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36 Free DIY Dog House Plans & Ideas for Your Furry Friend

36 Free DIY Dog House Plans and Ideas

This past March was a horribly sad month for me.

It is my birthday month but only a few short weeks before my birthday, my sweet puppy dog passed away. Her name was Trudy, and she was a beautiful English Bulldog. She was a great protector of our family and animals, she was loyal, and she had a very funny personality.

Since Trudy’s passing, I adopted my mother-in-law’s dogs after her passing.

So we are bringing you over 30 DIY options to build your dog the perfect home. For an animal that is so loyal and so loving they deserve the best!

1. Dog House with a Porch


This dog house is perfect for any size dog. It has ample amount of lounging space, and it appears like it would give your dog plenty of coverage from the elements too.

Plus, it also appears very sturdy. So if you need a doghouse that is simple to build but also is comfortable for your dog, then you might want to give these plans a try.

Build this dog house ›

2. The ‘I Didn’t Want A Dog’ House


I thought the intro to this article was cute. It reads, “She wanted a dog. I didn’t want a dog. So we compromised and got a dog. I built him a house.” Is that not how it usually goes?

So on a serious note, this dog house would be great for most small or medium sized dogs. It would give them cover from the elements. Also, it has a place where you can place the dog’s name on the outside of the dog house which I think is a fun element to the design.

Build this dog house ›

3. The Modern Dog House

I love the way this dog house looks. It resembles a tiny house which is super cute. It would be even cuter if you lived in a tiny house yourself, but I’ll leave my design dreams at that.

So this dog house has ample room for a small or medium sized dog to move around. You might want to look very close to the dimensions if you have a larger dog. Because ultimately you want your dog to be comfortable and not squooshed in his or her dog house.

Build this dog house ›

4. “We’ll Leave the Light On” Dog House

This dog house is just too much (in a good way.) It is fun, creative, and absolutely adorable. It is a smaller dog house, but it has a front porch and a space to add a porch light.

I absolutely love the character that comes with a porch light. Not to mention, if you ever go anywhere that brings you home after dark, your dogs will feel a little more secure with the added light while they wait on you to return.

Build this dog house ›

5. Crooked Dog House


This dog house looks cartoonish to me, and I love that. I guess the correct term would be abstract, but either way, I’m a fan. It is different yet it still appears simple enough to build.

So if you want your dog to have a unique dog house but don’t want to go crazy building it, then you might want to check these plans out.

Build this dog house ›

6. Tropical Dog House


Do you have a beach dog? Well, if you live close to the water or just a dog that loves going on vacation with you, then you’ll probably love this dog house.

But what really stands out to me is this dog house is shown with a larger dog so it should work for dogs of most sizes. However, let’s not forget all of the cute details too. This dog house is definitely a keeper in my book.

Build this dog house ›

7. Geometric Dog House


You’ve probably heard of a geometric greenhouse, but have you heard of a geometric dog house? Well, maybe not.

But you won’t be able to say that tomorrow. This dog house looks to be a good fit for smaller dogs, and it also appears to be very appealing visually also.

Build this dog house ›

8. Puppy Camper Dog House


I’ll be honest, I have taken a liking to the old school RV’s. Like the ones that Lucy and Ethel (from I Love Lucy) traveled in.

Well, if you are like me and love those too, then you’ll probably love this adorable dog house. It looks like a camper and appears to fit a smaller dog. So if this is something that strikes your fancy then definitely check it out.

Build this dog house ›

9. The Basic Dog House


This dog house fits the stigma of a basic dog house design. It is smaller and looks like an A-frame house.

However, there are some obvious perks to building a traditional style dog house. According to the site, the steps are very easy to follow. So this might be a good project for a beginner.

Build this dog house ›

10. The DIY House


So all of these dog houses are obviously DIY. However, this one is another traditional style dog house that appears rather simple to build.

Which means, if you are new to the world of carpentry then you might want to give these plans a glance. With the right paint, this house could be very unique and quite charming.

Build this dog house ›

11. The Mobile Dog House


Do you need a dog house that can move when needed? If so, then this dog house could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Plus, it has a very modern design which would fit in well with some home décor. So if you like to move your dog around your property, or if you travel a lot and take your dog with you, then this dog house could be a good match.

Build this dog house ›

12. The Cottage Style Dog House


Do you live in a cottage style home? Or do you love the cottage style particularly? Well, if so, then you’ll love this dog house.

So if you didn’t already guess, this dog house follows the cottage type house. It looks easy enough to build. If you are a beginner you might want to ask a more experienced friend to tag along on this venture just in case, though.

Build this dog house ›

13. Pallet Kennel with Sun Deck


Do you have a larger dog? If so, then this dog house is definitely suitable for them. It is much larger than the traditional dog house.

Plus, it has a sun deck for them to sun bathe on, which I know my dogs would absolutely love. But what makes this dog house even better is that it is built from pallets and those can be free in some cases.

Build this dog house ›

14. A Simple Dog House


This dog house is another traditional style. It follows the basic A-frame design of a typical home. It could be suitable for most any size dog, and you could adjust the dimensions if you’d like to give your pooch a little extra room.

But this dog house design should be easier to build because the design is so simple. The instructions appear rather thorough too. So if you are a new builder, then you might want to give these plans a glance.

Build this dog house ›

15. Dog House With Roof Top Deck


Okay, so if your dog has this dog house it is officially spoiled rotten. No judgment here. I absolutely love it!

So if you think your dog would enjoy having a good sized dog house, and then have the option of going on top of the house to sun bathe (kind of like Snoopy!) then you’ve got to check these plans out.

Build this dog house ›

16. Country Dog House with Porch


I love this dog house. If you live in the country, like me, then it would fit into your décor no problem. I also love the fact that the dog can stay out of the elements no matter what.

So your dog would have the option of going inside to stay warm. However, it could also lay out on the porch and enjoy the scenery while staying out of the elements as well.

Build this dog house ›

17. The Simple A-frame Dog House


I’m assuming everyone has seen the show Charlie Brown. If so, then this A-frame dog house should remind you of Snoopy’s dog house.

With that in mind, this is a simple dog house to build. The instructions seem pretty thorough, and you also get a detailed materials list to help you along on the build.

Build this dog house ›

18. The Dog Mansion


Don’t let the name fool you. This is a great dog house for any size dog, but the name sounds intimidating.

So if you look at the pictures and read the instructions, the structure to this dog house is actually pretty basic. It may not be the most simple dog house to build, but it appears to be far from complicated as well.

Build this dog house ›

19. The Mini-Ranch House


This dog house is another one that is sure to add charm to your property. It is absolutely adorable in my opinion.

But what really stands out to me with this dog house is the fact that your dog can have a pergola on the front of his or her house. It is great protection from the sun and makes their home pop with visual appeal too.

Build this dog house ›

20. The East Fork Free Dog House


This dog house is absolutely adorable. The author did a great job at adding a lot of rustic charm to it and it also seems to work for most any size dog.

But what really stuck out to me was she was able to create this unique masterpiece completely free by salvaging old materials. She gives you some of the details in her description of the dog house.

Build this dog house ›

21. The $75 Insulated A-Frame Dog House


Do you live in a colder climate? I use to, and I feel for you. Even more so, we all have to put our dogs out at some point. Whether it be while we run errands or for any other reason.

Well, during a cold winter in a colder climate your precious pups would certainly appreciate having an insulated dog house. This one is a great option because the author claims it can be done for around $75.

Build this dog house ›

22. The Basic Dog House


This dog house is another simple one to build. It is a smaller dog house, but appears to be a good choice for the beginner.

Also, the plans give lots of great details. They include everything from notes about materials to notes about painting.

Build this dog house ›

23. The Step-by-Step Dog House


This dog house looks pretty comfortable. The dog has a covered porch and also a nice sized covered home as well.

Plus, they provide little air holes at the top to keep air flow flowing. The post offers lots of great instructions and details too. So that is an added bonus.

Build this dog house ›

24. 1,000 Year Dog House


This dog house is very unique. It is meant to be durable for a long time. They built the frame out of wire and formed it into an igloo shape.

But what sends this dog house over the top is the fact that it is coated in ferro cement. This will keep your dog safe from almost any natural disaster. Safety is a good thought to keep in mind when building your dog a home.

Build this dog house ›

25. The Dog Tree House


If you have a larger dog they might not like being high off of the ground. Though, since this tree house has a ramp they might love to have a higher look out point.

Though, if your smaller dogs are anything like mine, they love being as high up as possible. My little dogs are almost like cats in the way they sleep on the back of the couches and any other high area they can get to. In that case, they’d probably love this tree house too.

Build this dog house ›

26. Simple Dog House with a Porch


If you like the basic A-frame design of a dog house simply because of the appearance or ease of building it but also want a front porch on the front, then this dog house design could be for you.

Personally, I love the idea of having a front porch attached to a dog house so your dog can have shade when necessary or protection from rain without having to stay cooped inside the actual house itself.

Build this dog house ›

27. Double Dog House


This is fantastic. If you have more than one dog then this allows them each to have their own space. However, if your dogs are anything like mine, they practically sleep on top of each other.

But everyone deserves their own space from time to time. So if you feel up for the build, then I think this would be an awesome addition to your backyard.

Build this dog house ›

28. Dog House Under the Stairs


Let’s say you want your dog to have their own space, but you don’t necessarily want it to be outside. Then this is a great option for you.

Believe me, I’m with you. I wish I could give my dogs a space like this because then they’d finally stay off of my furniture and have a space for their toys. So if you have the stair space this would be a fantastic option in my opinion.

Build this dog house ›

29. ‘In The Dog House’ Project


You can tell this dog house has been dearly loved by its furry owners. I love the design of it too so I can understand why.

So if you’d like to build your dogs a cozy little house that actually looks like a house (and includes a front porch) then you’ve got to check these plans out.

Build this dog house ›

30. The Rounded Modern Dog House


This dog house kind of reminds me of a mushroom. But because of its rounded shape and the materials its built with, it seems to be budget-friendly.

However, check out the building plans to see if it is what you had in mind. There is a detailed materials list and pretty detailed instructions, too.

Build this dog house ›

31. The Custom Insulated Dog House


This dog house seems to offer some great qualities without being super difficult to build. The instructions are very thorough and detailed.

Plus, the site gives you a video to help you along with your build. So if you want your dog to have a nice sized dog house with insulation, then you might want to check this design out.

Build this dog house ›

32. Pagoda Style Dog House

This dog house is really unique. I love the pagoda style, and I know a lot of people actually decorate their homes with this style in mind.

If so, then this dog house would fit in perfectly. So if you want your pooch to have a decorative space of their own, then you might want to consider these plans.

Build this dog house ›

33. The Air Conditioned Dog House


If your pooch has this dog house then it is safe to say that they are a pampered pooch. But that’s okay. It is great to take care of our four-legged family members.

So if you’d like your puppy to have a space of their own that is climate controlled too, then you’ve got to check out these plans.

Build this dog house ›

34. The House Under The Stairs


This is another design option if you have a set of steps that you’d like to give the space under them to your four-legged family member.

If so, then check out this neat design. It would be a great way to give them a hidden location for a dog bed and dog toys. That way they don’t clutter up your home.

Build this dog house ›

35. The Pallet Dog House


This pallet dog house is very snazzy to say the least. It has multiple sections and could either house multiple dogs, or give a larger dog different compartments to explore.

So if you have a limited budget and multiple dogs, then you will definitely want to check out this option. It is a truly unique and potentially inexpensive dog house.

Build this dog house ›

36. The Log Cabin Dog House


I love log cabins. If you do too, then why wouldn’t your dog. Not to mention, if you live in a log cabin, this dog house would fit right in.

So if you need a decorative dog house that will also provide decent space and covering for you furry friend, then this could be a good option.

Build this dog house ›

Well, there you have it folks. Over 30 DIY options to build your dog the perfect dog house. I hope that you found something that has inspired you in your build.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are absolute necessities when building a dog house? Do you have a dog house design you’d like to share with our community?


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