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37 Free DIY Bat House Plans that Will Attract the Natural Pest Control (and Save Their Lives)

37 Free DIY Bat House and Bat Box Plans

Are you a fan of bats? It isn’t surprising that a lot of people aren’t. It's because they have the reputation of being a pest to our garden by eating fruits. Few of them are even dangerous to human because they can bring undetectable rabies.

But most of the times, that's not true.

If they're not living inside your house, bats can be beneficial for you and your garden. You see, there's a reason why bats are natural pest control; they eat bugs. And no, bats in the US (and other big countries) don't eat fruits.

This means if you have bats, you might as well pest-free and mosquito-free.

But there's one more thing, and this is more important:

Their natural habitats are being damaged, and they're reduced in number. Even worse, bats only have one pup per year. These make it harder for these little creatures to keep bouncing back in numbers.

Which is where we come in.

You can actually build bats a house on your property. It's easy. You don’t have to do anything besides hang it up and leave it alone. This is how you are doing your part to help these little insect eaters to stay alive and thrive. And in return, you don’t have to use as many pesticides.

Now, I call that a win-win situation.

(That said, bats are not a good roomies. If you have one inside the house, call a professional​ to get rid of them)

Here are 37 DIY bat house plans to help you get started: ​

1. The Pallet Bat Box


This bat box is made from reclaimed pallet wood. If you have any small business around you or even a business that gets a lot of freight delivered, then you can probably go and collect pallets from them.

So when you do, you can come home and build this simple little bat box. That way a female bat can raise her pup in it that year. Plus, help to keep bugs out of your garden.

Build this bat house ›

2. The Basic Bat House


This little bat house is built out of cedar fence boards. Bat houses don’t have to be very large so they don’t require a lot of materials.

However, this site gives you a detailed materials list and also a detailed look at how to successfully construct one. So if you are interested in helping the bats, then check this site out for a few building pointers.

Build this bat house ›

3. The Garden Bat Box


You may not be aware, but if you have a healthy garden it might be because you have bats present. So why not create these helpful little creatures a space in your garden to keep encouraging them to eat the insects?

Well, if you decide to then you might want to consider this bat box. The site says it can house up to 50 bats. That would sure make for one healthy garden.

Build this bat house ›

4. The 4-Step Bat House


This bat house looks really nice. It is solid wood so it doesn’t have to stand out as a ‘bat house’ unless you really wanted it to.

Plus, it is pretty simple to build, and they give you lots of pictures to help you along you way. So if you need something simple but functional then consider this bat house design.

Build this bat house ›

5. The 12-Step Bat House


This bat house is a little more detailed than some others I’ve mentioned so far. The reason is that the writer says that bats are extremely particular about where they will live.

So this bat house includes netting and a few other special features. Plus, they also attach this house to the side of a building and paint it so it will blend in. Even though this bat house is a little fancier, it still won’t stick out as a ‘bat house.’

Build this bat house ›

6. The Batman Bat House


This is a very basic bat house. However, they gave it a little extra oomph by adding the Batman symbol to it. It gives away what this little house is for in a subtle way.

So if you need something simple to encourage bats to hang around your property then consider this design. You too could add a subtle way to let those around you know that you are trying to help save the bats.

Build this bat house ›

7. The Bat House Guide


You may be like I was up until a short time ago, and not know that people actually encourage bats to hang around their property. I mean, I thought they were tiny creatures that passed around a lot of nasty diseases.

So you can imagine my shock when I found out that they were actually a gardener’s friend. And that they were struggling to find homes to raise their single baby every year. It tore my heart out. So if you want to be a friend to the bats then this guide will try to help you learn all you need to know about building a bat house.

Build this bat house ›

8. Nananananananana-Bat-Box


I love this mounted bat box. It is so simple in appearance and so subtle too. If you weren’t familiar with bat houses (or bat boxes) you’d never really know what you were looking at. I would’ve honestly thought it was some flat style birdhouse.

But it isn’t and it is supposed to be a great design to welcome bats to your yard. So if you want something simple to try and create a welcoming home for the bats then consider this design.

Build this bat house ›

9. The Batman Logo Bat Box


If you are going to create a home for bats on your property, then you might as well have fun with it. Which is exactly what the creator of this bat box did. They made the typical flat box for bats, but they made the rest of the box look like the Batman logo.

So if you want something on the fun side when creating your own bat house, then check this design out. It is sure to catch the eyes of any visitors you have around your home. Then you could use the opportunity to share all of the wonderful things you’ve learned about bats.

Build this bat house ›

10. The Bat Nest


The creator of this bat nest put some serious thought into the design. They wanted it to be cheap to build and lightweight too.

Plus, they wanted the box to stay really dark (as that is a bat’s preference), and they also wanted it to have a wire floor so the bat can climb her way to a comfortable position inside of the box. It is very clever and one that seems functional.

Build this bat house ›

11. The Re-do Bat House


This bat house was a do-over for the author of this post. They had built one many years ago but over time it had simply fallen apart.

So they found a book with many plans in it and built one of them. They give you a detailed materials list, pictures, and even a video to help you along with this build. So if you want to follow a tutorial by someone who has a little experience, then check this design out.

Build this bat house ›

12. The Super Simple Bat House


This bat house looks like a modified version of a mailbox to me. Which means it wouldn’t stick out very much to the average joe. They would probably just think you weren’t sure where to put a mailbox.

However, even though this bat house doesn’t stand out, it certainly appears to do the job for bats. This tutorial is very detailed between information, instructions, and a video. The tools the site gives should help make this build a little easier.

Build this bat house ›

13. The Bat House Builder’s Handbook


Are you really into bats? Or do you really want to be into bats? What better way than to build them their own home around your house?

So if this fits your mindset then check out this handbook. They give you lots of details to help you build the perfect bat house. Then you can observe bats (from a distance) by just stepping out of your home.

Build this bat house ›

14. The Pretty Bat House


I’ve shown you some bat houses so far that obviously play on the fact that it is for bats (i.e. Batman symbols.) But what about people that just want a simple yet pretty bat house?

Well, this bat house could be it. It looks very simple to build as it is just a flat bird house. However, a nice little detail is added to the outside of the bat house to make it stand out a little.

Build this bat house ›

15. The Birdhouse Look-Alike Bat House


This bat house looks very similar to a modern bird house. It lays flat against a building or tree and shouldn’t take up much space at all.

But what I love about this bat house is that it appears to be super simple to build. The site gives you a detailed materials list plus great instructions on actually building this birdhouse look alike.

Build this bat house ›

16. The Easy Bat House


This bat house looks so easy to build. The site did a great job at explaining the build and also providing great pictures to help you along on this project as well.

So if you want a classic bat house that you can also add some fun too (like they did with the bat logo) then this could very well be the design for you.

Build this bat house ›

17. The Multi-Method Bat House


This bat house is just your basic bat house design. Yet, the site gives you multiple methods for building it.

So if you want a detailed outline on how to build a bat house then you’ll probably find this tutorial very helpful in your build.

Build this bat house ›

18. The Backyard Habitat

The whole purpose of a bat house is to provide a habitat for them in your backyard. This is really important as their natural habitats are being destroyed more and more as we build our cities.

So if you want to help your insect-eating friends out, then build them a bat house like this one. It will be cozy for them and help them to increase their numbers again.

Build this bat house ›

19. The Bat Sanctuary

This bat sanctuary looks like a pretty comfy home for a bat. The plans are very detailed and should be pretty easy to figure out, especially for someone with carpentry skills.

So if you’d like to attract bats to your home then build them this sanctuary and hopefully, they will come.

Build this bat house ›

20. Small Economy Bat House

This is another bat house that comes with very detailed building plans. They definitely make building this little creation much easier.

Plus, you also get a detailed materials list. So there is next to no guess work when building this little house.

Build this bat house ›

21. The Basic Bat House


In case you haven’t noticed by now, most bat houses appear pretty close to another. Yet, there are different building tutorials depending upon your skill level.

And this site is one that is very detailed in helping you with the build. It gives you time frames, materials lists, and pictures. Even more interesting, they share some interesting facts about bats as well.

Build this bat house ›

22. Bat Box Information Pack

This is a very interesting resource. If you are new to the idea of building a bat house then you will probably want to check this out.

I say this because it offers lots of information and things to consider when building a bat house. Plus it offers a few design plans as well.

Build this bat house ›

23. The Two Chamber Rocket Box


Let’s say you’ve looked at all of these bat houses, and you still haven’t found one that really struck a chord with you.

Well, then look no further than this one. It is totally different, has two chambers, and looks different from the outside as well. Give it a peek and see what you think.

Build this bat house ›

24. The Four Chamber Nursery

This is the basic design of most bat boxes shown. It gives your bats four separate areas to live in and basically serves as a place for female bats to raise their babies in safety.

So if you like the flatter design of a bat house then check into these detailed plans. They might be just what you need to complete this job successfully.

Build this bat house ›

25. The Yukon Bat House

This is another flat design of a bat house. It is a good selection if you don’t want people around you to panic because you are trying to provide a safe habitat for bats.

Unfortunately, bats have a bad reputation. However, they serve an important purpose. Just remember to never handle bats on your own. You need someone that has been trained to handle wild life.

Build this bat house ›

26. DIY Bat House Plans

These bat house plans are very informative. If you are a skilled carpenter, then you will really appreciate them.

However, if you are someone like me that is more visual they should be helpful to you as well. So take a look at these plans and see if it is the design you were hoping for.

Build this bat house ›

27. The Bat House ‘How-To’

This is a great resource for someone that is a beginner in building anything but especially bat houses. It offers detailed instructions and pictures that help too.

So whether you are a visual learner or not, this could be viewed as a very helpful resource to build a traditional bat house.

Build this bat house ›

28. The Small Bat House

Let’s be real for a second. Most bat houses are on the small side because bats are not large creatures.

However, this one is a little smaller than most according to the site. So if you want a bat house that can be easily hidden away in a tree to hopefully give the bats more privacy, then these plans could be what you’ve been looking for.

Build this bat house ›

29. Beginner’s Bat House

Are you new to building? Maybe you want to do this project to help the environment? Or maybe you think it would be a fun craft to do with the kids?

Whatever your reason, these plans could be a good place to start because they were designed with new builders in mind.

Build this bat house ›

30. Triple Chambered Bat House

This bat house is another flat design that resembles a modern bird house. Yet, this house has three chambers for bats to live.

So if you want to make room for multiple bat families then this could be a good design for that purpose.

Build this bat house ›

31. Rocket Box Bat House


These plans might be better suited for someone experienced in building things. I say that because though there are building instructions, they aren’t very detailed.

However, you did get a great picture of what the bat house is supposed to look like. So if you think you can go off of a few instructions and a general picture then this could be a good design for your bat house.

Build this bat house ›

32. Two Chamber Rocket Box

This is another two chamber design. This style of bat house really stands out as to what it is.

However, it is smaller and more narrow so it can be stood on a pole so you don’t have to worry about climbing into a tree to hang it. So if you don’t have a good tree to place a bat box in, then you might prefer something along the lines of this design.

Build this bat house ›

33. The Floridian Bat House

Do you live in Florida? Well, if so, then this could be a great resource and great design for your bat house.

See, this resource is about building the best bat house in Florida. It is a four chamber nursery and according to this site, is a great choice for Floridians.

Build this bat house ›

34. The Bat Box on a Pole

This bat house is another flat style that reminds me of a modern bird house. But there is something that makes this particular bat box stand out to me. It is on a pole.

And not everyone has large trees that they can place their bat box in. So if you want a flatter bat house but want it on a pole instead of in a tree, then you might want to check out this site for some ideas on how to accomplish that successfully.

Build this bat house ›

35. The Bat Resource With Plans


Are you new to the idea of building a bat house? Well, if so, then you might want to check out this resource.

It has lots of great information for homeowners on bats and their habits. Plus, it gives you a great plan for a bat house towards the bottom.

Build this bat house ›

36. The Pole Bat Box

This is another bat box that is on a pole. It is flat so it might take up more room than the rocket style.

However, it also means that there is more room for more bats. So if you have a desire to save the bats then you might actually prefer this style of bat box over the smaller options.

Build this bat house ›

37. Single Chamber Mounted Bat House

This style of bat house is only a single chamber. But that’s okay. It can still be used to help a bat family raise their young pup.

However, this bat house is designed to be mounted on a tree. So you might want to make sure you have a good spot for it before you actually build it.

Build this bat house ›

So those are the bat house designs we have for you. Hopefully, you found one that will work for your property.

But we’d love to hear from you. Do you have a bat house? What has been your experience with it? How do you actually get bats to use your bat house?

Please leave your comments in the designated space provided.


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