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47 Creative & Easy DIY Easter Crafts for Your Kids to Make with You


Can you believe that Easter is almost upon us? I love Easter. It is my favorite holiday even over Christmas.

I know, I’m a bit of a rarity, but I love that Spring is coming, and I also love sharing in the festivities with my family.

So that is why I’m bringing you a lot of different Easter kids’ crafts. Crafting is something I love to incorporate into our homeschool when possible, and Easter is a time of year I try really hard to fit it in.

However, I realize everyone celebrates Easter differently and for different reasons. Therefore, this list will have lots of different crafts ranging from decorating eggs, to coloring bunny pages, to making chicks, and religious crafts as well.

Hopefully, you’ll find the craft that fits you perfectly!

1. Peep Houses

My kids love Peeps, and they also love to craft anything that they get to eat afterward. That is why I think this craft is a great idea for kids of all ages.

So you’ll need a few edible supplies, and then your child will be able to take off and create the Peep house of their dreams.

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2. Popsicle Sticks Chicks

These little chicks are really cute and look easy enough to assemble too. This would make a great craft for older kids, but I think with a little help, younger kids could construct these easily as well.

So if you are looking for crafts that won’t frazzle your nerves trying to complete and won’t sucker punch your wallet, then you might want to consider doing this craft.

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3. Handprint Chicks

This is another colorful and fun craft for kids of all ages. If your kids love the idea of making their own little chick, then you should let them give this one a try.

You’ll just need to be okay with them finger painting, as their hands will make the wings of the cute little chick.

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4. Pom-Pom Easter Egg Painting

This is a craft I’m going to have to try for my kids. My youngest always says that he wants to be an artist. With this neat idea, your child can be an artist without making a lot of mess.

So you’ll need some little poms-poms that are easily purchased in the craft aisle at most general merchandising stores and then clothespins to keep the mess at bay. This could be a win-win.

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5. Easy Paper Easter Wreath

Do your kids like to help you decorate for the different seasons? I know my kids do. It is always so exciting to them to see our house change a little.

Well, with this craft they can not only help you decorate but can also make the decorations for you. It looks pretty simple to make so younger kids could probably help with this one too.

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6. Carrot Foot Print

When kids are little it is fun to make crafts from their hand prints and footprints. The kids find it fun because they get to squish their toes around in the paint.

And the parents enjoy it because it makes wonderful memories and great keepsakes for when the children grow.

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7. Tin Foil Easter Egg

I love easy crafts. I love crafts that don’t require weird supplies. I also love crafts that I can do without pulling my hair out. Which means my kids will most likely not pitch a fit in frustration during the craft.

So that is why I think this craft rocks. It looks easy enough to do. It should be budget friendly because there are no weird art supplies required. And if you can do it easily, then you should be able to provide damage control if a little one loses their patience.

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8. Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft

This craft looks like a really fun craft for kids of various ages. You basically dip your hand in paint and then use your hand to construct a bunny face.

So if you like simplistic crafts, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out. It would be a great keepsake as well.

Make this Easter craft ›

9. DIY Salt Eggs

This craft triggers memories for me. When I was a little girl my mom always decorated for Easter. I don’t mean just a few small items sitting around. She really decorated.

We had miniature egg trees as centerpieces, little baskets filled with grass and eggs, and lots of little bunny trinkets everywhere. So if you have egg trees too, making your own ornaments would be fun and create great memories along the way.

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10. DIY Easter Crayons

Every kid loves to break crayons! I don’t know why, but they do. Which is why I think this craft is a cool idea.

So your kids will be in hog heaven because they’ll get to break a bunch of crayons, then watch you place them in bunny molds to transform them so they can be used again. Isn’t that cool?

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11. Bunny Bait

If you share the story of the Easter bunny with your kids, then this would be a fun way to expand upon that.

You’ll create this fun little snack that they can lay around outside and hopefully draw the Easter bunny to your home.

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12. Potato Stamping

I love the idea of using potatoes as stamps. This is a great Easter craft, but it could be reworked so that it could be a fun craft to do year round.

But with this particular work you add things to the potato to make it look like an Easter egg. Then dip it in paint and press it on paper. You’ll have a really cool looking Easter print on your paper.

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13. Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft

This craft is another really fun one. It basically uses the fingerprints to construct the whole picture. It is really neat when you look at it.

So if you have kids that love to finger paint, then you might want to give this craft a little consideration.

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14. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Most kids really enjoy coloring Easter eggs. It is fun to see how they can turn out to be all different colors.

Or kids can literally color on them and make them look very different. This craft is cool because it uses shaving cream which makes coloring the eggs a different experience.

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15. Easter Egg Doilies

I grew up with doilies everywhere! Maybe that’s why I’m fond of this craft idea. I think anytime you can take a doily and make it look a little different, then it’s a win.

So if you have kids that love to color and craft, then you should consider this craft idea. It looks to be lots of fun.

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16. Coloring Pages

This website provides coloring pages (and links to coloring pages) that are all about Easter. Sometimes, when you have the best of intentions of doing awesome Easter crafts they just don’t happen.

Well, don’t let that drag you down. Pull out these awesome coloring pages and let your kids get creative with paper and crayons. They’ll look great on the fridge, and you can keep them for years to come.

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17. Bunny Masks

Do your kids like to make and play with different masks? I know my boys do. They’ll decorate paper plates and use string to turn them into masks and have a ball.

So why not let them do the same with this awesome bunny mask for Easter? They’ll have fun constructing it and even more fun playing with it afterward.

Make this Easter craft ›

18. Jelly Bean Butterfly

Most kids love edible crafts. There is something about making something and then knowing you can eat it. I’m not judging. As a matter of fact, I’m with the kids on this one!

So if your kids like to make edible crafts, then keep this one in mind. It looks pretty simple to make, and I’m sure it’s tasty too.

Make this Easter craft ›

19. Paper Plate Easter Chick

I love crafts like this one. They are cute, easy to make, and inexpensive too.

So don’t let crafts intimidate you. Even if you aren’t the ‘craftiest’ person on the planet, this one should be pretty easy to construct.

Make this Easter craft ›

20. Chick and Lamb Easter Craft

This craft goes right along with the last one. If you enjoy making it, then you might enjoy making the lamb friend to go along with the chick.

So again, even if you are the ‘crafty’ one in the family, you might still enjoy this simple craft. I’m sure the kids will too.

Make this Easter craft ›

21. Handprint and Photo Easter Keepsake

Let’s be real. The majority of the time we have our kids create crafts so we can display them and then hang on to them for the next 30 years until we start collecting our grandkids crafts.

So I love cool craft projects like this one that is meant to be kept as a keepsake. This one will save photos and handprints while still offering an Easter theme.

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22. The Silhouette Cross Craft

The link I’m going to share with you after this craft has multiple cross crafts that the blogger created in celebration of Easter.

However, I thought this one needed to be brought out because what a great way of bringing to life some of the most prominent scripture. It would be a great visual for children.

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23. Easter Craft Stick Puppets

Have you ever noticed that kids would often play with the most basic toys? For instance, I can give my son a huge gift, and he’d probably play with the box more.

That is why I love this craft. It is so simple, yet I could see kids really enjoying playing with it and creating their own stories and puppet shows.

Make this Easter craft ›

24. Stained Glass Crosses

I love this Easter craft. It is so simple and so inexpensive to make. All you need is colorful tissue paper and an outline.

Basically, you’ll just cut small squares of the tissue paper and tape them together in the outline. Then remove the outline and hang the crosses on the window. They look gorgeous.

Make this Easter craft ›

25. Easter Sun Catchers

If you liked the previous idea, then you might like this one too. It is basically the same process, only these are cut into different Easter shapes such as eggs, rabbits, etc.

So if you like the idea of an easy and inexpensive craft that is really pretty, then you might want to consider this Easter craft.

Make this Easter craft ›

26. The Paper Plate Easter Bunny

I love cotton ball crafts. They are easy, inexpensive, and I love playing with cotton balls so it should come as no surprise that my kids do too.

So if you are looking for a truly simple Easter craft, then look no further. This is just a lot of gluing of objects to a paper plate and then cutting a few simple designs.

Make this Easter craft ›

27. The Easter Egg Button Wreath

This wreath looks very simple to make. You create a wreath from cardboard and then wrap it in twine or yarn.

Finally, you glue different buttons onto the wreath to give it a colorful ‘Easter’ feel to it. Kids of most ages could construct or at least help with this craft.

Make this Easter craft ›

28. 3D Paper Plate Basket

I really like this craft. It looks really cool. Instead of just drawing a picture of eggs in a basket, the 3D option brings it to life.

So if you would like to have a unique craft option for your kids, then you might want to consider this option.

Make this Easter craft ›

29. The Tissue Paper Easter Egg

This is another unique option to a simple Easter egg craft. If your kids (or you) don’t want a really complex craft, but they don’t just want to color, then this might be a good option for you.

So you’ll just need an egg template, and then instead of coloring the egg you wad up pieces of tissue paper and glue them to the egg. This creates a colorful masterpiece in no time.

Make this Easter craft ›

30. Easy Easter Candy Jars

With Easter comes candy. Maybe not as much as with Halloween but it can sometimes be a close second.

So with lots of candy, comes the need for a candy jar. That is where this little craft comes into play. When you have these jars, the kids no longer have to fight over what candy belongs to who.

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31. Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

This is another project I could just see my kids loving. The reason is that it is something small that they could use their imagination to play with.

However, working with pipe cleaners isn’t always the easiest thing so you might need to remember to pack your patience the day you do this craft.

Make this Easter craft ›

32. Foam Cup Bunny

This foam cup bunny is super adorable and a really easy craft to do. If you have younger children it would be a good option because of the simplicity of it.

So if you are looking for an easy and inexpensive craft for children of all ages, then you’ll definitely want to check this craft out.

Make this Easter craft ›

33. Pom-Pom Chicks

These chicks are a really cute way to celebrate Easter and the coming of spring. It would be a great craft for kids of all ages because of the simplicity.

If you are looking for a super simple craft, then look no further than these cute fuzzy chicks.

Make this Easter craft ›

34. Jelly Bean Cross

This is great Easter craft. Whether you were doing this craft with your own children or maybe the kids at your church, it would be a great way to give them a visual and a better understanding of the Easter story.

If you want an easier craft that would break down the Easter story for children of all ages, then you ought to check out this craft.

Make this Easter craft ›

35. Sock Bunny

This is a great gift for kids at Easter, but also a really fun craft that older kids could certainly complete.

So if you have a child that loves stuffed animals, or even a group of kids that you’d like to give them a neat craft to take home for Easter, this would certainly be a fun one.

Make this Easter craft ›

36. Candy Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

I love this craft. It is really unique, inexpensive, and actually rather cool to look at. The idea is that you use part of an egg carton to be the chick.

Then you put candy inside the egg carton slot. So when the egg carton is opened, it looks like a baby chick opening its mouth.

Make this Easter craft ›

37. Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft

My youngest actually completed this craft in preschool. Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?

So if you need a fun Easter craft for a smaller child, this would be a great option. It is fun, simple, and inexpensive. Plus, the kiddos like to eat the marshmallows along the way.

Make this Easter craft ›

38. Paper Plate Chick

We’ve already made a paper plate chick above. This one is even easier. It would be a perfect fit for smaller kids or for moms (like me) that are the craftiest. (I may have just made up a word.)

Anyway, if you’d like a cute craft that is really inexpensive and easy, then you definitely need to check this one out.

Make this Easter craft ›

39. Bunny Clothespins

Again, I’m not sure of the crafting genius that came up with this awesome and simple craft, but they did. And for that, I’m thankful!

This is such a cute craft where you simply turn a clothespin into a bunny, just in time for Easter! How cute and fun. Plus it gives the kids a chance to use their imagination in both crafting and play.

Make this Easter craft ›

40. The Easy Cross Craft

This craft is really unique. She teaches you how to paint with chalk and water. It gives the picture a different look.

But then you lay a cross down and paint around it. Then peel the cross off. So you have this magnificently colored picture with this perfect cross in the middle. Very pretty!

Make this Easter craft ›

41. Stamped Easter Egg Craft

This craft is another really easy craft that most kids would be able to enjoy. If you have smaller kids, you might have to help them construct their baskets.

But even the younger kids could enjoy using the sponges dipped in paint to make perfect and colorful Easter eggs for their baskets.

Make this Easter craft ›

42. The Rainbow Button Easter Egg

This is another fun craft for kids of all ages. Obviously, really young children can’t do this craft because of the choking hazard.

However, if you have kids that can handle buttons safely, then they can do this craft. All you do is arrange your buttons inside the egg and glue. It is that simple.

Make this Easter craft ›

43. Easter Handprint Cross Craft

I really like this craft. I think it is unique, simple, and very pretty. Your child’s hand will be the rising sun over the cross.

So it looks simple enough to construct and (in my opinion) is a really beautiful craft that kids could really enjoy constructing.

Make this Easter craft ›

44. The Hatching Chick Craft

This craft looks really fun. You get to create a unique and colorful Easter egg. Next, you create your fun little chick.

Finally, you put it all together so it looks like the chick is hatching out of the egg. It is different, and I really like that.

Make this Easter craft ›

45. Easy Finger Paint Cross Craft

Do you have a little one that loves to finger paint? I know I do. He wants to be an artist and for whatever reason, paint makes him feel more like an artist than other crafts.

So that is why this craft really stuck out to me. If you’d like your kids to do a faith based craft and allow them to get a little messy in the process, then you might want to consider this one.

Make this Easter craft ›

46. He is Risen Edible Craft

I know for a fact that this craft is fun, easy for younger kids, and delicious. They actually did this with my youngest son in his preschool Sunday School class last Easter.

So if you are looking for a fun edible treat/ craft, then look no further than this one. It turned out really cute too.

Make this Easter craft ›

47. DIY Recycled Easter Bunny Vases

This vase craft would obviously be one for the older kids, but it is a great way to use left-over glass jars.

So if you love flowers and would love to have a homemade Easter bunny vase, then give this project to the kids. They’ll probably enjoy it.

Make this Easter craft ›

Well, now you have a whopping 47 Easter crafts to share with your children. Hopefully, you will find some of them to be fun and entertaining for your family.

But I’d love to know what crafts you do with your kids for Easter? Is there one in particular that they really enjoy?

Please share your thoughts with us. We love hearing from you! Just leave your comments in the space provided below.


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