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6 Best Cordless Power Screwdrivers for Home Use: 2017 Review

6 Best Cordless Screwdriver

I have lost count of the times that I have brought home a brand new flat pack wardrobe or an outdoor dining table, and after unpacking it all, I have struggled to attach the required screws in order to complete the setup.

It seems that most furniture manufacturers are ditching the already assembled product in favor of the DIY product, and of course it is the cheaper option for many homeowners. But thankfully those days are over, and I don’t have to live in fear of having to kick-start my solo flat-pack assembly line. There is a handy power tool that can take charge of wayward screws and can help me reassemble furniture in a flash: the power cordless screwdriver.

Our pick


DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Screwdriver Kit

This lightweight, but powerful cordless screwdriver has everything you need for most light to medium DIY projects around your home. You can’t go wrong with this sturdy and well-balanced tool, it is powered by a 12 volt battery, there are multiple torque settings up to 1050 rpms, a variable speed setting, and the three bright LED lights will illuminate your work area.

Why Should You Get a Cordless Screwdriver?

A cordless screwdriver is a wonder of the power tool world. It is portable, can fit snugly into the palm of your hand, and can be used for so many different projects in and around your home, from light maintenance to major DIY tasks. There is no need to worry about that annoying electrical cord and the tool has its own attached power source from a battery.

One of the best features of a cordless screwdriver is that it can be used for inserting or taking out a screw from awkward and hard to reach places. Some screwdrivers come with a LED light that you can use to illuminate low light areas, or when you are working at night.

If you are still using a manual screwdriver to complete your DIY projects, it is time to upgrade to a power cordless screwdriver.

7 DIY Projects for A Cordless Screwdriver

Although a cordless power screwdriver has so many different uses around your home, here are six DIY projects that you can use it for.

  1. Assembling furniture
  2. Attaching cabinets or pictures to interior walls
  3. Assembling a tool shed or a dog house
  4. Building a patio deck
  5. Attaching bug zappers to exterior walls
  6. Fixing toys
  7. Fixing electrical appliances like a computer

This tool is quite similar in functionality with a power drill/driver, but a power screwdriver is better used for a more delicate tasks.

Choosing the Right Power Cordless Screwdriver

The are five things to remember when you are looking for the right cordless power screwdriver: Power, Torque and Speed, Chuck Size, Screw Type and Operator Comfort Features.

1. Power

The secret to the cordless screwdriver’s success is a strong battery, which normally ranges from 3.6 volts for light-duty tasks or up to 12 volts for medium-level applications. But due to the innovations in battery life longevity, even the smaller screwdrivers have a strong battery. This is because of the advanced lithium-ion battery, which can provide you with a stable power source. Lithium-ion batteries can be recharged quickly and they are environmentally friendly.

2. Torque and Speed

Torque measures the amount of force behind the screwdriver that allows it to rotate the screw or bit into position. The higher the torque the more power or force the driver can produce. You can also look for screwdrivers that come with torque control, which means that you can adjust and control the rotating force of the tool.

If you are going to be using the driver for attaching or inserting a screw into tough material like hardwood or aluminium then look for a screwdriver with a high level of torque.

The speed of the screwdriver relates to the amount of revolutions or rotation per minute (rpm) that the driver can perform per minute, which basically indicates how fast the driver is.

For light-duty drilling chores, drivers that operate at 180 rpms are ideal for general household jobs.

If you need to tackle medium-level jobs, look for a driver with a faster rpm from 1200 to 1500, and anything over 2000 rpm is ideal for heavy-duty work, which is best performed by an impact driver.

There are also screwdrivers that give variable speed control, so you can use the low power speed for when you are working with lighter materials, or you can choose a higher speed when you are working with tougher material.

3. Chuck Size

The size of the screwdriver relates to the size of the chuck that is located on the end of the driver. The chuck is where the drill bit or screw is to be attached. Sizes can be ¼ inch or ¾ inches. Some models give you a keyless chuck, which means that you do not need any tools to remove it.

4. Screw Type

Some screwdrivers give you a choice of drill bits or screws (a Phillips head or a flat head) that come in multiple sizes and shapes, which means they can suited for almost any type of task.

5. Operator Comfort Features

Spindle lock

A spindle lock is another great option, which lets you lock the mechanism into place so you can replace the screw manually.


Some screwdrivers come with a clutch that can give you more control over the amount of torque, so keep your eye out for a driver that has up to 21 clutch settings.

There are some models that offer you an” Auto-stop” clutch that shuts the tool off when the clutch is disengaged. This handy feature helps to stop any overdriving, which can result in the overstripping of the screw.

Ergonomic Features

Ergonomic soft grip handles and adjustable handles that give you the option to use the tool in a straight or pistol type grip can make your DIY chores a lot easier to complete. Some screwdrivers have an on-board storage space for you to store away all your extra bits. LED lights are also a great idea when you are working in low light areas.

Some basic drivers are sold as a “tool only” or a “bare tool”, while others come with a charger and a rechargeable battery, and more expensive units may come with multiple accessories such as extra batteries or carrying cases.

Best Cordless Screwdriver — Reviews and Comparisons

1. BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C ⅜ Inch 4-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver

Black + Decker is one of the most recognizable brand names in the manufacturing of high-quality home and garden power tools, and you will not be disappointed by the performance of their compact BDCS20C Screwdriver.

This handy, lightweight little tool is the perfect choice for all of those light-duty and simple home renovations around your home, from installing curtain rails to assembling furniture. It fits snugly into the palm of your hand, which makes it the ideal tool for when you are working in tight spots.The screwdriver can handle most surface even aluminum, but it may not be ideal for use on hardwood surfaces.

Although it is smaller than other screwdrivers it is made from a solid construction, and gives you the power you need with a 4 volt MAX lithium-ion battery and it can produce 35 in. lbs of torque and 180 rpm, and the 3/8 inch chuck accepts a variety of bits.

The inline trigger is comfortable and easy to use when you are attaching and removing screws. The screwdriver also comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger and a pack of two bits, and the driver is also compatible with other Black & Decker small sized attachments.

What we like:

  • High quality
  • Ideal for small DIY tasks
  • Good power
  • Compact
  • Good speed

What we don't like:

  • Not compatible with large bits
  • No LED light
  • No storage for extra bits
  • Charger is not very strong

2. DEWALT DCF610S2 12 Volt Max 1/4-Inch Screwdriver Kit

Dewalt has once again delivered the goods by designing a power screwdriver that can be relied up to handle most light to medium DIY tasks around your home. There is so much to love about this tool that is tagged as one of the best power screwdrivers that is available on the market.

This versatile tool is a fast worker and has plenty of power with a 12 volt 1.1 Ah. lithium-ion battery that fits tightly under the base of the screwdriver. The screwdriver is well balanced and lightweight at 2.2 lbs and it can be used on almost any kind of surface, except concrete, and at 6-1/4 inches long, it is ideal for when you are working in tight spaces. It is easy to use as it features a one-hand-loading function with 1/4-inch hex chuck that accepts 1-inch bit tips.

The Dewalt DCF610S2 has multiple torque settings, it can produce up to 1050 rpm and there is a variable speed setting that you can change depending on the type of material you will be driving screws into. For those tricky moments when you need to unattach a screw, there is a reversible function.

If you are going to be working in low light conditions, then the Dewalt screwdriver has got you covered as it features three LED lights that will brightly illuminate your work area.

The kit contains the screwdriver, two 12-volt max lithium-ion battery packs, a battery charger, a handy belt clip for easy portability, and a carry bag.

Another key feature of the Dewalt screwdriver is that it has a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What we like:

  • Ideal for light to medium-duty tasks
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of power
  • Well balanced
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible
  • Fast
  • Torque adjustment
  • Three LED Lights

What we don't like:

  • Not ideal for use on concrete

3. WORX WX255L SD ¼ Inch Semi-Automatic Power Screwdriver

This innovative semi-automatic power screwdriver from WORX is one of those tools that is designed to make all of your DIY tasks super easy. The screw holder attachment is located on the front of the screwdriver and all it takes is three easy steps to load the driver with all the ¼ inch screws that you will need.

Step 1. Push the screw holder button to open the driver's jaws.

Step 2. Insert the screw onto the end of the fastener.

Step 3. Release the button. It is that easy!

You can load up to six bits at time, which is ideal if you have multiple tasks to complete.

The driver is powered by an internal 4-Volt lithium-ion battery, and the tool has multiple torque settings and enough power for small DIY tasks. It is compact enough for when you need to insert screws into tight corners like installing shelves or assembling furniture.

Other handy features include a LED light to brighten dark work areas, and the rapid slide action allows you to change the bits quickly and easily. The screwdriver also comes with a 4 volt lithium-ion battery and a charger.

What we like:

  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for small DIY projects
  • Lightweight
  • Well built
  • Good battery life
  • Semi-automatic bit loading system
  • LED light

What we don't like:

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • Slow
  • The bits can drop out of the loader

4. SKIL 2354-07 iXO ¼ Inch 4V Max Lithium-Ion Palm-Sized Cordless Screwdriver

The smart looking bright pink and black Skil iXO screwdriver will become one of your favorite tools in your tool box. It is easy and comfortable to use with its curved lightweight design and it fits well into your hand, which makes it the ideal screwdriver for light-duty DIY and maintenance tasks in and around your home.

It is one of the most portable screwdrivers on the market as it comes with a USB attachment, which means you can even charge the tool from your car, so it is ideal for off-site projects. It is the perfect working companion that you even leave in the car if you need it while you are on holidays.

The Skil also features a few handy operator features, there is a battery gauge to alert you when you are running low on power, and a site-light to illuminate those low light areas.

Although it is small in size, the screwdriver is powered by 4 volt 1.5 ah lithium-ion battery, and it has 36-in-lbs max torque and can provide up to 200 rpm, so it is powerful enough to tightly fasten screws into furniture and it works especially well in confined spaces.

The ¼ inch screwdriver can accept a variety of other bit sizes, and the magnetic tip keeps the screws firmly in place. The screwdriver comes with a 4 volt 1.5 Ah lithium-Ion battery and a USB charger.

What we like:

  • Good price
  • Ideal for small DIY projects
  • Lightweight
  • Good power
  • Compact design
  • USB charging facility
  • Good battery life
  • Battery gauge

What we don't like:

  • Expensive for its size
  • Not ideal for large DIY projects
  • No onboard storage

5. Hitachi DB3DL2 ¼ Inch 3.6 Volt Lithium Ion Dual-Position Cordless Screwdriver Kit

This lightweight and compact professional grade screwdriver from Hitachi offers an overall great working performance. It gives you that much needed driving power and control for most light to medium-duty DIY maintenance projects around your home.

It is powered by a strong 3.6-volt 1.5-amp lithium-ion battery that gives you fade-free long lasting battery charge and the battery can be changed in 30 minutes. It gives you a lot of control with 21-clutch settings, a bright LED light that you can switch on whenever you need it for working in low light conditions, a dual-position handle that you can use in a straight position or at a 90 degree angle, and there is a handy reverse/forward switch if the driver gets stuck.

There is a spindle lock for tightening screws manually, and a choice of two speeds: if you are drilling into light wood, you can reduce the speed to 260 rpms so that the surface doesn't get damaged, or change to a higher speed of 780 rpms for drilling into tougher material.

The chuck is a 1/4 inch and can accommodate most other bit sizes. The screwdriver also comes with a rechargeable battery, a charger and a carrying case.

Aside from its powerful performance, the screwdriver is covered by Hitachi's lifetime warranty, the battery is covered by a 2-year lithium Ion battery warranty, and the charger is covered by a 1-year warranty.

What we like:

  • Ideal for light to medium-duty projects
  • Good value
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Powerful
  • Great torque
  • Very good battery life

What we don't like:

  • Has trouble holding smooth shank bits in

6. Makita DF010DSE ¼ Inch 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

The DF010DSE Cordless Screwdriver is another high quality power tool from Makita. This screwdriver is lightweight, but it packs a powerful punch due to its 7.2 volt lithium-ion battery that offers you excellent battery life, and 44 in.lbs of torque. You have a choice of two gear speeds of 200 and 650 rpms, depending on whether you will be working with light material or something tougher like aluminium.

The clutch has 21 different settings that gives you that much need control. The auto stop clutch function shuts the tool off when the clutch disengaged, which not only makes sure that the screw is tightly fastened, but it protects the screw from being stripped, which can result from overdriving.

It is such a versatile tool as it can be used as a drill and a screwdriver, and its compact design makes it so easy to use with a soft grip handle. The extra dual position handle allows you to use it in a straight position or in a pistol grip position, and the convenient 1/4 inch hex chuck makes it very easy to change the drill bits or screws.

There is also a LED light, which is useful for when you need to work in areas where there isn't much light such as the inside of a cabinet, or for those hard to see screws on the back of children’s toys.

The screwdriver/drill kit also comes with two 7.2 volt lithium-ion batteries, a battery charger, and a tool case to store the screwdriver in. Makita also offers a very generous 3-year limited warranty on the screwdriver and a 1-year warranty on the battery and charger.

If you would like to have extra bits and screws close at hand, you can also purchase an extra drill/driver 70 bit set.

What we like:

  • Ideal for light-duty tasks
  • High quality tool
  • Compact
  • Good torque
  • Powerful
  • Anti-locking system prevents stripping of screws
  • Great battery life

What we don't like:

  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • Expensive

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best power screwdriver is the DEWALT DCF610S2 12 Volt Max 1/4-Inch Screwdriver.

Our pick


DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Max 1/4-Inch Screwdriver Kit

This lightweight, but powerful cordless screwdriver has everything you need for most light to medium DIY projects around your home. You can’t go wrong with this sturdy and well-balanced tool, it is powered by a 12 volt battery, there are multiple torque settings up to 1050 rpms, a variable speed setting, and the three bright LED lights will illuminate your work area.


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