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27 Awesome YouTube Channels for Homesteaders You Should Subscribe to


YouTube is basically today’s version of an encyclopedia, but even better. You can just get on the site and watch videos of how people do all kinds of things.

For homesteaders, YouTube is a great resource because we get to physically see how things can be done.

I have a few favorite YouTube video channels that I’d like to share with you today. You might be familiar with some but hopefully they’ll be a few new ones.

And hopefully you’ll be able to use them as a great resource for future homestead projects.

So let’s get started.

1. Wranglerstar

This channel is crazy! But in a good way.

He blows stuff up, shows you how to do many things revolving around modern homesteading, and makes you laugh a lot in the process.

So if you want to learn about everything from raising bees to building a log home this is probably the site for you.

2. Engineer 775

This channel has a wide variety of information. He covers homesteading, prepping, disaster relief, and sustainability.

He tells you what to do in a lot of different emergency situations. One thing mentioned was how to make power from wood.

Clearly, they have a lot of great ideas and want their viewers to know how to do a variety of things. So I’d say this is a great site for just about anyone.

3. Markerbuoy

Markerbuoy is a very interesting guy. He has lived off-grid for the past 20 years.

So obviously his channel is going to explain how to build an off grid cabin and workshop, how to install your own solar panels, and how to make and build other necessary objects that you might use on a daily basis.

This channel appears to have a lot of information whether you want to go off grid or not.

4. Jack Spirko

Jack Spirko apparently is a big activist for learning all you can from the forest. He does have quite a few interesting videos in regards to growing your own food and raising your own animals.

On top of that he has a whole series of videos about growing your own food forest. So if you find it interesting to discover things that have already been laid out in nature then this might be a good channel for you.

5. Solar Cabin

This channel is very interesting. He offers a series of how-to videos based around how he built his tiny cabin for under $2000.

He also includes information on how to install your own solar power and drill your own well. So if you are considering building your own inexpensive cabin then you’ll definitely want to check out this channel.

6. Becky’s Homestead

I must say, I absolutely love this channel. This woman raises her own food, animals, and has videos on how to do it all.

To take it one step further, she even built her own cabin. She obviously has a plethora of information to share so if you are interested in anything involving homesteading, you’ll definitely want to check her out.

7. Michigan Snow Pony

This woman shares her little heart out. She basically gives you a video on just about anything and everything she knows.

You get videos on canning recipes, drilling your own well, and so much more. So again, if you are interested in anything involving homesteading then this is a great channel.

8. Chris Towerton

This man got started because he simply wanted to be more self-sustainable. When he got started he knew that the world needed a change, but he felt helpless in making that changing.

So he decided to move toward that change starting with himself. He uses this channel to document each new step he takes in becoming more self-sustained.

9. Homestead Prepper

This guy is a homesteader and a prepper. He introduces lots of knowledge of what to do in worst-case scenario situations and how to get prepared for them.

If you are a homesteader or a prepper then you will probably find this channel interesting. And definitely, if you consider yourself to fit into both of those categories.

10. Texasprepper2

This guy has it all. He teaches you about emergency preparedness, all things homesteading, and also about being more self-sustained.

What I like about him is that he doesn’t just reach out to one group of homesteaders. If you live on a large chunk of land or just have an urban backyard, he creates videos with ideas that will work for you.

11. Yankee Prepper

Yankee Prepper is not for the faint of heart. This guy is a straight shooter and doesn’t give two hoots what anyone else thinks of him.

With that being said, he does offer a lot of information about homesteading and emergency preparedness. So if you are looking for information in regards to either of those (and aren’t wearing your heart on your sleeve) then he has what you’re looking for.

12. Homestead Acres

This channel is about helping you through hard times in the economy. They share lots of homesteading tips along with recipes.

But they also share economy updates and lots of information on crochet and knitting. Anything that will help you to live better on less.

13. My Little Homestead

This is a family’s journey from the city to the country. They thought homesteading was once a lost art but have learned so much through the internet.

So now they share information on be self-sustained. This covers everything from energy to raising organic meat and vegetables. They are all about living the healthy, simple life.

14. Back Woods Home Magazine

I have to admit I’m a little partial to this site. I actually have their magazines, and I’ve written for them a few times in the past. So I know for a fact that they are the ‘real deal.’

They share everything with their followers that has to do with self-reliance, building, energy, cooking, canning, recipes, and a bunch more. So even if you just like the idea of country living then this channel is for you.

15. Our Half Acre Homestead

These people are all about eliminating chemicals and toxins from their daily lives. They do so by looking back and living as much like their ancestors did as possible.

They raise their own food, preserve food for the winter, and hunt and raise their own meat. The amazing part is they do it all on a half-acre. Feel inspired yet? If so, go check them out.

16. I’m Still Workin’

This site looks delicious. They grow their own food and work hard doing it. But they also share recipes for canning.

The most delicious are the baking recipes you see in their videos. Don’t come to this site hungry, or you’ll be in your kitchen baking right along with the videos.

17. Jnull0

This guy likes to have a good time and work hard too. If it tells you anything, his welcome video is all about the ‘goofs’ they made during taping so needless to say he enjoys sharing what he knows.

But in his serious videos, he shares lots of information based around homesteading. He shows lots of his latest projects which are based around keeping rabbits and the demolition of an old home. All and all, he is a guy that likes to homestead and laugh while doing it.

18. Katzcradul

This woman is just a kind soul. She loves taking care of her family, and she found that she could do it even better by being more self-sustained.

By growing her own foods, she was able to keep her family healthier and provide them with fresher food. So now she wants to share how she does it and her recipes with you through her videos.

19. Linda’s Pantry

This woman seems so nice. And she loves to cook ‘outside the box’ to boot. She loves to garden, can, and cook.

But what is even more interesting is she loves to use solar ovens to cook some of her food. That is great news whether you are someone that is trying to be more self-sustained, an off-gridder, or a prepper. You want to know how to eat well even when common amenities are not available.

20. Phyllis Stokes

This channel offers a variety of content. She shows you how to cook, how to grow your own food, how to can, but also how to shop locally for your food too.

She basically wants to show you how to make the most of what you have no matter how little or how much that may be.

21. Hillbilly Prepper Gals

These girls are funny! They are two sisters that enjoy living what they call a ‘hillbilly lifestyle.’ And ultimately they like to have a good time no matter what they are doing. This includes during their prepper adventures as well.

Their claim to fame is that they can tell where to get ‘it’, how to store ‘it’, and what to do with ‘it’. And ‘it’ can be just about anything you come across. So if you are looking for advice and what a few laughs too these sisters have you covered.

22. Aunt Duddie

Aunt Duddie is a canning and cooking pro. So if you are growing your own food and not quite sure how to preserve it, this might be a good channel to start with during the learning process.

Not to mention, this woman loves to bake so even if you are just looking to start slow with the self-sufficiency stuff, she might be able to get you started with some great ideas and some tasty motivation.

23. Back To Basics Gal

This woman is on it. You name it and she can show you how to do it. She does canning, fermenting, dehydrating, salting and curing meats, smoking, soap and candle making, and so much more.

She says that she was taught all of this as a child because her parents were raised during the depression. She never considered herself a ‘prepper’ just someone who was taught to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. So if any of this interests you, check her out because you are sure to get more than what you bargained for.

24. Appalachia's Homestead

This channel hits home with me as they are near where we live currently. These people left their city life behind and jumped in with both feet into the world of homesteading.

They have a larger homestead with lots of animals. But that also equals a lot of very valuable information.

25. An American Homestead

This channel is really neat. It actually follows two couples that walked away from the life of modern convenience and began living an off-grid lifestyle in the Ozarks.

They do a little bit of everything from canning, to raising their own food, solar and wind power how-to’s, and a lot more. So if you are into any of the above or even an off-grid lifestyle you will probably find this channel very interesting.

26. The Big Family Homestead

These people had me from the go. They are a larger family that is showing you how to grow, can, raise, and prep with less cost attached.

What I loved so much about their videos is they show you how to have survival chocolate! That is unique, crazy, and extremely useful because I know I would definitely want chocolate in a stressful, survival situation.

27. Humble Little Homestead

I really like this channel. It is about a family that left their city lives and moved back to a family homestead.

They are building it back up again and also reusing the old farm house as well that once belonged to her grandparents. This is basically them documenting their journey and showing you how to do everything they are learning to do themselves.

Well, that is all I have for you today.  I hope that you enjoy these channels and find them to be very useful resources for your future projects.

Do you have a favorite homesteading YouTube channel that you’d like to share with us?



  1. Wow cant believe you missed Starry Hilder! We have been following her for years and find that she does it all! Canning, gardening, hunting, wood harvesting, they compost their own waste, they even tan their own hides! I also enjoy that they are off the grid and are real! Patara is my other fvorite who I see you listed. Her family have a REAL working homestead to! I think often on YT you must be careful with some of the channels that appear to be homesteading and are not. These two woman are awesome!

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