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30 Free DIY Tree House Plans to Make Your Childhood (or Adulthood) Dream a Reality


I'm sure when you were a child you've ever dreamed about living in a beautiful tree house at least once. A secret place above the tree with all the toys and games that you could play all day.

Even as an adult, I still imagine about that sometimes.​

But now, you can realize your dream. Whether you have small children or still want to live among the trees, then you come to the right place because today I have 30 free DIY tree house plans to share with you.

​Some of them are literally house you can spend the night in, and the others are just decks that you can be build in one weekend. Some of them are for children, and the others are perfect for adults.

It's up to your preference which one you want to build.

Let's get moving—

1. The Little Blue Tree House


This tree house is absolutely adorable. With its pop of color you could easily place it in a wooded area yet it would still stand out.

And if you desired this to be an adult hang out or a fun place to play for your child, it would certainly fulfill both of those needs.

Build this tree house ›

2. The Pirate Tree House


Do you have a pirate fan in your house? I did for a while when my youngest was smaller.

And if you do, then this tree house is perfect for you. There is lots of room to move around inside. Yet the outside is decorated to replicate a pirate ship.

Build this tree house ›

3. The Simple Tree House

This tree house is a basic one. It would perfect for children to play in. It is more open so wouldn’t be something that could be used for adult social gatherings.

However, your kids would think that you were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just tell them to be careful when climbing the ladder.

Build this tree house ›

4. The Tree House With A Deck


This tree house would be a great place to have social gatherings for people of all ages. The inside isn’t that big.

But there is a large deck that fully surrounds it. I can already see unique summer gatherings taking place high above the ground.

Build this tree house ›

5. The Lean-To Tree House


This tree house reminds me of a lean-to. It has four walls and a slanted roof. The roof has a gap between the walls for ventilation purposes.

So this is another one that would be great for children but not so great for adult use. But if your children have been begging for a tree house then you should definitely give this one consideration.

Build this tree house ›

6. The Matching Tree House


This tree house is absolutely adorable. If you want something that will add charm to your home then this tree house will certainly do that.

And it also has a slide attached to it as well. Again, this tree house could possibly put you in the running for the ‘Most Awesome Parent’ award.

Build this tree house ›

7. The Tree Fort


This is a great little tree fort. Children of all ages could enjoy playing in it. Which would be a wonderful way of encouraging outside play.

And they even show how you can add a little pulley system to it which makes getting toys and other items up the tree much easier.

Build this tree house ›

8. The A-Frame Tree House


This is a very traditional style tree house. It is what you would imagine from older TV shows when they show children playing in a tree house.

So if you are looking to give your child the traditional childhood which includes playing outside, getting dirty, and playing in a tree house in the backyard then you might really like this option.

Build this tree house ›

9. The Picket Tree Fort


This little tree fort looks as though it has a picket fence or a privacy type fence all around the sides and the back side of it.

However, it has no covering so it is kind of like a tree deck. I know kids would enjoy it. But I also think an adult could enjoy this as a great place to simply get away.

Build this tree house ›

10. The Connected Tree House


This tree house is amazing. It is like a little oasis that every kid would love. So it begins with having a slide that the child can climb from the house to the tree house.

And then once inside the tree house, they have a two story oasis which is bound to excite any child. I’m an adult and would personally love to have this for myself in my backyard.

Build this tree house ›

11. The Wood Sided Tree House


This tree house is another traditional style. It is basically a little building in a tree that has four walls and some windows.

But it has a finished look because it has wood siding. And it also is covered so your child could leave certain toys inside it and not worry about them getting ruined.

Build this tree house ›

12. The Tree Deck


This tree deck has a cool rope that you can climb to get to it. And this is a literal deck. There is no top to it so you wouldn’t be able to leave toys or other items that weren’t meant for outdoor use on it.

But it would still be a great place to have fun, relax, or just gather with a few friends regardless of age.

Build this tree house ›

13. The Open Tree House


This is another tree house that is not weather proofed. But it appears to be very easy to build and would be great as a hideaway or personal backyard oasis.

So what makes this so unique is that the walls are lattice and the roof is like a pergola. So if you’d like to have a place you could catch a little sun in peace then this could be it.

Build this tree house ›

14. The Medium Size Tree House


This tree house isn’t big like some shown above. But it isn’t just a deck either. It is a good, medium sized tree house that would be great as an outdoor play area for children.

So if your kids have been begging you to build them a masterpiece made of wood then this tree house could very well be it.

Build this tree house ›

15. DIY Tree Deck


This is another tree deck that, naturally, you can build yourself. I think this would be an amazing area that adults could go to read.

But it would also be a child’s dream to have a place that they can get up high, away from the world and play until their little hearts are content.

Build this tree house ›

16. The Child Oasis


This little tree house looks like it could come right out of a magazine. It is absolutely stunning to look at.

But it also is still meant for a child. There is a slide coming out of the side. So if you have a little one consider building them their personal oasis.

Build this tree house ›

17. The Simple Tree House Plans

These plans are meant to be easy to read and easy to follow. It is for a simple tree house that has a deck surrounding it.

But the only drawback is that there aren’t great visuals. So if you are a visual learner like myself then this might create additional challenges for the build.

Build this tree house ›

18. The Detailed Tree House Plans


I’m personally a big fan of these tree house plans. The reason is that they go into great detail to describe how to build it.

But they also offer very detailed pictures which makes the process much easier for the visual learner such as myself.

Build this tree house ›

19. The Off-Grid Tree House


This tree house would be a wonderful place for a child to play. Especially if you have a child that is living off the grid.

And it will not only provide their own personal play space but it also adds a ton of charm to your home.

Build this tree house ›

20. The Modern Tree House


This tree house is not your average rustic tree house. It is built at a different angle. And simply feels very modern.

So if you are looking to invest a healthy dose of money into a modern tree house then this could be the plans for you.

Build this tree house ›

21. The Simple Tree House


Are you looking for a very simple design for a tree house that your children can enjoy for years to come?

Well, if so then this might be a great fit. It is meant to show you how to build a super simple tree house that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Build this tree house ›

22. The Easy Outdoor Tree House


Let’s say you live in the woods. And you would like to have a place to camp and have this great outdoor oasis for your family.

Well, then this might be a good option for a tree house that could easily be used for those purposes. I know my family would thoroughly enjoy it.

Build this tree house ›

23. The Classic And Easy Tree House


This tree house is so adorable yet so simple. They didn’t build it super high off of the ground. And it actually looks as though it doesn’t even require a tree.

So if you’d love to have a tree house but don’t have any large trees around then give this design a glance.

Build this tree house ›

24. The Cabin Style Tree House


This tree house reminds me of what a rustic cabin might resemble. The windows would give lots of sunlight.

And it would be a great place for your kids to go play on a pretty day. Not to mention, it would blend into most any home design as well.

Build this tree house ›

25. The Tree-Pod


This is a very unique little tree house. It is actually a tiny green pod that you could climb in to sleep or play in a small setting.

But to be honest, I think this would be more of a resting spot for adults or for extremely calm children. I don’t think it would have enough room for my boys who love to rough house. But it is very neat idea.

Build this tree house ›

26. The Very Unique Tree House


This tree house is beyond unique. It is meant to be very high off of the ground. Yet, it appears to be made more for adults than children.

But it is very interesting how the walkway enters right into the tree house so there is no awkward climbing. And all of the fine details are interesting as well since it is obvious it is meant to add lots of charm to any residence.

Build this tree house ›

27. The Tree House Drawing


This is another easy design for a tree house. It has a simple visual which isn’t great with detail but it is enough to help you see what the end product looks like.

And also appears to be a great play area for children. That way on pretty days you can force your indoor children outside into the fresh air.

Build this tree house ›

28. The Uncovered Tree House


This is another tree house with no roof. It is what I consider a tree deck. It is smaller and therefore would probably be better for children.

But it does appear simple enough to build. So if you aren’t the best carpenter then you might want to consider this style of tree house.

Build this tree house ›

29. The Tree House Plans


These plans are very detailed. Again, the visuals are good at giving you a decent idea of where you are headed.

But at the same time, you still must have an eye for plans when using these. So if you are an experienced carpenter then this might be a good fit for you.

Build this tree house ›

30. The Exercise Tree House


Are your kids constantly sucked into electronics? It is a fight all of us parents have to fight. But one of the largest concerns of too much electronics is that our children will grow lethargic and lazy.

So why not build them this awesome tree house? It has a great place for climbing and is a fun way for our children to get off of the electronics and outside moving.

Build this tree house ›

So now that you all have seen all thirty of these tree house plans I hope it has given you a few ideas to build your own custom tree house.

But we’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite tree house? Do you already have a tree house? If so, we’d love to see it.


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