The BIG Adirondack Chair


Have you ever been to a tourist location, and they have oversized Adirondack chairs meant for tourists to sit and take pictures? The kids usually love them. Every time we go visit my mom, she takes our boys to an orchard with lots of fun slides and my kids refer to it as the ‘vegetable park.’

And my children love to climb up in one of these big Adirondack chairs. If you have kids they might enjoy having one of their own. You might even enjoy having one of your own. So if it strikes your fancy, you can build it courtesy of these plans.

Build this chair ›

23. The Rocking Adirondack


The actual name for this type of chair is a Muskoka rocking chair. Regardless of what you call it, does it not just look wonderful? As if Adirondacks are not comfortable enough, let’s add a rocking feature to it.

And someone did and they deserve our sincere gratitude. So if you want to take your comfortable space to a whole new level then add this chair to it. You’ll rock yourself to sleep just like a baby.

Build this chair ›

24. Traditional Adirondack Chair Plans


These plans are for a traditional Adirondack chair. However, they make the building process so much easier because of how detailed the plans actually are.

So if you’d like a traditional Adirondack chair but are feeling a little unsure then these plans might be the right ones for you.

Build this chair ›

25. Adirondack Loveseat


I love the Adirondack style that gets transformed into other useful furniture. If you’d like to create a complete outdoor living room space then this piece would be great for that.

Or you could also use it by itself as a great little bench around a pond, pool, or just in your yard. Even better, place it in the middle of your flower garden.

Build this chair ›

26. Adirondack Rocker


This rocking chair looks extremely comfortable. I wouldn’t mind having one of these on my new front porch, if I’m honest. It has a big seat that could easily fit one full-sized adult or two small children trying to have fun.

And as you can guess, my kids would be the first ones to climb up in it and rock until their little hearts were content. So if you’d enjoy a good sized rocker with an Adirondack style then you’ll probably love this one.

Build this chair ›

27. Classic Adirondack Chairs


These chairs are pictured as painted white. There is nothing special about their design. And I’d actually put them in the classic category of Adirondack chairs.

But what I love about them is they would fit well into any country, rustic setting. So if you need traditional plans that will help you leave any modern flare behind then these plans are probably the right ones.

Build this chair ›

28. Double Adirondack Chair Plans


If you would like a place where multiple people can sit without having to have multiple chairs then this might be a good fit for that.

So if you like the loveseat look then you’ll probably love this Adirondack chair. Not to mention, it has a classic Adirondack feel to the design as well.

Build this chair ›

29. The Simple Adirondack Chair


These plans are meant to be super simple. So if you are someone that considers themselves inexperienced in the area of carpentry then you might like these plans.

But what makes these plans so simple? Well, they give you an easy design and a detailed materials list as well. They do just about anything they can to make it as easy for you as possible.

Build this chair ›

30. Adirondack Chair And Loveseat


Are you looking for a great set of outdoor furniture? Well, these plans have you covered. If you would like to have an outdoor sitting area then you can with this Adirondack chair and loveseat.

So if you have a great place to relax then create it with these pieces of furniture. You should have ample room for yourself and a few friends.

Build this chair ›

31. DIY Lawn Furniture


Lawn furniture is so costly. My mom just bought me a nice patio set for our back deck. And on sale it still cost hundreds of dollars. But there weren’t but three pieces!

So if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on lawn furniture then try these plans. They have a classic design and look extremely comfortable.

Build this chair ›

32. Adirondack Lawn Chair


Do you like to sunbathe? I like to sit out in the sun every now and then. I’m fair skinned so there isn’t ‘sun bathing’ for me. But I do small increments of ‘sun relaxing.’

Well, whether you are a bather or just a relaxer this chair will work for you. It appears to be very comfortable. And the best part is it is made of wood which means you won’t slip, slide, or stick to it if you use any oils to help you sun bathe.

Build this chair ›

33. Child Size Garden Chair


Is this not the cutest thing? If you have kids then you are probably automatically feeling like they need this in their life. You might not think that kids need a great place to relax, but everyone needs a little relaxation in their day.

So if your kids would like to have a special place to relax in your yard that is just for them then this could be it. If nothing else, it could just be a really cute addition to your outdoor living space.

Build this chair ›

34. The Cape Cod Chair


This chair is something we see around the Cape Cod area. It looks like it should be at the end of a dock overlooking a river or even a pond.

So if you have that perfect pond or river view don’t let it go without this chair. Even if you don’t, you could always make room for a Cape Cod style chair in your outdoor living space.

Build this chair ›

35. Double Adirondack Chair Plans


We’ve seen a couple of these already but these are another option that is rather simple to build. It is for a double Adirondack chair that is great for multiple people to enjoy a relaxing spot around the house.

So if you’d like a space that you can enjoy with friends then try out this double Adirondack chair. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how inviting it will make a space.

Build this chair ›

Well, there you have it, guys. These are 35 options for Adirondack chairs that you can build yourself, save some money, and create an inviting outdoor space around your home.

Which is your favorite Adirondack style chair?


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