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28 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Homesteaders in Your Life


Do you have a homesteader in your life? Are you struggling to find the right gift for them this holiday season? Well, don’t worry. You might be surprised to find that modern homesteaders are actually some of the easiest people to shop for.

Plus, most items a homesteader wants are easy to fit into a tight budget.

So if you need some magnificent gift ideas, then read on. Also, we have provided some affiliate links where each item can be purchased. We really appreciate your support!

Here are our homesteading gift ideas:

1. Items for an Active Kitchen


If you are a homesteader then you have a very busy kitchen. Whether it be canning, cooking, or processing food.

So giving a canner, canning supplies, dishes, cookware, or even stoneware would be an amazing gift. All of these items would be a great addition to a homestead kitchen.

2. Milking Pail


If your homesteader raises their own dairy, then they could always use a good milking pail. A milking pail comes in handy whether you raise cows for milk or smaller dairy animals, like goats.

Plus, having a good milking pail helps a lot with keeping your milk sanitary. Who knew one little pail could be such a great gift? But it certainly can be.

Buy a milking pail.

3. Soaps and Lotions


Homesteaders love to get smell good stuff just as much as the next person. Soap is great for cleaning up after a long day.

Also, lotion is great to help with dry, cracked hands. So if you are looking for a functional gift this is definitely one of them.

Buy these gifts.

4. Fermenting Kit


Fermenting your own food is something that many people do today. The reason is because it helps support better gut health, and you can have delicious food without spending a lot of money.

So with all of that in mind, a fermenting kit is a great gift. It is also rather inexpensive as well, which is another added bonus.

Buy this gift.

5. Fruit and Nut Trees


Fruit trees are an investment. They take about 5 years for you to begin to see some type of harvest, usually. They are also on the expensive side because it takes quite a few of them to have a good looking orchard.

Also, nut trees aren’t that different. They take a lot longer than fruit trees to begin to see production. However, they add value to your property and are a great addition. So getting them for a loved one who owns a homestead would be an investment towards their dream.

6. Rain Collection System


We have had a dry fall so far this year. Let me tell you, I have felt it. The reason is because we water our plants and animals with rain water that we have collected.

So when the rain stopped our barrels began drying out. However, I can’t tell you how much we love our rain catchment system. It is a great gift that could be used around any homestead, no matter how small or large.

Buy this gift.

7. Food Dehydrator


I have never dried so much fruit as I have this year. The apples were gorgeous, and I froze them until my freezer was going to explode.

Finally, after canning a bunch of pie filling, I began to dry them. So a dehydrator is great to use with drying fruit, vegetables, and even meat for jerky.

Buy this gift.

8. Solar Panels


If your budget is a little larger, and you want to help your homesteading loved one really get ahead of the game, then help them purchase solar panels to have renewable energy.

Actually, we are making this investment this year. I am really excited and can’t wait to share our experience with you guys. This is a gift that could certainly help with being more self-sufficient and save a ton of money, too.

Buy this gift.

9. Greenhouse Kit


A greenhouse is an invaluable piece of a homestead. We actually have two. One is a cold frame and the other is heated. I use it to grow veggies in the winter, seedlings, and my fodder year round so it doesn’t smell in my house.

So believe me, there are many uses for a greenhouse around a homestead. You could build your loved one a greenhouse. However, buying them a kit simplifies the building process usually.

Buy this gift.

10. Compost Barrel


Compost is something every homestead needs. It is (in my opinion) the best stuff you can plant your vegetables and plants in.

However, it is expensive to buy. The good news is you can make your own. Having a compost barrel makes the job a ton easier as well.

Buy this gift.

11. Cold Frames


Cold frames are a great tool. They help produce more food and give longer growing seasons. Extending your growing season is a huge priority around a homestead because it buys you extra time.

As you can imagine, things stay pretty busy. So anything that can help provide you a little extra time is a huge benefit.

Buy this gift.

12. Warm Socks


You might laugh at this, but this is actually a really awesome gift. I say this because homesteaders don’t quit just because it gets cold outside.

So when winter hits you need warm clothing. Warm socks make the difference between miserable feet when working and feet you can actually feel.

Buy this gift.

13. Overalls


Overalls are something I actually wear a lot. I hadn’t had any in a while and my husband bought me some a few weeks ago. I absolutely love them.

Not only are they comfortable, but I love the fact that they are able to hold up to whatever I am doing. They are just very functional.

Buy this gift.

14. Carhartt Jacket


My husband worked construction for a lot of years before we moved south and started running our own homestead. He swore by his Carhartt jacket then, and he still does.

So if you’d like to provide a warm gift for some hardworking friends or family members, then this jacket might be a good place to start.

Buy this gift.

15. Work Gloves


You  want to talk about things being hard on your hands, try hauling firewood when it is brutally cold outside.

Or swinging an axe repeatedly. Maybe even consider how hard it is on your hands to work a garden. A solid pair of work gloves are a must.

Buy this gift.

16. Work Boots


Work boots are a very functional gift for a homestead Christmas. The reason I say this is because homesteading is not an easy job.

So having comfortable shoes is of great importance. My husband has worn Justin boots for years. We only have to buy him a new pair once every couple of years because they are so sturdy. Hopefully, you’ll have the same experience.

Buy this gift.

17. Meat Slicer


Meat slicers are a great tool to have in your kitchen. The reason is, again, because of the amount of money they can save you.

What I mean, is you don’t have to buy deli turkey. You can buy a whole turkey and slice it, or you can raise your own turkey to butcher and create sliced deli meat if you have a meat slicer.

Buy this gift.

18. Meat Grinder


I got this as a gift last Christmas and it has been a tremendous help throughout the year so far. I use my meat grinder to process deer with.

So if you have a loved one that hunts or raises their own meat, this meat grinder will help them to make their own burger and sausage.

Buy this gift.

19. Cereal Grinder


Cereal grinders are awesome tools to have around the kitchen. The reason is because if you want to be healthy (and most of us do), then a cereal grinder is a great friend to you.

The reason is because you can grow or buy wheat seed in bulk for very little money and then simply grind it up to make whole wheat flour.

Buy this gift.

20. Craft Supplies


Crafts like knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching are often favorite pass times around the homestead. I personally am a cross-stitcher. I love how I can make beautiful homemade decorations.

Plus, it also helps me to unwind after a long day of homesteading, homeschooling, and everything else that most of us do on a daily basis.

21. Chicken Coop


Do you have a homesteader on your gift list that is just starting out? Maybe they don’t have a chicken coop yet, but are really wanting to start raising chickens?

Well, invest in their dream. Help them get started by giving them a chicken coop. That is often the most expensive part of raising chickens if you aren’t a DIYer.

Buy this gift.

22. Bread Machine


I have 2 bread machines and love them both dearly. I love the fact that even on a busy day I can still provide my family with fresh baked bread.

So this gift is very functional and can also be used for making homemade jams as well. It is definitely an intricate part of my kitchen.

Buy this gift.

23. Crock Pot


I love my crock pot. It is another lifesaver for busy days. It allows me to cook fresh homemade meals for my family no matter how hectic a day turns out.

Plus, it is also great for making hot chocolate as well. So if you’d like to give the gift of convenience but still be able to provide a healthy meal, then a crock pot might be a good option.

Buy this gift.

24. Bread Box


If you are going to make homemade bread with that bread machine, then you need a place to be able to store it.

So if your gift list has a person that loves to bake bread, then this would be a perfect gift for them. I can say from personal experience, if you don’t have a bread box, storing homemade bread becomes quite tricky.

Buy this gift.

25. Wood Ring


This is a homesteading must if you burn wood. I have to tell you, when we began homesteading, I was so frugal. I didn’t want to invest in our lifestyle at all.

So when my husband installed a wood burning stove I wasn’t happy (until I felt the heat and saw what I was saving on electricity.) Then when he suggested we stop using this old hand me down basket for wood but get a wood ring, I kid you not, my mother-in-law had to buy us one because I was too ‘frugal’ to do it. But I’m so glad she did! It has been an awesome addition.

Buy this gift.

26. Percolator


I am a huge fan of a percolator. I don’t care if they are electric or the old school kind that you set on your wood burning stove. As long as it produces the same great tasting coffee, I’m on board.

So if you have a friend that loves coffee, I highly recommend giving a percolator a little consideration. They are inexpensive, and I love the way they make a cup of coffee.

Buy this gift.

27. Canisters


Canisters are awesome gifts. They create storage for dry goods in a beautiful way. I love my canisters because I store my flour, sugar, and dry beans in them.

However, I don’t have to deal with bags sitting around everywhere. I can store them in plain sight and it actually adds to the décor of my kitchen instead of taking it away.

Buy this gift.

28. Animals

Homesteaders need animals. We need them for milk, eggs, and meat. So go ask your homesteading friend what kind of animals they need.

And if they tell you, then start the hunt for the best deal. Rabbits are always a good option. So are chickens, turkeys, quail, goats, and cattle.  It is best to check the internet, Craigslist, and other local places to purchase the animals you need.

Well, there are over 20 options to buy your homesteading friends and family. Each of these gifts are functional on most any homestead as well.

But I want to hear your thoughts. Can you think of anything else your homesteading friends would like to receive this holiday season? If you are a homesteader, is there a particular gift you’d like to receive?


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