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29 Space-Efficient Bathroom Storage Ideas that Look Beautiful

29 Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

Most people don't have large bathroom space because. It makes sense, why would you want to use plenty of space for a room that is only used for less than an hour a day anyway? But because of this, we put things everywhere and the nice small space become a messy place. If that sounds like you, worry not. We have 29 bathroom storage ideas that will transform your messy bathroom into a space-efficient room that looks neat and beautiful.


Via HomeDepot

When reorganizing, how about recycling instead of buying? This recycled Crate Cabinet is absolutely fab if you want to have more storage and have that rustic vibe at the same time.


Via LoveChicLiving

You can also upcycle that unused ladder on your garage and turn it into a gorgeous shelf.


Via H2DesignBuild

Give your bathroom a vintage look by repainting your old cabinet and reuse it as a storage for your towels and other toiletries.


Via DanazDecorHomes

You can even utilize a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to put all your toiletries and even a place for your laundry.


Via NextHomeStyle

How about use baskets to organize your things? Like these cute baskets redesigned with some cute ribbons.


Via HomeBNC

This is a cute and rustic look to have in your bathroom. Get those old rusty looking baskets out of your basement and recycle it into a tub-side shelf to store toiletries and even some magazine to read while relaxing on the tub!


Via Pinterest

You can even utilize the space between your mirror and the wall, all you need is a little bit of muscle to do it.


Via LivingLocurto

You can't even remember how much of a clutter what under your sink looks like if you'll have this as an inspiration for what is under your sink.


Via GoodHouseKeeping

You can even consider using stack bins if you want to organize. It's much cheaper!


Via OrganizedByO'dell

Declutter whatever is under your sink so you can have an additional cabinet space by using a sliding shelf, it's even easy to get your stuff using it.


Via TheSummeryUmbrella

Your drawers are also essential in keeping your sink clutter-free. But is your drawer even clutter-free? Try using those cheap plastic baskets that could fit in your drawer and organize all your stuff.


Via BedBathAndBeyond

For all the women (or even men!) out there who uses their blower or flat iron everyday, use a hanging caddy over the door or anywhere to keep it organized and to keep those wires safe.


Via ItsyBitsAndPieces

But if you want some DIY project for you vanity mirror, how about using this as an inspiration? You just need a few blocks of wood and nail. TA-DA! A great way to see all your things organized and keep everything in one place.


Via AliExpress

Or if you want something that can be placed on top of your table or sink, this rotating organizer. You can even place those small trinkets here if you want to keep them. It even has a place for your make-up brushes.


Via Pinterest

Mason jars are still really handy in organizing your things. You can do a little DIY project with it and place it wherever you want. Just like this one. It even gives an illusion of a floating storage.


Via Buzzfeed

If you're a make-up junkie, we all know how important make-up is right? And we don't want to lose any of it, specially your favorite mascara or eyeliner. Make yourself a magnetic board for them!


Via DigsDigs

If you are a bathtub person, we all know how relaxing it is to just sit there and let time pass. How about use a glass side table to put all your stuff so it's a just a feet away.


Via Shelterness

Or maybe even put all you bathtub essentials in your tub. Seems possible but with a little bit of inspiration with this image, you can't even imagine going out of your tub anymore.


Via BetterHomesAndGardens

But if you prefer having a peaceful shower, hang all your shower essentials. Just by using some rod and clip, you have an instant storage for your things.


Via Macgyverisms

Or use those rods to put a caddy over your shower to store even more things.


Via ADesignerLife

Here is a stylish way to store all your toilet paper on your wall. It even looks like a fluff of cloud in your bathroom.


Via HomeTalk

You have some extra shelf sitting on your basement? Turn those upside-down and with a little bit help of paint, you'll have a pretty and a brand new shelf in a few minutes.


Via HouseOfRoseBlog

Utilize those corners to give your bathroom some attitude.


Via Pinterest

Of course, the hooks never goes out of style. They are always useful inside the bathroom. Just update the way you style them.


Via AmberOliver

Or even use a wine rack to store your towels. It will make your bathroom look fancy and sophisticated.


Via Pinterest

Floating shelves are always the way to go to have your bathroom a clean and sleek look. It can also be installed in any part of the bathroom.


Via Pinterest

Let's not forget to also organize where to put your dirty clothes before giving yourself a refreshing bath. How about styling them this way? This is even a great way to hide them.


Via MarthaStewart

Use the back of your door as a towel rack if you don't have enough space in your bathroom.


Via KylieMInteriors

If you have some space left before touching the wall, use it!


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