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51 DIY Bookshelf Plans & Ideas to Organize Your Precious Books


“Reading a good book is like taking a journey….”-Emma Gulliford

Do you think those words are true? As a homeschool parent I have to say I totally agree with them. The reason is that reading is one of the most important things we can do ourselves and that we can teach our children to do.

If you teach your child to become an avid reader there is literally nothing that they can’t learn. All they have to do is pick up a book and figure it out. The same rings true for us as adults. If we will pick up a book and read, then we are well on our way to completing our goals.

So that is why I’m bringing you a few different bookshelf options. I mean, if you are reading all of these books then you’re going to need a place to store them, right?

Here are the unique DIY bookshelf plans and ideas:

1. Bookshelf Tree

This bookshelf tree is a very unique way for you or your children to store books. They created this with a child in mind obviously.

However, you could paint it a different color with different designs and turn it into something that you could use in a living room, home office, or home library. It doesn’t appear to be a complicated build either.

Build this bookshelf ›

2. Mounted Shelving Unit

I must say that I really like this shelving option. It would work for lots of different things, but books would certainly be one of them.

But I must say that my favorite thing about this shelving unit is the industrial look. It would work well in both modern décor and a more rustic décor as well. Again, the design of these shelves doesn’t appear to be very complicated.

Build this bookshelf ›

3. Knock Down Shelves

If you are someone that needs to be able to move your books when necessary, then this might be a shelving option for you. The person that built this bookshelf needed a way to organize their books but it also to be easy enough to unassembled if/when they had to move.

So they came up with these sturdier knock down shelves that are sturdy enough to hold books when they need them to, but also easy enough to take down when it’s time to pack up for a move. This might be a good option for a dorm room or something along those lines.

Build this bookshelf ›

4. DIY Bookcase

I love the look of this home library. It appears super simple to build. Basically, she used wood supports for the shelves and then placed the shelving. It gives it a neat modern look while not being too complicated to put together.

So if you are in the market for a DIY idea that is simple and shouldn’t cost much, then you’ll want to check out this tutorial. She includes lots of pictures and detailed instructions to help you along with the process.

Build this bookshelf ›

5. Life with Fingerprints Bookshelf

If you have children, then you are probably going to love this bookshelf. The reason is that it can hang on a wall so it won’t take up much needed space.

But I also love the fact that it has the railing in the front so the books won’t fall everywhere. This is great for smaller kids or kids that are in a hurry because then the books still end up where they should go instead of on the floor next to the bookshelf.

Build this bookshelf ›

6. Ironbound Bookcase

This bookcase looks professional. It requires only a few materials, but it does require the use of some larger tools.

Therefore, I would say if you don’t have a ton of building experience enlist the help of someone that does just for the factor of safety. But the tutorial is very thorough so it makes a great guide in building this project.

Build this bookshelf ›

7. DIY Kentwood Bookcase

This bookshelf is by Shanty2Chic (though it’s being featured on Ana White.) I love most any project they do. So why would this bookshelf be any different? It is a beautiful wooden bookcase that would be great for holding trinkets or books.

With that in mind, the tutorial is great and very thorough. Plus, you are provided with a handy shopping list that makes the job that much easier. So if you’d like a rustic looking bookcase with a great tutorial, then you’ll want to check this one out.

Build this bookshelf ›

8. Twin Storage Headboard Base Plans

We live in a pretty adequate size home for the amount of people we have living here. Yet, I still find myself looking for ways to create new storage ideas because though I pair down regularly, three kids just have a way of adding ‘stuff’ to the household.

So that is why I love this headboard. It is a great way for children to display their ‘stuff’ without it being everywhere! Plus, it looks really awesome too. The tutorial is thorough and it appears to be a very sturdy headboard as well.

Build this bookshelf ›

9. Contemporary Bookcase

This bookcase would be a great way to keep your books organized without making them an eyesore. It would work well sitting around the house, or even for organizing a child’s trinkets.

But what I love the most about this bookcase is the tutorial. The pictures are great and very detailed. Plus, the actual instructions are pretty easy to follow too.

Build this bookshelf ›

10. The Classic Bookcase

This bookcase reminds me of a classic style bookcase. I love it because that means it would work in just about any home. I also love how big this bookcase is.

So if you are someone that needs of lots of book storage because maybe you still prefer to buy hardback books over digital copies, then you might want to consider this bookcase. The tutorial is thorough, and they also include a video to help you too.

Build this bookshelf ›

11. The Six Cube Bookshelf

This bookshelf is an absolutely beautiful design. It is a little different from some of the other bookshelves because it is designed to have baskets that fit inside the sections. This is great for organizing your front foyer or your child’s room.

But if you wanted to use it strictly for books it would well with that too. The books that have pretty spines, you can line those up in the shelves. The ones that you’ve read over and over again, and they’ve reached the ugly worn out stage just place them inside the totes so you can still enjoy them but no one has to see how beat up they are.

Build this bookshelf ›

12. Industrial Bookcase

This is another bookshelf option that has the industrial flare to it. If you liked the industrial bookcase mentioned above but thought it was a little big for the amount of space you have for a bookshelf, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

I say that because it has the same type of theme while not being quite as large. For people that would like to place their books in a small living room or home office this option might be a great fit.

Build this bookshelf ›

13. Henry Bookshelf

I’m in love with this bookshelf. It looks like a country classic. I also love the fact that it has plenty of room for anything.

So whether you need a bookshelf to show off some of your smaller decorative items, or if you need a bookshelf to actually store books you’ll probably want to check out this tutorial.

Build this bookshelf ›

14. The Floating Bookshelf

I really like the design of this bookshelf. It reminds me of the children’s bookshelf I showed earlier in this post. It is great because it hangs on a wall and takes up very little space. If you have a smaller home office, then this is an important option to take into consideration.

Plus, I love how thorough the tutorial is. I’m actually working on designing my home office right now, and I think this bookshelf would make a great addition.

Build this bookshelf ›

15. The Simple Bookcase Plan

Bookshelves that are big or hang on a wall are great for some people. While other people just want a plain old bookcase that will be sturdy enough to do the job of holding heavy loads of books.

Well, look no further than this bookshelf design. It is as simple as they get. Plus, they use solid wood so one can only imagine that it would have to be a sturdy option.

Build this bookshelf ›

16. The Ladder Bookshelf

This bookshelf is amazing! I love how rustic it looks and that they upcycled an older item to make it something new and useful.

However, if you read on in the post, they also give you a way to modify it so you can have a desk in between two of these bookshelves. That would make an awesome desk!

Build this bookshelf ›

17. The Boat Bookshelf

Do you live near a lake, have a lake house, or just someone that loves being out on the water? If so, then this bookshelf could be for you. The tutorial is very thorough, and the end product is gorgeous.

So if you would like a unique way to display items or store your books, then give this bookshelf design some thought.

Build this bookshelf.

18. The Plumbing Shelving Unit

This shelving unit is another industrial themed bookshelf. It can be used for lots of different things but books would certainly work here.

Also, you’ll need to consider how much space this shelving unit will take up. If you need a large unit, then this would work very well most likely. But if you have a smaller space, then you might want to take the size into consideration. Though you could probably rework it to make it smaller.

Build this bookshelf ›

19. Unique Table Bookshelf

I really like this idea. It is a great way to create a unique coffee table while also having your books easily accessible on days where you simply want to lounge.

So if you would like to have your books at an arm’s reach, then you might want to consider this cool table. Plus, it is on wheels so you can move it anywhere you are.

Build this bookshelf ›

20. The Super Simple DIY Bookshelf

Have you seen those unfinished wood crates? They are everywhere it seems. You can find them online or even at local general merchandising stores.

So why not put them to good use as a bookshelf? It is really easy to just stack them up and have your bookshelf in minutes. You could also paint them to make them fit in with any theme you may have going on.

Build this bookshelf ›

21. From Kitchen Cabinets to a Bookcase

Are you remodeling your kitchen? Or maybe you came across a great bunch of kitchen cabinets that someone had set out for the trash? But you don’t know what to do with your old set of cabinets.

Well, then you need to check out this bookcase idea. She uses the kitchen cabinets as a base for the bookcase and builds shelving up around it. It is very creative and quite beautiful.

Build this bookshelf.

22. DIY Bookshelf

Are you nervous about taking on a building project? Maybe you don’t have the most experience building your own items.

Well, don’t worry. This project appears to be very easy to throw together and also a great place for beginners to start. So give this tutorial a glance and see if it is something you’d be willing to take on.

Build this bookshelf ›

23. The Salvaged Drawers Bookcase

I’ve learned over the years of remodeling our home and building a homestead that you never throw anything unless it is damaged beyond repair. This bookcase is a great example as to why I feel that way.

So if you have old drawers that you don’t think you could use for anything, check out this tutorial. You basically stack them together and voila! You have a really awesome looking (and functional) bookcase.

Build this bookshelf ›

24. The Anthro Bookcase

This bookcase was inspired by a store bought bookcase that cost way too much in the author’s opinion. So instead of giving up on the idea of ever having the bookcase, she built her own.

As you can see, the bookcase looks pretty simple to build. It doesn’t hold a ton of books so it might be a good option if you want to keep your favorites sitting out on a table somewhere.

Build this bookshelf ›

25. Cute and Cheap Bookshelves

A few post back, I shared how those craft or unfinished crates can be found in a lot of different locations. Well, here is a great example as to why. The author took a couple of those crates and cut them in half.

Then she painted them and hung them on the wall. It became a great way to hold books, create organization, and all while not taking up hardly any space.

Build this bookshelf ›

26.  The Dresser Bookshelf

I love the idea of this bookshelf. It would work great in a child or adult’s bedroom. I love the fact that it has a two for one purpose.

So you can use a dresser that you are already using to store clothes. Then add little shelving areas on the outside to hold smaller books. If you have larger books, then create deeper shelves.

Build this bookshelf.

27. The Stylish and Easy to Make Bookshelf

This bookshelf is meant to appear futuristic and like it is coming out of the wall. It has lots of modern curve to it as well.

So if you are someone that is looking for a large but more modern bookshelf, then this might deserve your attention.

Build this bookshelf ›

28. The Secret Door Bookcase

Have you ever seen those book cases in the movies or on Scooby Doo, that you could pull open and then there would be a secrete passage? Aren’t those the coolest?

Well, thanks to this tutorial you could have on in your own home. So not only would you have ample book storage, but you could also have your secret hide out right in plain view.

Build this bookshelf ›

29. ‘Knot’ Your Typical Shelf

This shelf has a nautical theme to it because of the way it is held on the wall with the rope. I like the look personally and think it adds a splash of character in a subtle way.

Also, it would make a nice shelf to house books and other trinkets that you need displayed in an organized way.

Build this bookshelf ›

30. The Custom Kitchen Bookcase

I love the style of this bookcase. It is built into the kitchen island which is convenient for keeping items like cook books.

However, I love that doesn’t really have to take up much more space than what a typical kitchen island would. So if you are short on space, then you might want to consider tucking your bookshelf away in plain sight.

Build this bookshelf ›

31. Built in Corner Bookshelves

I love built in bookshelves. I think it adds a lot of charm to a room while also providing a lot of storage space.

And you know if you keep house for very long that you’ll end up with more decorative items than you’ll know what to do with. These built in shelves could help you with that.

Build this bookshelf ›

32. The $60 Bookshelves

This is quite the steal! Did you ever imagine that you could build 7 foot tall bookshelves for only $60? Well, according to this site, it might be a possibility. Granted, your supplies’ cost may vary a little.

However, these bookshelves are large and beautiful. They would make a great addition to most any home.

Build this bookshelf.

33. Built-in Book Cases

I love these book cases. They remind me of a childhood friend of mine. Her house was beautiful, and they had large built in book cases that surrounded their fireplace.

So in my opinion, this is a gorgeous storage solution for books or anything else that you’d use these book cases for.

Build this bookshelf.

34. The Classic Walnut Book Case

This classic style book case is one that has proven itself functional for as long as most anyone can remember. It is one of the traditional styles of book cases.

So if you are looking for a traditional book case that is absolutely gorgeous, then give this design a glance.

Build this bookshelf ›

35. Large Cubby Bookshelf

Cubby bookshelves are great for a little different areas of the home or office. They make great places to store decorative treasures in your entry way at your home.

Plus, you could also use them in your home office or another type of office space to store books, files, or anything else you desired.

Build this bookshelf ›

36. The IKEA Hack

Okay, everybody get ready for a huge ‘gasp.’ My daily confession is that I have never been to an IKEA store! I know, I’m living under a rock or something, right?

Well, after seeing this bookshelf, it's making me really want to drive the hours and hours that it takes to get to the nearest IKEA store. The way they were able to take this piece of furniture and make it a dual function piece of furniture is really creative.

Build this bookshelf ›

37.  The Tetris Book Shelf

Do you all remember that awesome game called Tetris? I was never really good at it, but my husband was a complete Rockstar!

But I digress, if you remember that game and loved it, then you’ll probably love this bookshelf as it appears to be inspired by it.

Build this bookshelf.

38. DIY Built in Book Case Tutorial

This tutorial is really great in my opinion. She gives great detail and includes tons of pictures for those of us that love visuals.

However, what is ultimately the icing on the cake is the fact that these bookshelves are absolutely beautiful and functional too.

Build this bookshelf ›

39. The Hanging Book Display

This would be a great idea for small children or someone that has a harder time getting in and out of the bed.

So I love this because it makes reading at night so easy. Plus, the tutorial appears rather straight forward with nothing overly complicated about building this.

Build this bookshelf ›

40. Rain Gutter Bookshelves

I love these bookshelves. I actually have them in two of my children’s rooms. They work wonderfully and are super easy to install.

And I can take it one step further, I actually used this exact tutorial when putting them up in our boys’ rooms. So if I can do this project, I’d say it’s safe to say that most other people can too.

Build this bookshelf ›

41. The Low-Waste Bookshelf

If you are a minimalist type of person, then you are probably going to love this bookshelf. The reason is that they claim it has only around 1% waste in the whole project.

Plus, it requires very few tools and should only cost your around $60. Granted, the price of supplies could have increased since this post.

Build this bookshelf ›

42. Wall to Wall Book Case and Desk

Wow! That is all I can say at the sight of this beautiful bookshelf and desk combo. For a writer, this desk looks like a dream workspace.

However, the tutorial also seems to make this project seem a little more realistic. They give you lots of instructions and also great visuals too.

Build this bookshelf ›

43. Recycled Leather and Wood Shelf

If you like hanging shelves, then you’ll certainly want to give this shelf a glance. It is very unique in comparison to a lot of other hanging shelves.

So I think what stands out most is the leather straps that hold this beautiful shelf up. It would definitely give you a unique feel for any area it is hanging in.

Build this bookshelf ›

44. The DIY Book Case

This book case is another built in option. It is absolutely stunning. If you read the tutorial you will see that because of how hectic the author’s life had been (I can totally relate! Can you?) it took her years to complete this project.

However, I think she did a great job at putting a tutorial together for her readers. And after seeing how beautiful it turned out, I’d say it was worth the wait.

Build this bookshelf ›

45. The Inverted Book Shelf

This is a really cool idea. I’m not sure how well it would work for you if you have a ton of books that need to be stored.

But if you have only a few, then I would definitely say to go for this bookshelf and be sure to show it off. It will be a conversation piece for sure.

Build this bookshelf ›

46. Skateboard Bookshelf

I like this bookshelf. I think it would be a great addition to a teenager’s room. They would surely enjoy showing off their stuff in this unique way.

Plus, the tutorial is also pretty thorough. So that should make building this shelf a little less complicated.

Build this bookshelf ›

47. Invisible Book Shelf

This book shelf is absolutely amazing. It literally looks like the books are hanging all by themselves. But when you read on you see the trick.

So the bottom book is actually the shelf itself. It is just held in place with brackets. Then you stack other books on top of it. Again, it would be a neat conversation piece but not very good for a large number of books.

Build this bookshelf.

48. Nautilus Book Shelf

This book shelf is extremely interesting to look at. It also appears to hold quite a few books which is why a lot of people need a larger bookshelf.

And I think it would be safe to say, that if new to carpentry you would probably need to enlist a little help, but the tutorial is thorough.

Build this bookshelf.

49. The Book Shelf Chair

I could imagine curling up in this chair with a favorite book and being able to spend a good part of the day.

So what more could you ask for? A chair that you can sit in and it will hold your books for you simultaneously.

Build this bookshelf ›

50. Rope Bridge Bookshelf

I think this bookshelf would be a nice addition near your bed to hold your favorite book (or the book you are reading at the time.)

However, though this is a really cool conversation piece of a bookshelf, I’m not sure it would be functional to hold a variety of books. But if you just want a cool bookshelf to hold a few books, then this could certainly be what you’ve been looking for.

Build this bookshelf ›

51. Tree Bookshelf

This bookshelf is really neat. It looks like it could hold quite a few different books. But an added bonus to this project is that even though it looks complicated, it apparently isn’t.

So after looking over the shopping list, it appears very few materials are even needed to make this masterpiece of a bookshelf. With the unique design and the simplistic build, you’ll probably want to check this one out.

Build this bookshelf.

Well, I hope that those of you that either needed a bookshelf for storage of trinkets, or fellow book worms (like myself) that need plenty of storage for their reading material were able to find something that inspired you.

But I want to hear your thoughts. What is the best way that you have found to store your books? Is there a particular style of bookshelf that works best?


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